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Medicare [QUEST]

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Medicare [QUEST] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 3:24 pm

As a Rune Knight, there were some things that Jove had to do regardless of his own wishes. In most scenarios, this equated to him having to do mountains of paperwork or hunt down individuals with bounties. Now that he was a Captain-Commander, it involved him needing to be more involved in planning activities for the Rune Knights which needed doing. One such activity which he needed to plan was the routine checkups of the Knights in the location he was currently assigned duty, which was the West Fiorian region. He had scheduled these checkups for Oak and Astera already, but now had been brought to Baska to do the same thing. This was all well and good, but due to how busy it was, it meant that he also had to get his checkup done now. That meant he had to be in attendance on his day off- A terrible omen.

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Medicare [QUEST] Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 3:27 pm

It quickly became clear that not only was Jove completely healthy, but also that he was going to have even more work to do on his day off. The doctor asked him for help on an urgent matter, and despite Jove's demeanor to the contrary, he couldn't bring himself to say no in such a situation. The job was simple enough, at least. Delivery of medicine; Simple, yet vital. He went to the Doctors office while the checkups continued and picked up the two white bags of medicine while also looking to make sure he knew where the addresses were. With that, he set off. The deliveries themselves were rather easy, and he took solace in the fact that with his intent to meet more of the folk whom he was sworn to protect, he got to do just that with this job. Once done he let Gerard know, and collected a nice rward on top of it.


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