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Deadliest Designer [Quest: Amir & Nathaniel]

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#1Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Deadliest Designer [Quest: Amir & Nathaniel] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 8:10 pm

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Baska had become a second home to Nathaniel. The town was lively, but not so much as Astera. As someone from a small community himself he loved every bit of actually getting to meet and interact with people on a personal level and found the hi and bye of crowded spaces to be something of a bore. His beige coat swung against his torso as a small flurry slapped snow from the nearby rooftop onto the passersby, bringing a small grin to his face as they scurried away.

Guess not everyone was built for the cold.

Nathaniel's body would go mostly exposed to the elements, the snow was neatly packed on the ground and the wind was inconsistent at best creating moments of ease and others of recollection. Nathaniel's slippers left strange looks on the faces of those in the town and his baggy pants did little to hide the weirdness of his attire. Regardless, he made his way to Fernando's shop with a grin printed directly on the center of his face. It was his signature, and he couldn't help but feel happy when Fernando asked for a favor. The man's energy and persona really meshed well with his own and he was looking forward to lending a hand to this familiar face.

One difference about today's mission however was Nathaniel had a partner, a young lad who joined the guild shortly after him and he was to meet him in Baska to assist the designer. Nathaniel couldn't help but ponder who he had coming with him this time as images of Atani still pranced about in his mind whenever he shut his eyes. He hadn't met many of his guildmates but he was looking to change that.

Here's hoping today's mission went well.

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#2Amir † 

Deadliest Designer [Quest: Amir & Nathaniel] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 8:38 pm

Amir †
All the places in West Fiore the scholar found himself back in Baska. He was never too happy to be here as it was his least favorite part of the west. Oak had the deep history and dark undercurrents that kept him fascinated. Astera had the port where Amir could look out and admire the ocean. The endless water reminded him of the sea of sand he grew up watching. The only thing that had Amir visit the place was the fashion industry. His friend Fernando was too up and coming to miss out on. The man had a fashion sense that Amir believed could even influence other countries, Minstrel and Desierto included.

Amir had accepted a request from his pal. This time he decided to do something odd and requested a partner from his guild. It was his surprise that it was actually picked up. This would make it the first quest that he was doing with another infinity wolf. Truth be told Amir was growing more and more distant from the guild. He doubted he would grow back closer to them over the two years he had grown apart. It would just feel good to get along better with some of the people.

Amir made it inside the shop and waited. He could have spoken to Fernando but wanted to wait for the partner in question. He waited in the designated meeting spot to meet up with them. He also had to fight back the urge to look at a shimmering silk fabric that was dropped off in the shop. It had a luminescent to it that was almost glittering like the stars. Amir fought back the urge and continued to wait. He hoped that his partner would not take forever. Amir had an ocean of patience, he just did not want to look bad by being tardy.


#3Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Deadliest Designer [Quest: Amir & Nathaniel] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 9:59 pm

Nathaniel Hikyuu
He arrived shortly after the other gentleman, roughly as had been described to him by Lee ann, only to find him observing fabrics inside of the shop. He couldn't be certain that the man was who he expected, there was an element of guessing involved of course however if he was known for anything, the ronin was known for making rash moves. He stepped over to the location he had assumed the man had been caught pondering and lifted his hand to stroke the fabric. "Great taste in silk and excellent taste in guilds." chuckling to himself the man turned to face the gentleman with a grin.

"Nathaniel. You're here to help Fernando with me, right?" He asked, only to have the designer himself approach them rather quickly. "Tardy as usual." the comment brought an awkward grin to Nathaniel's face as he shut his eyes and pretended he didn't say that in front of his new friend. Urgently turning to discard the comment Nathaniel added a quick phrase. "So uhhh, what's going here?"

"Normally I'd be appalled but you I have a show to run." The pink haired gentleman removed a sheet of paper from the clipboard before turning and spinning back to his show, clapping his hands to receive his model's attention. The group of them turned to face him as his voice continued to carry off in the distance.

Nathaniel spun back to the other gentleman with a relaxed expression resting where his grin use to be, he handed the note to his unconfirmed guildmate with nothing more than a minor bow. "You were on time, i'll let you do the honors." he stated before sliding his hands in his pocket and turning his head towards the group of models. It was always very interesting for him to watch them scatter about.

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#4Amir † 

Deadliest Designer [Quest: Amir & Nathaniel] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 7:44 am

Amir †
“Yep, Amir.” It was all the scholar could manage when Fernando walked up. He had a grim look with noticeable lines of stress on his face. Amir could only imagine the stress he must be going through if the designer could not even moisturize himself. The designer berated his elf companion for being late. It brought a grimace to Amir. Fernando was his friend and Nathaniel was his pack mate, berating him even when he was wrong, felt like he was berating Amir as well.

The pink haired overlord of the room was busy with business, he handed Nathaniel the note that was passed on to Amir. “Yeah. I can read it. Sorry about Fernando. He is normally not this snippy. I think the stress of the show is getting to him.”  The statement was made to try and quell any growing hostility between the two. Amir did not want his guild buddy and the one that gave him the most jewels in Fiore to grow hostile. Besides, Fernando was usually a lot nicer when Amir was around. It was a benefit of being able to speak fashion.

Reading the envelope over Amir could say he was a bit surprised. It was a tailing quest about an alternate fashion designer that Fernando believed to be endangering his life. The pink haired overlord did not have enough proof to submit it to the Rune Knights, the case would be dismissed with Fernando paying the legal fees. The information included this Jaune Chameur supposed schedule. Fernando could only give the information to the wolves, he needed them to complete this delicate task.

“We are tailing someone this time.” Amir passed the paper back to Nathaniel, he wanted them to confirm the mission details as well. “We can depart as soon as you are ready. I do not want to waste too much time leaving this garbage up to their own devices.” Amir did not doubt that Jaune was guilty. The scholar spent enough time around Fernando to know that the designer had a sharp sense for danger.

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#5Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Deadliest Designer [Quest: Amir & Nathaniel] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 8:50 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
"Yeah, we may have slightly different experiences." Nathaniel chuckled, smiling once again as he continued to watch everyone run back and forth across the floor preparing food, clothes and practicing their walks. To Nathaniel, someone from a less dramatic setting, this all seemed like quite the show and he did enjoying watching the prep work more so than the actual fashion show itself. "Great guy, but I can't blame him for being snippy today. Show looks bigger than the last one."

As his comrade confirmed the details and returned the sheet to Nathaniel. He scanned it before folding it and placing it into his pocket, smirking once again as he nodded his head and motioned towards the outdoors. "You have any spells suited towards trailing people?" he asked his guildmate, hands sliding into his pocket as his cloak closed around him like an umbrella. "I have my vibration sense but that is only good at detecting movement, I can't actually see what they're up to." Nathaniel added that last part as his face straightened, he looked both ways down the street before a woman brushed past him, exiting the shop in a bit of a hurry. Nathaniel didn't seem to phased by it, he actually grinned.

"A little more chaotic than I recall." He said before another figure brushed past him as well, pushing him a bit backwards towards Amir. This one made him laugh a bit more as he almost came off his feet this time. Seems like everyone was in a rush.

The man's royal purple pants, however, looked a little too stylish for Nathaniel to have not taken notice, however fashion was not exactly his forte. A moment of thought passed before he pointed lightly and wondered aloud, "Was that...?"

Juane may have come to them instead of them having to look for him. What were the odds.

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#6Amir † 

Deadliest Designer [Quest: Amir & Nathaniel] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 3:35 pm

Amir †
Amir thought about the magic at his disposal. “No. A recent experiment gone wrong impacted my mana. I may be a mage but I am currently a fangless one. I have only a bit of magic. Until it is resolved I am practically useless. None of the magic I am capable of using will be great for tracking.” Amir did not want to hold back and pretend he was greater than he was. Pretending to have a spell that they could use would only serve to hinder them.

“The place is always busy and in chaos. It is the best way to find bargains. People depending on it have to move fast or miss out on a way to survive.” Amir spoke as he helped to steady Nathanial for a quick second. It was the first time that Amir met a clumsy elf.

Amir noticed the face more than anything, as he helped his infinity wolf mate. The fashion style of the man looked gaudy and tasteless. Amir had no doubt Fernando would rip the man apart in a fair fashion battle. “Yep. It is 100% the target we are supposed to be following. You don’t have to use magic as long as we blend in and look natural. The natural business of the market will work just as well.”

The scholar was used to doing his job without magic. He depended on his brain power more than anything. He trailed behind the target and tried to start up a conversation with Nathanial. The main purpose of the talk was to help them blend in with the crowd, in addition to lowering their nerves. “Yes. I think that the cost of goods is increasing too much. I say it is the fault of the current king. Like look at this ringo fruit. It costs twenty jewels for a bundle. It used to be ten. The price has more than doubled.” Amir was making sure to keep his peripheral vision on the target as well, Jaune was not going anywhere.

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#7Nathaniel Hikyuu 

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel nodded, fixing himself as the man continued to explain to him his situation regarding his magic. He could empathize to a similar degree as he explained shortly after, "Ah. My magic feels...capped." He responded, dusting snow off his attire momentarily before they turned to follow the fashion designer to god knows where. "Since I've been training I feel like my control has become better but something inside of me wants to be...free. The feeling I might burst is keeping me from wanting to explore this new feeling." His face showed concern for a moment, uncharacteristically of the young lad as he looked to the ground. "I've only been using my beginner magic. I know it won't draw out whatever is pushing it's way through me." he concluded, looking back up to the poorly dressed designer for a moment before peering to Amir with a faint smile. "Hopefully your situation is resolved quickly."

As they made their way through the white village the people seemed to suddenly pick up, Nathaniel had to focus a bit harder on maintaining a view of the designer. The man stuck out like a sore thumb, probably more so to the seemingly noble gentleman on his right hand side, but Nathaniel couldn't help but notice his stark contrast to the falling ivory. Continuing to keep a conversation going Nat peered back towards the moving parts of Baska, his eyes landing on the cost of a nearby apple from which he extrapolated. "Aye, If i have to work another shift just to buy another apple for lunch I believe the king has gone too far. I might as well steal my way to a better position, lord knows the nobles have."

Before he could add another word to his sentence, he noticed the designer approaching Fernando's model. With a few quick turns of the head, he looked around to see if anyone would see him, what a rookie mistake. Nathaniel dashed forward, lunging ahead to grab the man's wrist, only to have him escape his grasp and look to both him and Amir with shock in his eyes.

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#8Amir † 

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Amir †
Amir was nodding along, making plenty of eye contact, and spoke about various things. He had enough understanding of tracking to blend in with the surroundings of the city. Amir had to track desert bugs to eat when fleeing. Keeping track of one person was loads easier. Amir would have been more careful if he had to eat him, only tracking the designer for info meant less murder. Not that Amir needed to commit to murder. He was a peaceful mage most of the time.

The tracking was going well until his partner intervened. The designer in question started to converse with one of Fernando’s top models. The other wolf was more impatient and grabbed him. “Shahryār” Amir said the spell phrase, the dark element gathered around his hand. Like a harbinger of death swinging his scythe he brought his hand down. The target of the spell was the model. She was backing away like she was going to escape out the alley. The spell formed after the spell circle and cut through the models left leg tendon, the model dropped like a sack of potatoes.

“I would prefer you not to run. It would be easier on all of us if you just don’t.” Amir spoke to the model with a cold voice. He was not a fan of treachery or betrayal. If he was still in Desierto on Minstrel he would have gone for the neck instead. A dead body here would be harder to explain to the law enforcement. He was also nervous that doing so would have freaked out his partner who was apprehending Jaune. “Make sure you grab him good so we can start to head back. We can turn them both into the Rune Knights.” The scholar relaxed his stance. Nathaniel should be enough to handle the rouge designer. It would not be needed for Amir to interfere.

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#9Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Deadliest Designer [Quest: Amir & Nathaniel] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 10:20 pm

Nathaniel Hikyuu
A spell.

The magic released sliced the woman's left leg and left her hindered. Her body's weight was no longer fully supported and she crumpled into a mess of limbs on the floor as the dark weapon vanished out of existence. Nathaniel was keen to the use of magic but said absolutely nothing in response to the man's incantation. Taking a mental note he decided it was a matter best not to press. Nathaniel was okay with uses of violence, however he was unsure if his partner's actions were warranted given the situation. Maybe it was his maturity, but he was no longer the man who walked haphazardly into a situation, and being unsure of what was going on and who was about the use of magic he felt could lead to another demonstration of magic. I guess you could say Nat was simply a fan of taking things slower and not so happy about the use of magic so immediately.

He kept his blade on his hip and whilst his hand landed upon it, he removed it and instead held the designer with his arm behind his back. "Sounds like a plan." He responded, holding the man firmly although he was nearly as strong as Nathaniel was despite his thin and meek appearance, the mage did in fact hold him in place and begin taking him away to the authorities. Unfortunately a scroll up the man's sleeve allowed him to spiral nearly out of existence in Nathaniel's hands. Stepping backwards Nathaniel was shocked to say the least.

Deciding to inform Fernando regardless, he made his way back to receive his reward.

The mission him left him contemplating a few things about his partner, but he left it alone. He seemed interesting, now he was a subject of Nathaniel's attention.


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#10Amir † 

Deadliest Designer [Quest: Amir & Nathaniel] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 10:42 pm

Amir †
Amir grabbed the model and was ready to head back. He thought the both of them were going to take a prisoner back. It was to Amir’s surprise that Jaune was able to escape. The magic scroll was a funny surprise.  It gave Amir the plan to make sure that future prisoners were stripped of useful items. He did not want to let all the future targets escape.

“Meh. We can catch him again later. The model is enough evidence at the moment. We already have some proof.” Amir was not upset about the fact that the man got away. Mentally he was making contingency plans to deal with the escaped rat. He did not want to stress out over something that had already happened. He wanted to move on and make the most of the current situation.

Making his way back to the workshop Amir started to break down the situation to Fernando. The talk took some hours and Amir had to fill out some paperwork. He had healed the model's leg before he turned her in. It would have been more paperwork if he did not. All the work was turned in and Amir was able to get the jewels.


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