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Fantastic Fabric(Quest)

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Fantastic Fabric(Quest) Empty Sat Mar 26, 2022 3:33 am

It’s a really nice day in Baska, the sky is blue with some clouds hovering in the sky to give the people a cover from the sun’s heat sometimes. The wind blows slowly, the people are actively interacting with each other, perfect scenery to see. But that is too good for Katori, it doesn't fit his dark creepy appearance. Despite his looks that are literally chilling for others to look at, Katori is a member of a good guild named Infinity Wolves. It’s true that his appearance doesn't look like a good person at all, it’s dark vibes give a more scary and dangerous impression to others. But Katori has his own reason to join Infinity Wolves. One is because in his mind it’s cool to be in a group of wolves, like a wolf pack since he is a demi-human wolf type. And the second reason is even more selfish where he believes that being in a good guild will be more beneficial for him in many aspects while he can still enjoy violence since that might be necessary during some mission.

Today, Katori arrived at Baska and was welcomed by the great scenery including the view and also the people in this town. But he doesn't want to waste his time here by not doing anything, he knows that maybe in the future he can take his time to explore Baska, but for now he aims to give some performance to build his reputation and position in his newly joined guild, Infinity Wolves. So he planned to take some quest in a short amount of time to get his way up there, but the thing is he doesn’t know how many quests will be needed since he usually does a direct quest from his client and only cares about the price.

In order to check any quest available in town, Katori walks towards the local request board. He takes a look at that request board and one flier grabs his attention, it probably grabs the attention from anyone looking at this board. It’s a bright pink flier filled with some information and signed by the name of Fernando. Following the instruction in that flier, Katori goes to the place explained in it and as he arrives there he sees a boutique that might be owned by the person named Fernando who signed the flier. Katori was welcomed by that guy and he explained what he needs from Katori, it turns out that guy needs someone to go around the market and look for some rare fabrics for him and also bargain for a better price. He even gives Katori some samples of the fabric before Katori leaves that place and goes to visit some store at the market. It took him sometimes to explore the market and even the flea market, to bargain for the price and to collect all the fabric listed by Fernando and bring it back to the boutique unharmed, and Fernando gave him his payment with some bonus for Katori.


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