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Polluted Waters (QUEST)

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Yet another letter, and yet another reason to meet the good doctor. To be honest, Jove had come to appreciate the idea that Gerard felt comfortable reaching out to him. This was the kind of idea that Jove had of what a good Rune Knight was; someone who the people felt close with, someone whom they felt they could reach out to for help whenever things got difficult. The letter was odd though, much more than the other letters he had received from the doctor prior to this. This one asked Jove to meet him in an alleyway, which was rather odd considering they both had met in the doctors office plenty of time before. Regardless, Jove made his way to the alleyway as was requested, and soon found himself face to face with the doctor. The doctor seemed nervous, shady even, as he tried desperately to make himself not stand out. A low hanging hat, a trench coat, and a few beads of sweat rolling down his forehead. Whether that was from nerves or from the heat, Jove could not tell. He walked up to the doctor, and instead of saying anything, waited to allow the doctor to start their conversation.

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Gerard gave many thanks, appreciating that Jove would come out so late and meet him under such admittedly strange circumstances. Jove nodded, but the look on his face made it clear to the doctor that there was plenty of confusion here. He had no idea what was going on, and he had no idea as to why the doctor would be behaving this way. The doctor spoke in a hushed tone, yet quickly as if he were panicked. He said he did not want this information making its way back to him. This peaked Jove's interest, as it made him realize that something shady might be going on. He asked to get an explanation, and an explanation he was given. Gerard mentioned the Cold Collier's gang, apparently a group which held a grudge against the entire town due to an event which happened years prior. Gerard had never thought them to be dangerous to people en masse, but it seemed as if he had underestimated the group. He stated that the plague that had hit the city didn't seem natural- it was a poisoning of a local water supply, and he believed the gang responsible for it.

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Jove had wasted no time, making his way to the cave that Gerard had told him about. Due to his new eyes, something he had acquired just recently from a strange acting merchant, he had an innate ability that had taken some time to get use to. Now, however, he had a massive range of comprehension around him at all times. He was able to find his way to the cave, go inside, and from quite a distance away he could monitor the water system without ever stepping out into view. This turned out to be beneficial, as it allowed for him to see the acts of these criminals first hand. Two members of the gang, the symbol of their crew on their jackets, approached the water and dumped a strange vial of liquid into it. Jove waited until they walked away, and with his ability to easily monitor them from a great distance, he made his way out of the cave and back to Gerard. Communicating this information back to the good Doctor, Gerard got lost in thought for a few moments before worriedly nodding his head and paying Jove for his assistance, turning and making his way away.

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