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GQ Runway Drama (Amir Solo)

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#1Amir † 

GQ Runway Drama (Amir Solo) Empty Tue Mar 01, 2022 4:37 pm

Amir †
Amir was feeling semi upset. He blamed himself for running late. He was supposed to be at Fernando’s shop an hour ago. The alarm did not ring and he overslept. In order to make up for the missed time he had to skip his breakfast. It was making him hungry and a bit irrational. He wanted to finish the job up as soon as possible. The sooner he did it the sooner he could eat. That was what Amir was looking forward to.

The trip to the shop took him less than fifteen minutes. If there was a food shop nearby he would have stopped first. He found the door to Fernando’s shop to be slightly open. Amir did not take the time to knock and walked inside. He had already been to and explored the shop multiple times. At this point Amir did not feel like he was a stranger to the place.

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#2Amir † 

GQ Runway Drama (Amir Solo) Empty Wed Mar 02, 2022 7:55 pm

Amir †
Amir pushed into the shop like a small boar. “Sorry I am la…..” His words stopped as he took in the sight of the place. It was the busiest he had ever seen it. Amir could almost swear that the shop tripled in size. Tracking down Fernando took more of his time than he would have liked.

Amir found Fernando and his entourage working towards the show. The rehearsals were not going smoothly from what he could tell. Amir was almost worried his old friend would pop a blood vessel at this point. Everyone was working on their walks and moves for the show. Amir could make out Fernando’s diatribes against saboteurs.

“I am late and you really did not have the time to notice.” Amir told Fernando who glanced at him before turning back to his work. “I almost assumed you got caught in some type of crossfire. A lot of things keep going south. At this point I am chalking it up to bad karma or worse.”

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#3Amir † 

GQ Runway Drama (Amir Solo) Empty Wed Mar 02, 2022 8:02 pm

Amir †
Giving his old friend Fernando a once over. It became like pulling teeth to get the needed details from the man. It came down to a series of unfortunate events that was causing him to delay. Some of his dresses had flaws on them, one model sprained her ankle, as well as an incident with pigs blood on a fire mage. The happenings had him to believe that it was all intentional. Fernando was too busy handling things with his people to look into it. He asked Amir to do it for him.

Would Amir refuse to help a friend? Of course not. He agreed to the case to help his amigo out, as well as the jewel reward that Fernando was so generous with giving. The man gave out jewels like a chick in the red light district gave out cat. It was something to be expected. Amir would not treat his friend less even if he paid less, it just helped.

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#4Amir † 

GQ Runway Drama (Amir Solo) Empty Wed Mar 02, 2022 8:22 pm

Amir †
The first group Amir wanted to look in was the people he invited over. He felt it would be best to clear his own name and the people he brought. Amir took the observation seriously. He did not talk to any of the people. The scholar could only afford to be objective on his quests. If he refused to do so, who knew what details he could miss. Amir was considered a release above anything else.

The people he brought were acting oddly. It was a simple manner for him to pick up. People that he knew better were easier to tell. Amir could see the leading lady of the orphanage sabotage the heel of another model. Amir would have called it scandalous till he thought about it. The orphanage needed money. If they were considered more important than their pay could increase. Amir almost did not report back on it. Keeping his word was more important to the one that could pay him. Amir figured he could use his own jewels to reward the orphans more.

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#5Amir † 

GQ Runway Drama (Amir Solo) Empty Wed Mar 02, 2022 8:44 pm

Amir †
The last group of people that he bought was the family. Amir could only pray that they were not doing anything wrong. It would almost hurt his heart if they flipped. Amir could not completely blame them as money was important. Under normal circumstances he probably would not have bothered to turn them in. It was a waste and all it did was hurt people.

Amir hung out in a rack of clothes. He infiltrated and watched the family with a keen eye. If they made a move out of place he would know. His observations did not give way to suspicious behavior. The family moved as a unit and acted normally. The only reason Amir was able to notice something amiss was because of an odor. It was a subtle stink of blood. A scent Amir became overly familiar with in Desierto and Minstrel. Amir was able to conclude that the pig blood incident was them. Amir was not happy as it meant both groups were compromised.

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#6Amir † 

GQ Runway Drama (Amir Solo) Empty Wed Mar 02, 2022 9:00 pm

Amir †
Amir could only swallow the disappointment from the models he endorsed. It taught him that he needed to be more discerning when it came to the characters of people. People good on the outside acted just as evil as people who were rotten to the core. It just felt like betrayal that it came from his own. It reminded him of his childhood with similar stuff happening all the time.

Finishing the job became more of a drag. Amir did not want to check out the rest of the models but he did. It was what he was getting paid for. The lone wolf felt less bad about what was happening after more observation. From what he could tell there was only one model not acting suspicious. Unless the little girl of a model was also a great actress. It would mean that she was the only one not actively trying to sabotage the others.

Amir had turned in his report with a heavy heart. He was not thrilled about his findings but still turned it in. He heard as Fernando flipped and fired all the models except the one. He paid Amir and the two promised to work together again.

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