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Northbound [Travel | East to North]

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#1Haru Akagi 

Northbound [Travel | East to North] Empty Sat Mar 19, 2022 4:56 am

Haru Akagi
For once in her life, Haru strode with purpose towards her destination. She'd been fortunate in meeting Khalfani. A man that had given her a sliver of hope in an otherwise disappointing world. With the promise to join his guild she had left Baska and the East of Fiore alongside it, heading North to her mountainous destination. Along the way, she'd managed to catch a ride on a cart of a farmer on the younger side, kind enough to give her a lift in exchange for simply giving him a little company during the trip.

Unfortunately, he could not take her all the way to her destination, but he had managed to shave off a good day or two of travelling if she were to walk instead. In the small town, she had at least managed to make a deal with a weapon dealer, with the time she'd saved travelling she worked for him for a few days, helping out in exchange for a pair of pistols which she was taught to use. With weapons in hand and a few extra jewels as well, she was finally ready to finish her journey. She'd arrived soon enough within the Sieghart Mountains, searching for the building that rested between two mountains Khalfani had mentioned.


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