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Medicare [Quest : Solo]

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Sho found himself basking in the sun in Baska with Slim Jim out in the grassy fields. He was resting his head on his companion's side as Slim Jim laid down in the grass. He had just had a large meal so he was sleeping it off. The two were just relaxing on a nice day before Sho had to leave. Sho had been called here to do a job, he was supposed to meet up with Seika but he had to take care of some things first. Those things were enjoying the sunlight and nice weather before embarking on another adventure. He couldn’t complain, a paycheck was a paycheck. Not to mention he was doing a good deed for someone so who was he to complain about work. He exhausted all of his funds on gear and food. Sho was now wearing his new armor and helmet he purchased in Oak before heading over to Baska. It wasn’t that much of a flight compared to coming from Orchida to the West. Now the job that he was going to do was unknown to him.



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Sho stood up and grabbed his gear. He wasn’t sure if he was going to be fighting today or not. It never hurts to be too prepared. At least that is what he was taught growing up; it just kind of stuck with him. He placed his helmet on and affixed his leather-plated armor while making sure his weapon was attached to his hip. He made his way into town where he was supposed to meet the client. “Alright I will be back Slim Jim stay out of trouble.” Slim Jim just laid his head down in the grass and closed his eyes. “Yea you gonna stay out of trouble you lazy lizard.” Sho chuckled and headed down into town where he would meet the client. It was roughly a ten-minute walk to town from where he was with Slim Jim. The town was hustling and bustling people seemed genuinely happy here, among all of the things going on in the world at this very moment. It was good to see such happiness in abundance.



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Sho made it into town and looked around the shopping district. It wasn’t long before he was approached by a man in a lab coat. Sho did not know who this man was but he was giving off some off-putting vibes. The man in the lab coat begins to examine Sho. Checking his pulse, checking Sho’s eyes the whole ten yards. Thankfully he did not try to give a prostate exam in the middle of the shopping district. “May I ask who you are?” The doctor stopped and took a step back, “Oh my apologies you looked like a fine specimen from afar I had to examine you for myself. My name is Gerald and I am the local doctor.” Sho nodded and cracked a half-smile nervously as the man continued to look him up and down. “Can I help you, Gerald?” Sho asked before Gerald could probe any deeper. “Yes you can, I assume you are here about a job I can tell because of your equipment.” Sho smiled and backed up before speaking. “I am here for a job my command sent me here.”

“Yes yes come come,” Gerald replied while leading Sho back to his office.

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Sho followed the doctor back to his office where he would brief him on what he was doing here. Gerald unlocked his office and let Sho in first. “Come have a seat.” Sho quickly sat down in the office in front of Gerald’s desk. It was very tidy. Sho couldn’t help but admire that. Everything was where it was supposed to be. Did not seem like anything was out of order. “What ya got for me doctor?” Gerald rummaged around in his office for a moment before pulling out two satchels each with a name and address on it. “I need you to deliver these medicines to the addresses on each satchel.” Sho scratched his head and nodded before grabbing both of the bags. Deep down inside he was a bit let down because it was basic work. No one needed saving, no bad guys to beat down. It was just a delivery mission. Though it was an easy paycheck so he couldn’t complain. “Alright I will take care of this for you.” Sho grabbed both of the bags and left the office quickly. Thankfully the addresses weren’t too far apart.

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Sho left the office and headed back into the heart of the shopping district. The addresses were shop fronts where people were working. All Sho had to do was drop the medicine off at each address. Making his way through the crowd it took roughly five minutes to reach the first shop. Well, this shop was a restaurant. Sho was hungry but he had to take care of this job first. He approached the counter where a young lady was sitting. “Hello, can I help you?”

Sho placed the satchel on the counter, “Medicine delivery!” Sho said with a smile. The girl raised an eyebrow at the tall lanky man in front of her. She read the name and realized it was her boss's name. She grabbed the bag and walked over to the office. Sho left for the next address. Thankfully it was a few blocks down. It was an older lady who owned a flower shop. Sho looked at the bag and handed it off. “Is this your miss?” The older lady smiled and grabbed the bag from Sho. “Indeed it is, let Gerald know I said thank you.” She replied. Sho smiled and left-back towards the doctor's office. Sho entered the office where the doctor was gone. But there was a bag of jewels and notes left behind. All it said was ‘Thank you and here is your reward.’ Sho took the bag and left.


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