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Finding Models [Quest]

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Finding Models [Quest] Empty Mon Mar 28, 2022 7:52 am

Again and again Jove found that he would be doing work on the side of his rune knight activities for residents of Baska, specifically the boutique shop owner Fernando and the doctor. It wasn't terribly draining, as he was doing the work while on the clock for the Rune Knights as a part of his people outreach efforts since his promotion, but it was still something that ensured he couldn't just lazily go on patrol. He found himself constantly busy, having to go out of his way in order to satisfy the needs of the towns people he met. None of them were extreme; going to the market because someone couldn't leave work to do so, or helping with fucking open heart surgery for some reason which still to this day made no sense to Jove. However, it was about time for the jobs to start becoming more strenuous one way or another.

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This time the help came in the form of an explicit request. Jove had been walking the streets, relaxin', chillaxin' all cool, until a delivery boy found him just outside the school. He gave Jove a pink letter, an obvious sign that Fernando had reached out to him. Opening up the letter, Jove would look at the contents and immediately work toward gaining an understanding as to what was being requested of him. It didn't take long for the request to be made obvious; it was a need for models, and Jove himself was being requested. Looking at the back of the letter, twisting and turning it in his hand as if trying to understand if it was really intended to be sent to him. Realizing it was intentional, Jove let out a light sigh and decided to make his way to the boutique to see if he could provide the requested support.

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Jove showed up at the boutique, having only been there for a few seconds before Fernando skipped from the back of the store, eager to show his new friend Jove what work he had performed. The Autumn collection was finished, and the boutique owner was excited to show off his hard work and dedicated effort. Taking Jove to see the clothes, Jove began to try and imagine himself in the clothing. None of it felt as if it would look good on him, but he was trying to keep an open mind in order to help. And yet, before he could even get into discussing that sort of stuff, Fernando offered more specifics. He wasn't asking Jove to model, he just wanted Jove to go out and search for models for them. Letting out a breath of relief, Jove immediately agreed and made his way from the shop to recruit.

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Going from person to person, Jove looked not only for beautiful people but unique people. Someone who had a strong nose, people who had intense eyes, people whose build went outside the expected norms from modeling but otherwise looked lovely. They were all people who would push the edge of fashion, daring those who cared about that world of elites to reconsider their standards of beauty and to acknowledge the wide array of attraction which could exist in the world. It was a daring statement for the world of fashion, and yet to Jove it meant nothing at all. He was simply doing what he was asked to do, and in his mind, he was doing nothing additional or spicy. When he eventually found the five he brought them back to Fernando, who was absolutely ecstatic, and who paid Jove out instantly and allowed the Rune Knight to go on his way.


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