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Investigate the Weed (SGQ)

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#1Amir † 

Investigate the Weed (SGQ) Empty Fri Apr 15, 2022 12:21 pm

Amir †
An odd phenomena going on in the forest. It was something Amir had to check out. He did not understand it but his research recently has really been leaning more towards plants. The scholar was not one to be so enthusiastic about nature; everything around him changed, including himself. Amir could not even tell if this newfound interest was bound to stay.

Rushing at top speed Amir made it to the outskirts of Orchidia Forest. Coming up to the scene in question he was greeted by Inspector Nilan. The inspector had disengaged himself from the gaggle of scientists he was speaking with to greet him. Amir had grown closer to the inspector after completion of a prior mission. This time the call was in the same vein. Checking out new plants was a good call to give the nature mage a call.

The details that Amir was provided with claimed the overgrowth was from magic gone rampant. Amir believed it to be a plausible theory. As a mage he had experience. A mage with the nature magic he could be considered new. The difference sometimes caused him to have flowers wilt or bloom depending on his emotions. Nilan had his own doubts. He wanted Amir to go deeper into the forest to investigate. Amir agreed to it. He was getting paid to do work he enjoyed.


#2Amir † 

Investigate the Weed (SGQ) Empty Fri Apr 15, 2022 12:23 pm

Amir †
Amir took the bag with a smile on his face. He was happy to set off and get to work. Amir did not have to walk far to see differences. Less than half a mile in Amir noticed the crazily growing branches. They were like emerald snakes slithering up the trees and across the ground. It was interesting for Amir to check out.

The first thing Amir noticed besides the vines were some glowing mushrooms. Amir went to look at them. “'Ey. lookin dat clahsely you better boehy me denner. lookin at me like i am a piece o' meat. you perve.” Amir was unsure if the mushrooms were talking with the first word. If you wanted to say that they spoke in Fiorian. Amir was amused and missed the insults as he started to collect samples. Talking plants could always be useful. The odd part was the talking mushrooms were not too odd compared to what Amir came across in the forest. Not limited to a camel made of moss, a toe shaped tree playing chess with a bush to say the least. Amir was collecting it all.

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#3Amir † 

Investigate the Weed (SGQ) Empty Fri Apr 15, 2022 12:24 pm

Amir †
Amir stopped to take a breath. He figured he must have traveled deeper into the forest than he thought. Amir took a deeper breath and paused. He was too into medicine recently to not notice something was wrong with his body. His body was weak but recently he should be feeling more energized in nature. Not weaker than usual. A bead of sweat dripped down his head. Checking his body Amir noticed his mana was back in disarray. The levels were dropping as well. It made Amir want to flee as fast as possible. An unseen danger was the worst kind of danger. Amir power walked out of the forest. His energy was draining but he needed to collect info on the rate of drain as well. Hence he did not run but still fled.

Amir had met back up with Inspector Nilan back on the edge of the forest. He explained his findings and all the issues he came across. The inspector gave him his commission and allowed him to go home to rest.

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