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Medicare [Solo|Quest]

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Medicare [Solo|Quest] Empty Wed Mar 02, 2022 8:36 pm

Seika sighed as he sat in the locale doctors office, his large frame barely fitting on the small table provided for him to sit. He looked oddly out of place in the presumed back office of the doctor he had been sent to assist, and from the lack of visible patients or medicine, the man wasn't a particularly good one. He had been sitting there for far too long if he was asked, the doctor said he was going to go grab something to help him inspect the large man since he himself wasn't of a sufficient size to do so.

And so, Seika sat there for a few more minutes before finally being graced with the sight of the bumbling doctor from before. The man at least looked the part as he looked over Seika's muscular frame and weighed one of his large hands with his own. Blinking at the man's actions, Seika just waited silently, quietly urging the man to get on with it so that he could finally go do what he had been hired to do. Finally after the gag had gone on for what felt like another fifteen minutes, the Doctor finally stepped back and began to exclaim happily, "Man you're fit like a Bull! What do you lift?"

Seika stared incredulously at the man, unsure that the man was absolutely serious right now. He didn't want to insult the dopey looking man to his face, but he just felt... insulted? No that wasn't the word. Regardless, Seika finally shifted his large frame off the dainty metal table, pushing it back with the force of his frame bracing against it. Ignoring the loud scraping noise of metal against stone, Seika would stretch out back to his full height before looking down at the man. "Beyond whatever shenanigans you have going on here Doctor, I believe you hired me for a job?"

Seika was barely a patient person on the best of days, so having to deal with this clown was dragging Seika's nerves to high heaven. A light of recognition would be his response as the man kicked into high gear to go grab two packages, or well bags of pills and other assorted bits of medicine. Placing both within each of Seika's hands, the man would step back and enter into lecture mode about handling and care, but he would get cut off before he could get too deep into his explanation. Finally pointing Seika in the right direction, the man would promptly vacate the doctors office and head directly to the two locations, not bothering to stop for crowds or vendors. He just wanted to get it all over with before moving on with his life.

After dropping off both packages, he would swing back by Gerard's office to collect his payment. The dopey man once again requesting Seika to participate in one of his weird reindeer games, but the grown man was having none of it and left promptly after receiving his payment.



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