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Delusional Detective(Aeris)

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#1Aeris Umata 

Delusional Detective(Aeris)  Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 5:38 am

Aeris Umata
Well, she wished she could say she got a peaceful sleep but with Orchidia's shady looking crumbling buildings Aeris found her eyes darting open at the sound of every creak and loud sound that went bang in the night, and she was not in the best mood as one would have it after such a terrible sleep. So, to try and lift her spirits she went down the inn she was staying at, the specific reason she chose this one was because they had one of the best breakfast menu for morning meals and when it came to the first meal of the day Aeris did want it to be absolutely fantastic so here she was~!

Getting dressed, Aeris went down to the inn breakfast area to find that it was exactly as she dreamed, very foods arranged in such a beautiful way it was almost artistic, the food itself smelled delightful and the steam rising from it was a testament to how good it was going to be! Digging in Aeris found herself satisfied after two plates of food, well satisfied wasn't the word but she definitely felt in a better mood!

Food in her stomach now, Aeris made her way outside the inn to see what she could do that day, her first real day in Orchidia's territory she wondered what new things awaited her! Beginning her journey around the town Aeris found a poster for a mage to become an understudy of a hard boiled detective, this intrigued Aeris in a way because she thought herself something akin to a detective so the chance to shadow one? Sounded like a nice day in Orchidia for her.

Responding to the letter Aeris assumed it take a day or two but almost instantly she was sent a message in the way of fire magic, an address to some type of shop in the street area, a coffee shop to be exact. She could use a cup of coffee if she was being honest so she didn't hesitate to atleast check the guy out. Arriving at the coffee shop Aeris approached the detective as he seemed to be in a corner talking to himself? Errr, Okay she supposed. Approaching, “Hey, I’m Fio, the mage? I called about the understu-” The man waved a finger in front of her and Aeris stepped back a bit confused, “I need to make sure your not a spy or something, hold on.” the man immediately began moving around her as if leering, Aeris immediately hugged herself because she felt creeped on. “You will do I suppose.” Aeris was now levid.

Swallowing her initial annoyance turning to anger, Aeris began following the man known as Dex around the city after he took nearly thirteen minutes more to finish his coffee. It hadn’t been even a half an hour since they meant and Aeris could already tell he was off his rocker but he was paying a decent amount so she swallowed that thought and allowed him to ramble on about clues for this supposed murder case of his, Aeris knew enough to know that he didn’t actually have a case and it was in his head, but again, she wasn’t going to say anything and just let him go on.

After what felt like an eternity Dex was satisfied and paid her, offering another chance, Aeris quickly ran off with the money and hoped she never meet Dex again.


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