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Celes'tiells◇Under the surface◇D-Bad

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Celes'tiells◇Under the surface◇D-Bad Empty Fri Apr 08, 2022 7:26 am

During his travels through North Fiore, to see the Guildhall of Sleeping Calamity, Celes made a stop in Orchidia to rest and see the town near his new family. He made his way to the streets looking through different vendors, buying some food and finding a place to rest. After settling down a person came to him and delivered a message that a certian person wants to meet with him. He could have ignored the suspicious approach, but alas he is curious  to see who it is.
In the letter stood that he should meet with certian person at midnight, near a place he didn't recognise. Even though Celes was curious, he still wanted to make some precautions. He prepared a smoke bomb and thought about the spells in his repertoire. After talking to a few people in the bar, it was easy to find out where this meeting was. After drinking and flirting with the barmaid, Celeses demeanour switched to a more serious tone.

◇Business was about to be made◇ thought Celes as he made his way up to his room. A hunter has to be prepared at any moments notice to fight and that's why its important to clean your weapons and makes sure that your mind is clear. Celes took a long bath and during that time played with his gun. Cleaning it in the process, while he was bathing. He'd rather have a woman or a man in his room to accompany him, but alas you can't have everything. Celes saw the moon rise high and knew it was time to embark. He quickly put on his clothes, buckled his Gurt and readied his pistol. ◇Who knows what would happen◇

That where his thought as he made his way towards the star filled sky. A few could be seen illuminating the paths, but most of them were out or doused. The houses dark or mostly dimly lit, made perfect cover, a perfect shadow cast to hide in. Darting through the alleyways, Celes made it rather quickly from his location to to the place of interest. Coming up to the dark alleyway which was described in the letter, a dark figure stood silently and beckoned Celes to come. A slow and precarious voice creeping in to his ears ♤you are early, but no matter, I have a plea and request for you♤
Celes looks at the person, the hood slightly waiving in the midnight breeze ◇what is your request?◇ Celes slowly moves to the side of the building to not bee seen in the streets and listens to the plea of this person.

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Celes'tiells◇Under the surface◇D-Bad Empty Fri Apr 08, 2022 3:18 pm

During this persons speech, it came to light that it was a woman. A stunning one to boot. She seemed out of place, but a glint of intrigue in her eyes made this job even more worth it. The task was simple, trail the person, watch till the transaction happen and report back what he saw. Smirk on Celes'tiells cheek can be seen:◇Im sure I will be adequately reimbursed◇ After a confirmative nod Celes the contract has been made. Meeting point afterwards was arranged, not at the same point, since it would have been even more suspicious.

Thus Celes'tiell made it through the alleyways in search for this person under the name Wugeth. ○Huh, Wugeth, what a coward, at least he's clever to higher guards○ Celes'tiells thoughts running as he made it from one place to the other, darting around. Reminding him almost like a hunt. Celes finally found the monster he was hunting, Wugeth with his 3 henchmen.  
He seems to ba staying around and talking to his guards, they finished their arrangements and started to walk again. Wugeth was relaxed and felt safe in the hands of his guards, surrounded by them. If he only knew one shot of his gun could kill him. Celes keeps his distance and continued to tail them, darting slowly from stall to alleyway to hide from the guards.
Their watchful gaze was no match for celes hiding.
Slowly they stopped and talked to a stranger celes didn't recognise, alas he was new to town.

They didn't stay long and continued their way. Celes had to show how patient he can be. After a short while he they stopped again and to talk with someone. Yet no wierd transaction was made. Thus they continued to walk, after a short while they stopped suddenly around a corner. Celes gauged the distance and tried to gain a better view. After several minutes a larg car pulled up to them. The car colored in a dark color, the design peculiar, good to remember. A person started to speak with Wugeth, a drawn out conversation started. A few minutes of conversation later, Wugeth turned around to walk back and large suitcase was seen in his hands. Clearly a bribe or payment of sorts.
If he could, Celes would ask Wugeths himself, but sadly that wouldnt bode well for him. Thats the reason why Celes stayed hidden until they where out of sight.

It was already an hour past midnight. The moon showed itself in all its beauty. Awali was already waiting for Celes. He was still pulling his hood up to hide his features. Celes reported and he could swear that Awali smirked a little. Celes bit his tongue, he would already gain some bad attention from this, he didnt need to indulge in it anymore.
Celes got his reward and afterward Awali thanked him for the completion of the task.

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