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◇Intercept the Package◇

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◇Intercept the Package◇ Empty Tue Apr 19, 2022 12:29 pm

After finishing his last task, Celes made himself home in a local tavern. Getting to know the people, looking for half elves and researching the dynamic between the races. Therefore he decided to talk to the trades and merchants around the underworld and overworld. That's where he got acquainted to Ferdinand. He knew his way around the underworld and thus making him the perfect friend.

And that's where we jump to today, Celes strolling around the Marketplace in the Streets of Orchidia. He saw Ferdinand aggressively talking to a local merchant, they had a heavy discussion about some package. Curious about whats happening Celes stayed around to see how things are going to transpire. Lost in thought, Celes bought a red apple from a nearby market stall. ♤What kind of package is this if Ferninand is upset.♤

After the merchant in question had left the discussion, Ferdinand saw Celes staying around and watching the verbal exchange. He slightly smiles ◇Greetings Celes, I see you saw what transpired. Come let's talk somewhere else. I may have a job for you.◇ His interest piqued Celes followed Ferdinand till they came down the road around a corner. That's when he stopped and turned around.

Now visible frustrated, his calm demeanour changed into a more aggressive one. Celes noticed this and quickly said ◇Whats with this person? Seems you could use some help◇
For that was truly the case. He nodded and slightly relaxed at the prospect of hiring Celes for the job.
That's where he started explaining about the merchant merchant and the package. He wanted to buy it, but this one didn't want to sell it to him. ♧Celes knew where this was going♧
Ferdinand explained he wanted Celes to get him the

After finishing the preparation Ferdinand told him at what exact time the caravan that would deliver the item would arrive.
Thus Celes first asked if the merchant had signed any papers Ferninad had. 📃 This would make the signing easier. Gladly he had something the Merchant signed.
After some time training the signature, it was time to intercept the package. Waiting near the gates, the promised caravan arrived. Its was easy lying to them about the merchant not being able to sign it himself, he was his newly appointed assistant. He knew it would only work once, but they where suspicious at first he some coin made them very gullible. That's how he gained their appreciation and the signed package with the signature of the Merchant. He put the package into one of his sacks for hunting monsters and delivered it to Ferninand.
Gaining his attention and appreciation was good for him, that ment he would have some leeway in the underground of the City. Thus making things easier for him. His ultimat goal would slowly come into view, but he had a long way infront of him.
Ferninand payed him well and Celes knew the importance of paying off some guards. Though he would continue being on guard. Since using bribing or some other means would increase the attention of the "good guards", since it was no small thing for guards to talk about their money.


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