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Medicare(Quest) Empty Mon Mar 28, 2022 12:22 am

Katori has been having bad luck in the last few days. Despite the reason why he went to Baska, Katori has been sick for the last few days. Katori has been feeling unwell ever since the last time he helped Fernando with his last request to get him the Golden Scissor. On the first day, he felt sick, cold, headache and sore throat. But he decided to just take some rest instead of going to the doctor to get treatment. After two days taking his time to rest at his hotel, Katori feels better and plans to continue his business in Baska to gain some reputation for his name. But before doing so, he likes to go meet a doctor to run an examination on him to check if he’s in his prime condition to do some quest. With that consideration Katori dressed up and went to the hospital in Baska.



Medicare(Quest) Empty Mon Mar 28, 2022 12:22 am

But, he ended up waiting in line because he didn’t make an appointment with the doctor before he came here. Katori had to wait pretty long until one doctor finally approached him and invited Katori to follow that doctor for examination. Turns out this hospital has a section where they give treatment specifically for people like warrior or fighter, or mage and that section is separated with the section for civilians. So Katori just passed an awkward moment where he is waiting next to a lot of people and he is the only one with full armor in that room. But thanks to this nice doctor that got him out of that situation, he is now in the right place and the right hand to get the examination. After the doctor runs some tests on Katori, he comes up with a positive result and says that Katori is in a good condition to fight or go on an adventure if he wants to. The doctor also gave him some medicine to keep him fit and to help him get a better sleep during the night. As Katori was about to leave that examination room, the doctor called him and stopped his step.



Medicare(Quest) Empty Mon Mar 28, 2022 12:23 am

That doctor is named Gerard, A doctor in Baska who is having a tough time taking care of all his patients. The recent influx of patients is the work of the Cold Colliers according to Gerard. He believes that they've poisoned the river for starters. Gerard feels bad for what happened to Mattoro since he tried to rescue some of his friends and saw what the frostbite did to them, but can not accept innocent citizens getting caught up in it. That doctor asked Katori to deliver two packs of medicine to two of his patients because he is pretty occupied today and no one can help him to deliver that medicine and since Katori is not really busy with anything at this moment, he agreed to help Dr Gerard and see it as a quest. Katori delivered those packs and got back to meet Dr Gerard to receive his payment.


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