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Golden Scissor [QUEST]

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Golden Scissor [QUEST] Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 6:24 pm

It was round two of running quests for the locals of Baska, and it was time that he was brought back once more to Fernando. The first request for this man allowed Jove a reason to travel through parts of the city which he had never been before. Flea markets and side shops and small streets, he had found himself in the position to meet people who perhaps would have never come into his purview had he not taken on that work. So it only made sense that in order to continue to learn about the people and who they were that he come back. Back into the boutique, Fernando seemed rather upbeat and recognized him immediately. Coming over to Jove with a skip in his step, he immediately opened up about a special pair of scissors he had been looking into, but sadly didn't have. Jove realized a new job had presented itself.

WC: 155/300


Golden Scissor [QUEST] Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 6:35 pm

Fernando had mentioned that there was a traveling merchant passing through who supposedly had the scissors, but that he could never afford leaving work to go do it. Too many deadlines, it seemed. Jove agreed to the request, and immediately made his way to where the the merchant was supposed to be. He had to wait a while, and by the time the merchant showed up, there were already plenty of others who swarmed the area. Approaching, Jove shouldered his way to the front and started joining in the conversation. Jove decided to take lead in the conversation, mentioning about the travel to the city. The merchant pointed out it was fine, but that his next travel was to Oak and it'd be dangerous. Promising a Rune Knight guard, the merchant noticeably relaxed. Using the silence, he used this to request the scissors. An easy purchase later, Jove returned to the boutique and handed over the scissors.


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