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Raging Bull [Quest]

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Raging Bull [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 28, 2022 9:54 am

Again a letter appeared for Jove. It felt weird being sent so many letters from people whom he had helped, not because he did not wish to be contacted again, but because they all still saw him regularly. They knew where he was staying within the city, and knew that even if they did not reach out he would be near where they were living or working sometime in the coming day or so. All in all, communicating via letter felt like a rather antiquated and slow method of communication; That said, it was a complaint for another day, considering the fact that the letter itself acknowledged this very behavior and requested Jove's forgiveness. It wasn't something that required forgiveness, but he certainly would not hold it against the good doctor. The letter mentioned a new virus that seemed to be picking up steam in the city- Not good.

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Raging Bull [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 28, 2022 9:57 am

The letter stated that this new virus was affecting people who otherwise seemed healthy, and that those who were infected experienced symptoms of rage and hysteria. They would attack those within sight, often viciously and without regard for either individuals safety. Worst of all, this virus was transspecies, meaning it could hop from animal to human and back again. This not only meant a more contagious and widespread virus, but one much harder to eradicate. Luckily the infected creatures thus far had been wild life which lived in the nearby forest, but Jove couldn't help contemplate if the disease made it to the towns dog, cat, or rat population. Jove was requested to hunt down the local wild boar population, assumedly confirmed to have been infected by this virus, and bring it back for study. Seemed simply enough, so he would go ahead and get on that duty immediately.

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Jove quickly went about getting dressed and getting his gear together. There wasn't much to gather; his ring and his weapon were pretty much it. Frosch, the exceed whom now accompanied him everywhere and helped the quests feel like they went by quicker, was tagging along using his Aera spell, having formed a pair of angelic white wings to fly along with Jove and make odd comments about everything he saw like some sort of baked teenager. Jove didn't necessarily mind, but also didn't pay it any attention or comment on what the exceed said. This ability to get along without Jove needing to engage was why they got along. Making his way into the forest, he followed the river as he was advised and came up to a lake which was currently swarmed by angry acting boars. One charged, immediately being knocked out with a well timed axe kick by Jove, but this only caused the others to notice.

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Raging Bull [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 28, 2022 10:02 am

The other boars charged Jove, though their timing was off, and it would allow for Jove to pretty easily deal with them. Swinging his scythe in a large sweeping motion, the razer sharp blade cut through two of them as if they were butter. The collapsing, bloodied corpses obstructed forward progress, causing the other two boars to circle wide and avoid Jove all together. They were likely intending to circle back, but Jove simply allowed his momentum to carry his swing further and ended up quickly and efficiently eliminating the other two boars with his scythe as well. With four dead piggies and one which was unconscious, his job was nearly done. Picking up the pig, which was practically weightless to the powerful knight, he would carry it back to Gerard for studying. The doctor thanked him profusely, paying him well and allowing Jove to go along his merry way.


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