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Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex]

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#1Haru Akagi 

Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 2:06 pm

Haru Akagi
The feline woman sighed as she scribbled her name down on the parchment. Despite her best efforts, the nekomata hadn't had a lot of luck in finding work since running away from her hometown. With a heavy heart she'd ultimately decided to sign up for a small tournament with a decent payout should she be successful in beating the current champions.

The only problem was today was double battle day, meaning she either needed to sign up with a partner or be assigned one at random from the lit of other single participants. It was a bit of a gamble fighting alongside a stranger, but she didn't really know anyone else in town that would stand a chance in the ring. As she handed in the form, the woman at the desk nodded and stamped it before pointing her in the direction where she'd be assigned her fighting companion moments before their first fight together.



Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 2:16 pm

Vex deciding maybe she needs a little more thrill in her life, so she come for a tournament to fight and prove just because she was small and sings didn’t mean she is just some push over, she came alone today only to realize she needed a partner or be stuck with a random, but as she came alone she really didn’t have a choice. She was gonna have to be assigned a team member cause she wasn’t gonna back down or have her time wasted today and she will tell her assigned partner the same she signed the paper her name in a fancy hand writing that says vex.

She walked to the area where people were waiting for a team mate to be assigned to then as she takes her place she looks the other people she could end up over and sees a few she hopes to be her partner and one of them being a cat woman and she decides to walk over to her as she is the first Demi-human cat she has seen around these parts. " Hello there cutie, how strong would you say you are?"

#3Haru Akagi 

Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 2:51 pm

Haru Akagi
Haru turned, her honey-hued eyes locking with piercing blue ones. She almost felt herself get drawn into them for a moment, they were stunning. Despite the crimson-haired woman coming off as a little flirty, her question was straight to the point, something the feline perceived as a good sign. The more straightforward one was, the less complicated it was when it came to speaking with them. The silver-haired woman would glance around at the other participants nearby. Most didn't look all that burly, not compared to the werewolves she was used to skirmishing within the ring.

"Stronger than the rest of the trash here, why?" She narrowed her eyes, she had a feeling she knew where this was going and she wasn't against teaming up with the female as long as she could pull her own weight. Truth be told Haru was better at taking a punch than dealing blows herself, but what she lacked in strength she made up for in her speed and determination. As such, she was confident she could take out most of the competition without too much hassle.

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Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 3:11 pm

The woman smiled hearing how confident that this Demi-human woman was about her chances. "Making sure that built body of yours isn’t just for show. That you can take a hit and keep going." The woman realizes up close this woman is the same size as her. She smiled and wondered what the chances are this woman and her self would be the same height. She just hopes this woman can take a hit, vex is more limber and smart than she is strong or study so she feels this needs this woman in her corner to work as a damage sponge for her to be able to work around her.

"Would you like to be my partner for this dance? " she put her hand out to the feline woman with a smile to see if this woman would accept this partnership if she did Vex feels her chances of winning would could up a bit as she feels this woman in front of her is different the the others that were around them here.

#5Haru Akagi 

Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 3:36 pm

Haru Akagi
Haru felt herself stiffen up a bit, her tail twitching slightly. Something about the way the woman stared and spoke made her feel a little uneasy, but she had to admire the sheer confidence brimming from her very existence. That in itself was a decent sign that the sweet-talking lady might have a few tricks up her sleeve for the coming fight.

"Sure." The feline nodded a little hesitant, her golden eyes finally taking a moment to fully take in the woman's appearance. She had pointed ears that represented elven heritage, but the strange wings on her back left the demi-human a little confused. Were they real or part of her outfit? She was about to ask about them when the call announcing the first battle would begin shortly sounded.

The single participants were yelled at to find themselves a partner quickly, which fortunately Haru had now. The pairs were then ushered to the next area where they were given a random number to determine which other team they would be fighting first. Looking down at the card in her hand was a big number "2" meaning they would be a part of the second fight. Well, at least they got a moment to breathe while those that drew ones stepped onto the boulder on which the battles took place.

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Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 4:04 pm

Vex could tell the woman was a bit hesitant of her as she probably sounded a bit condescending to her or maybe the woman wasn’t use to being flirted or sweet talked. When they ushered out she stayed close to her new teammate she wonders if maybe at the end of this all she and this woman might have a bond that Vex can use for info later, or maybe she would take Tutrix into her heart as well, but she will not try to asked that till later. She saw they would be up second so they had a moment to prepare and try not to get to excited or nervous.

" I guess we should share our names, so we may speak as equals. You may call me Vex." she smiles and keeps her eyes on the fight about to happen in front of them, watching to study how they moved and if they had any blinding weak spots they could use vs either team. She was well learned to study her enemies so she could assist her chosen husband in planning if he ever faulted so she could correct him, so he may take credit for her work in helping him and by proxy boost the houses standing through her hard work with out her being credited for it.

#7Haru Akagi 

Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 5:18 pm

Haru Akagi
The demi-human was already paying close attention to those brawling on the boulder, as the winged woman spoke again, causing Haru's ears to twitch towards her.

"Oh, Haru." She stated, her golden eyes glancing momentarily towards the elf before returning to the fighters trying to defend themselves. One pair seemed to be struggling to stay on the boulder. If they got knocked off, they were knocked out of the competition. Perhaps that was a strategy she herself could use on their opponents, rather than trying to physically deal blows. She glanced back to the woman beside her again, wondering if she was much of a strategist.

"Are those wings useful?" She finally asked, figuring it would be good to know if her partner could fly or not. If she could it would certainly give them a strong advantage. At least Haru wouldn't have to worry about her partner possibly being knocked down so easily.

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Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 5:39 pm

The wood elf woman smiles seeing as her team mate is also watching them closely it is pretty obvious that the team with the other team on the ropes were a team coming into this fight, they are well synced with the other but she sees some flaws in their fighting, form, and their timing.

"That is a cute name. Where are you from? " Vex looks at the woman after asking that question seeing if her guess the woman is at least half fioiran is right or not, not that it really mattered she just wondered her background. She plays with her thorned hair vine as she looked back to the fight again.

The woman looked back at her when she asked about her wings and she frowns and bites her own lip. "Sadly I have not learned to use them yet, I wish I could. " She leans back having seen enough of the fight.

Laying back on the bench and raises her arm drawing in the air in front of herself a game plan in case she and this woman would need to fight this duo in the fight after the one they were about to face as their first obstacle as a team.

#9Haru Akagi 

Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 5:56 pm

Haru Akagi
Haru shifted, facing her body towards the woman now, her arms folding as she eyed her up suspiciously. She was asking far too many questions. The feline wasn't fond of questions. Especially those that pried into her history. Narrowing her golden eyes she'd stare directly into the woman's cerulean ones ensuring her message would be received loud and clear.

"I think I need to make this clear. I'm here to fight and win. That's all, I'm not interested in being your friend. Not unless you have a way to pay me for my time. Got that?" She snapped, glaring to get her point across, "Shame about your wings, would have made things easier." she shrugged, visibly indifferent to the woman's plight.

The sound of a bell chimed, signalling the first fight was over, as cheers ensued from the onlooking crowd. Rolling her shoulders, Haru prepared herself for their own fight as a worker for the tournament came to escort them onto the boulder. Across from the duo stood an odd-looking pairing, a stout, burly looking dwarven woman and a slender, male elf who smirked as he saw his opponents. Haru glared, she couldn't wait to wipe that grin off his face.

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Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 6:13 pm

The wood elf laughs at the woman snapping at her. She has to admit she wasn’t expecting to hear this cat woman raise her voice to her. "Seems you are more beast than woman. I like that about you." she smiles that means she would be a fierce fighter. That will work quite well for her plans.

She stretches making sure she is loose and then follows when the bell chimed, following the woman she stands beside her on the fighting area and she looks at the two enemies. The dwarf will be a stiff stone to over turn in this fight, so she hopes Haru better be sturdy she thought to herself and she took her stance to get down to fighting with them, wondering how this duo will fight them. If they will start by bum rushing vex or if they will try to wear down Haru first and leave vex for later, cause she looks like she is the weak link to the team.

#11Haru Akagi 

Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 6:47 pm

Haru Akagi
Glancing between the two opponents, Haru would move the moment the bell signalling to start chimed. Darting towards the weaker looking of the two first, figuring it would be easier to fight the dwarf 2v1 once she was done. A miscalculation on her part as the elf proved more difficult to deal with than she anticipated. His lithe form combined with the dexterity of his elven heritage made him difficult to land blows on.

After dodging her for the umpteenth time, he'd flick his wrist as a magic circle formed on his hand before a burst of razor-sharp petals bloomed forth from his palm. Her golden eyes widened, as she barely managed to lunge to the side in time to avoid what would have been a brutal strike. Magic. It was not something she was used to fighting with or against. She had almost forgotten fighters could use it here since the previous battle had seemed to be nothing but a fistfight.

As the demi-human went to pick herself up from the previous leap, she felt vines wrap around her legs, making it impossible for her to move without removing them first. It appeared the nature mage not giving him on his prey just yet.

As Haru sat struggling to fend off the vines, kicking and scratching at them with her nails, in an attempt to pull herself free a solid whack hit her in the back, causing her to fall on her face. The dwarf had managed to land a kick squarely into her, sending her rolling backwards. It seemed the duo they were fighting had a strategy, after all, he was to control the field with his magic while she beat them with physical force. At least all the attention was on her for now, meaning that Vex should be free to fight back, right?

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Vex stayed back and watches as the woman ran in with reckless abandon, she smiled and readied for what the enemies will do to stop her from getting to the mage, seeing the elf put Haru on to the back foot she sees the dwarf come up on her as the elf caught her, and watches the woman come rolling back. Vex points to Haru with one finger and a magic circle appears in front of her finger and then a magic seal appears on Haru to enhance her endurance, then making an x in the air another circle appears and a bitter fly made of water flys out and lands on Haru healing her body’s limb based damage.

Vex then she turns to the enemy and sees the dwarf and elf are within range to both be hit. "You two will pay for hurting my cat friend here! Haru go for them fast and hard this won’t last long." she raises her arm the back of her hand facing them she then snaps and points and a magic seal appears below the elf and the dwarf and an AoE burst of water blasts up out of the ground under them, if hit their endurance is de-buffed.

#13Haru Akagi 

Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Fri Mar 11, 2022 5:00 pm

Haru Akagi
Haru's body tingled with a strange, sensation, one she recognised as magic only from when she was healed up after fighting in the ring back home. However, while she definitely felt the pain of the bruise forming where the dwarf had struck her lessening, there was something else as well. It was as if her body was on painkillers. She wasn't quite sure how to describe it, and she didn't really have the time to contemplate it too much as the dwarf came charging in again this time with a fist to her arm.

Before the dwarf struck a large magic seal shone on the ground below the two enemies, as a burst of water flew around them, hitting both. Haru's eyes grew wide, her fear of water causing her to freeze up momentarily. The dwarven woman still charged regardless of the water magic, easily striking the stunned feline.

While Haru was definitely struck by the force, the neko felt no pain at all, causing her to smirk. She understood now without needing to ponder any longer. Her body was now capable of taking hits relentlessly, so she had nothing to fear as she decided to strike back, going for two short jabs at the dwarf before they had a chance to strike again.

The surprise of the water magic had clearly caught the nature mage off guard as well as his spell suddenly came to an end, freeing Haru's legs and allowing her to perform a sweeping blow and knock down the dwarf, their head making a clunk sound as it struck stone. Clearly out for the count, Haru would move their attention to the elven fellow who had been making this whole fight a lot harder than it needed to be.

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Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Fri Mar 11, 2022 5:55 pm

The water mage smiled and then saw how the girl reacted to the water attack spell and realized this woman might have aquaphobia, so she should keep the water spells to a minimum that aren't healing or buffing the woman, she might even throw up a shield if she has to protect herself or the woman from an incoming attack that could cause major harm. "You should have told me you have a fear of water I will do my best to not use that attack again in front of you."

She starts running on the other side of the fighting area so if the nature mage wants to try and bind and stop someone he is gonna have to pick if he stops the cat woman or if he tries to stop the wood elf both would be dangerous targets if they get up close to him, but will he drop and surrender or will he face the beating that is about to rain down on his head for daring to bind them.


#15Haru Akagi 

Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Fri Mar 11, 2022 6:25 pm

Haru Akagi
"I-It just caught me off guard." Haru tried to brush off the shock of seeing the water flash before her as if it was nothing. It wasn't wise to let one's fears be known to others and while they were partners for this tournament, she didn't really trust the elven woman. As the neko dashed towards the only remaining target it was clear their elven enemy was left flustered after seeing his comrade taken down so quickly when everything had been going their way up until this point.

Unable to make his decision fast enough, both females would reach him before he'd managed to even form his magic circle, ensuing in an onslaught of fists and heels to his body. With just a few spells Vex had managed to completely turn the tide of the battle, as both their opponents now lay defeated on the boulder. Cheers rang out through the air from the crowd for the female team along with some irritating cat-calling.

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Double Battle - Tournament Arc Pt. 1 [Haru & Vex] Empty Fri Mar 11, 2022 7:44 pm

Vex hoped this woman will really be okay, she knows it is best not to linger on it but she did know she had to help her finish this fight even if it had met she was the target of the binding, watching the man panic and fail to do anything in time before they give him what he had coming to them in that instant. Having won Vex looking down at the beaten up elf figuring that meant they would be against the two bigger monsters when the next round for them was to start, Vex looked at the cat woman before she released her buffing spell that was making her more durable and she hopes the Girl doesn't just faint from losing the feeling of durability.

She gets closer to the cat woman and whispers. "I know you aren't looking for friends, is there anything else I should know that could come up and harm you, we are working together so you have to trust in me here." She used a warm smile to try and lure her into sharing more about herself so she can keep note of what to protect or distract her from.
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