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All In A Day's Work[Aurelia]

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All In A Day's Work[Aurelia] Empty Tue Mar 01, 2022 6:17 pm

This was it. Her first steps into greatness, or at least out of the pitiful and lowest rank of a mage. Her two years of being with her guardian Jikan had caused her to grow into the body she was always supposed to have. Without having to think of food or where she was going to sleep, Aurelia was able to get healthy and ready herself to be independent of her the woman who saved her. Golden iris's scanned around the street for the Coffee shop she was supposed to be going to meet a man named Dex. He would be giving her the very first quest she would be going on and whether he knew it or not she didn't care she was just excited to be able to work. It didn't take her too much longer to see the coffee shop which was named The Marigold Finch.



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Sitting at one of the tables placed outside of the cafe named The Marigold Finch was the person she was looking for. Dex Miller a strange-looking man for sure in the eyes of Aurelia was sitting and sipping coffee. He looked like he was reading a book and mumbling to himself. Aurelia wasted no more time and approached him. When she got close enough she introduced herself but did not take a seat until she was asked to do so. Upon introducing herself Aurelia noticed how intensely Dex Miller was looking at her as if he was trying to confirm something. His gaze went up and down her frame and if she were being honest with herself it made her feel very uncomfortable but she didn't say anything she only frowned a little. He would nod a little, finish his coffee and stand up very quickly while telling you that they would be investigating a murder.



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The surprise was lost on her as she already knew what they would be doing because the quest explained it. She felt an internal eye roll happening but kept it together for the sake of the quest. It was honestly all she could do if she didn't want to upset the man and be kicked off the quest. Aurelia could very much remember all the anger management and social skills training she had to learn. In two years she went from a wild child to a sophisticated indivisual able to be amongst others without attacking them. Dex Miller would lead the way talk in circles about the murder they were investigating. As he did so he would stop his first suspect who he seem to choose at random. Aurelia silently stood by him and watched feeling sorry for the poor woman as she had to listen to the ravings of a clearly mad man. For what seemed like hours they went on questioning people, going on dead-end clue hunts, and at one point leaving Orchidia to follow bandits. In the middle of all this Aurelia tried to tell Dex that he was all wrong and this didn't make any sense. She was ignored but by the end of the day, a defeated Dex Miller paid her and sent her on her way.

- exit-

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