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The me lost in the past.(Intercept the Package)

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#1Aeris Umata 

The me lost in the past.(Intercept the Package)  Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 6:27 am

Aeris Umata
Aeris had been doing some good in Orchidia for a week now, she still remembered to go to Sieghart Mountain to meet Khlafani but she wanted to be stronger, she felt as if he was..she couldn't describe it, he just carried a very strong presence and she wanted to not bend under that, and so she decided to start training herself again.

Her day started with the sunrise going for a jog around the area her inn was in, about five miles to a particular crooked tree near a small crumbling, to back to the inn. After that she would find a clearing and use her scythe creation spell, swinging the scythe around to get use to the motion and correct her movements so her swings became precise as she learned control. Going for another jog after the scythe practice, taking a new path up the side of a lake, up ahead Aeris could notice two shadowy blobs, continuing her jog up that path the two figures became more distinct, two males to be precise, there bodies leaned in towards each other.

Seeing that Aeris thought maybe it was two men in love, but upon getting even closer she could see that the two men were not in love and were arguing, a bit regretful she chose this path Aeris just tried to run past them but as she got closer the fight came to an end, and one of the men began walking her way, fuming quite clearly about whatever the two were arguing about.
Attempting to run faster now to avoid his attention Aeris accidentally did the exact opposite as the man took one look at her while he was annoyed and his face twisted slightly into a smile, “Follow me down the road Vamp!” The merchant said quite clearly, Aeris froze in her tracks hearing that since someone other than Khalfani hadn’t guessed what she was that quickly.

Stopping and considering her opening she couldn’t have someone going around telling people, Aeris slowly backing up to go towards the merchant, “I’m listening to you scumbag..” Aeris said, the man chuckling, “Now, now, don’t be so vengeful Vamp, first off my name is Ferdinand, and I have a proposition for you that will keep your identify safe and pay you.” Aeris didn’t like that, “After you threatened me..” The man waved his hands in the air, “Details~ Details my little vampiriana~” The mans eyes opened for the first time as he looked right into her, “That guy wouldn’t sell me and item for my client, i want that item, I have a time and a place for when he was going to have that item delivered to his shop. I want you to intercept it and take it, bring it to me so I can sell it to my client and make a profit, some of which will go to you, do we have a deal?”

“Yes.” She didn’t really have a choice anyway.

So she went, yeah? Yeah, she did, she followed the location on the address and waited for a caravan to arrive, recognizing it as the one she was going for, Aeris approached it and introduced herself as Fio, and that she was there on the merchant’s behalf. The caravan drivers did give her a suspicious glare, and asked why the merchant had not come himself. But she kindly explained that an even more profitable client was taking up his personal time and that he sent her to do the job for her. Believable just enough to let her take the package, Aeris leaves with it just as she got it and returns to Fernadand and receiving her cut for a deal she was forced into.


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