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Tournament Arc #1 [Quest][D-rank]

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Tournament Arc #1 [Quest][D-rank] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 3:41 pm

After traveling around for two years Skald eventually found his way to Baska, a quaint sort of city that he had never been to before. It was a lively sort and one that he hadn’t heard of before. Meaning that he would take in the sights and sounds of the place; trying to sort out the things that he would want to do. Which is when he found a flier for the local tournament he was all ears about the event. It’d be a good way for him to test his skills as a dragonslayer. Both here and abroad his skills were needed for one way or another even if he was basically what you’d call a no name mage of no consequence.

That being said he was still approached by someone that asked him to unseat the current champion in favor of another younger champion. He’d tilt his head a little bit at that but after asking some details he was told all he needed to know. Giving a small shrug he’d accept the job. They didn’t specify whether or not that the champion would live through the tournament though and that part irked him a little bit.

Getting to the arena wasn’t hard, nor was signing up for the tournament. In fact they seemed positively delighted that someone of his kind and stature was joining. The attendant claiming they got more humans than demi-humans or other ilk ever since another of their number stopped showing up.

The ones around him were mostly younger individuals save for the champion, a massive man that stood a head and shoulders taller than everyone else. Even skald had to look up a bit which made him wonder if he had giants blood or something running through his veins. Though a quick glance told skald that his weapon was magical, meaning that it likely could just be an effect of the blade’s prolonged use on a body not suited for magic.

The man could feel someone looking at him and would look about finding skald after a moment and grinning ear to ear. He seemed very sure of himself and after a moment the man would saunter up. Looking down at the demihuman.

Never killed one of your kind before.

Nor will you.

Skald saw no reason to be courteous to the man if he opened like that and most around him seemed shocked. Even stepping away from such a brazen disrespect of the champion; who blinked and then laughed it off. Though skald could tell his wording made the man hesitate a bit. Not everyone was impressed by this man it seemed either as some of the younger crowd looked at the demi-human with a bit more respect.

When the horn blew and the gates raised everyone stepped into the arena, there was a roar from the crowd and a lot of boasting from those around him. The dragon-slayer demi-human looked to his hands and then around him; the youth sporting simple blades or armor would be children’s play. So fighting them wasn’t even really necessary unless they attacked him. The biggest threat was the man with the huge sword; the champion as it were.

When the horn sounded a second time to start the fight skald didn’t hesitate in the slightest. His hands came up to his shoulders for a moment; before a magical seal appeared in the crossection of his forearms. He’d drag his arms and hands through that seal and before long a set of claws appeared over his hands. It was a close quarter technique and he would be able to get under the guard of the man with the huge sword. The guy took a swing at him with it, but he was slow. Cumbersome even. Skald sidestepped and brought one of the claws up. Ripping through the armor that he wore with one and after a moment the demi-human whirled, his foot kicking out at the man’s knee. He heard a snap and the champion grunted; but it wasn’t long before the man’s leg reset itself and it was obvious he had some kind of healing magic.

With a swipe of that sword skald hopped backwards out of it’s range. It was sluggish and a bit out of place for the man; seeing as he was likely stronger than that. He figured that whatever magic he used slowed his body after healing for a bit. Which was not something that skald was familiar with. Gritting his teeth he’d note that the man’s head and throat were wide open.

He’d draw his hand back like he was going to throw a spear; drawing quizicall looks from some around him. Wondering if he had lost his mind or something; his hand would be engulfed in another yellow magical seal before a spear made of pure lightning sprung into being. His motion would follow through and the spear lept out of his hand. Soaring straight and true. The champion was too slow to bring his sword up and would find that the spear was now firmly embedded in his skull; straight through the eyesocket. He’d stand there in disbelief before crumbling without a sound.

Skald had taken him out in a serious one two before glancing around. Most of the other gladiators were stunned by this turn of events. Which just let skald make short work of the rest of the youngsters. Either by disarming them, forcing them to submit through the use of his claws or just knocking them out.

Eventually he was standing alone in the midst of all of the fighters and would simply turn to leave. Going to the designated meeting spot that his quest giver had asked him to return to once done. He’d glance down at his hands, noting that his claws were still active before shaking them off. It was weird having to turn them off sometimes. He’d collect his payment before heading out, figuring that he could stop by a bar or something to get a drink.

Killing was never easy honestly but it was something that he could just sort of brush off after a bit. He was a kind man yes; but he wasn’t a fool. Those people stepped into the tournament knowing what could happen. He just hoped that for his sake in the afterlife that he could avoid their same fate until he could pay jikan back in full.

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