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Fantastic Fabrics [QUEST]

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Fantastic Fabrics [QUEST] Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 5:39 pm

It was time to start being active once more, to explore the different cities and locations and familiarize himself with citizens of all walks of life. This meant that Jove would be tackling odds end ends, embracing small quests and large, and doing his best to familiarize himself with the people of Fiore so that he could better understand their issues and gripes, and so that he could truly excel at what it was to be a Rune Knight. The first of these tasks took him to the town of Baska, specifically to a fabric shop owned by a guy named Fernando. He had found this pink flier stuck to a local request board, and figured it best to tackle it right away. Upon reaching the boutique, Fernando began to go on and on about the type of fabric he needed Jove to get. Listening attentively, Jove immediately left on the job.

WC: 152/300


Fantastic Fabrics [QUEST] Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 5:42 pm

Fernando first showed Jove several examples of the different types of fabrics he would need. There were plenty of variations, and yet there seemed to be a simplicity to it. Jove paid close attention, taking several notes in a notepad he had brought along to keep track of these sorts of jobs, and Fernando seemed rather pleased. Then, he was on his own. Taking the money Fernando gave, which was excessive due to his trust in the Rune Knights, Jove visited several stores and flea markets in search of rare and unique fabrics. Some were made of material he had never even heard of, others with unique magic enweaved patterns, and eventually he began to feel confidence in the fabrics he found. Jove had taken with him a rather large chest in order to make sure he could put the fabrics inside and keep them safe, and so by the time he made it back to Fernando, they were all still in perfect condition. Quest: Finished.

Total WC: 316/300

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