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Tournament Arc II [Quest: Nathaniel]

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#1Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Tournament Arc II [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Mon Feb 28, 2022 7:25 pm

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel could feel it in his body, the difference in his strength, his slightly different appearance and even his personality had been altered slightly in his time away from Fiore. Encan was a harsh and cold nation filled with some of the warmest individuals the ronin had ever met and to this day he could feel the pride of Encan warriors coursing through him. There was not a single chance the boy would miss yet another opportunity to show off his skills in the city of Baska just like he had prior. Especially since word on the street was the same dude from before had made his way back to the champion spot in Nathaniel's absence. Last time he barely stood a chance, this time Nathaniel couldn't see it going any differently, but he would love the ability to test his mettle against anyone at this point, he really need just a bit more practice to perfect his new magic.

#2Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Tournament Arc II [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Mon Feb 28, 2022 7:36 pm

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Feeling the tension run through his bones the process of signing up took much longer than he had anticipated. He caught of glimpse of the slugger as he was warming up. The eye contact was prolonged and intentional as he finished signing up for the competition and found himself placed within the lower rungs having to work his way up to the man himself yet again. Guess he couldn't just be a surprise guess the second time around.

The tournament was dull for him, he didn't even use much magic or physical might to fight off any of his assailants. Maybe the outdoor arena gave him an edge since it was still cold as heck outside, but the winter weather would soon be fading, maybe they'd have a better chance then. Most of the day was spent working his way up the ladder to his final opponent, but the end was in sight, he was simply waiting on the announcer to make the call and allow him the opportunity to smash this guy into oblivion.

#3Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Tournament Arc II [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Fri Mar 04, 2022 4:51 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel stood on one side of the ring, eyeing his former opponent with a slight grin, he heaved his sheathed weapon over his shoulder as he hit his opponent with a blatant thumbs up. The man was dressed in small shorts, and wielding boxing gloves a more sinister grin stretched across his much paler complexion. Nathaniel's body in comparison seemed more scar ridden, however his opponent was visibly more muscular than he was.

"Training definitely paying off, huh?" He teased, the grin on his face noting his excitement to reengage an old opponent. The male was clearly in search of every avenue he could find to measure his strength in relation to his environment, there was no hostility but his new drive to fight and improve was definitely pushing him to take on more and more exciting tasks. The cold wind clawed at his skin beneath his cloak, his glance unphased, well until the announcer called in noting he was no longer allowed to use his sword in the fight.

#4Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Tournament Arc II [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Fri Mar 04, 2022 4:51 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Curiously Nathaniel looked at the man, it hadn't been a problem before, in fact many other opponents had weapons and some even used magic. He would have asked why but personally he didn't really mind. His curious expression flashed into a large grin as he removed the weapon from his shoulder, chucking it behind him and letting it stab itself into the snow just outside of the ring. Grey skies marked what was about to be a hand to hand battle between a swordsman and a boxer, however Nathaniel knew a pretty novice amount of hand to hand combat. He put his hands up and took on a light bounce, head tilting downwards to protect his chin and his eyes falling onto his opponent, there was a large gap the two would have to fill, but Nathaniel cared very little for the distance, he lunged forward, closing the distance quickly and a light jab at his opponent, the boy narrowly managing to pick it and prepare his own counter attack. Sticking to the man's right side to evade the incoming Jab Nathaniel fired again, managing to get blocked once more before the boy backed off for a moment to reevaluate, Nat was faster than he expected.

#5Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Tournament Arc II [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Fri Mar 04, 2022 5:23 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel found himself in a rather close range engagement with the gentlemen, the two went back and forth for a few moments, exchanging and narrowly avoiding any real damage on each other but to Nathaniel this was only a work out. Hands ripped through the air and both the inexperienced gentlemen were clearly not fairing very well but the fight did appear to be quite intense, this kept the audience quite happy. Landing a fairly decent uppercut, Nathaniel watched the man stagger backwards, his legs shaking beneath him as he struggled to keep himself upright, landing on a knee, eventually and his hand hitting the stone floor.

Nathaniel approached aiming to help the man back onto his feet, only to be met by a hand full of sand, blinding the young mage as he jumped backwards, creating distance from his and his opponent as he struggled to find his bearings.

#6Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Tournament Arc II [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Fri Mar 04, 2022 5:37 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
"That was a bit cheap don't you think?" Nathaniel questioned, the sand irritating his eyes as he struggled to see anything behind the many grains. As opposed to fighting it, he brought a hand up and swiped it down, the air becoming much more readable to him as he judged the distance between him and his foe. Fighting a hand to hand combatant with his short ranged vibration sense was ideal, he allowed his eyes to remain closed and just stood there, allowing the passing wind to fill the void his eyes could not. He stopped moving, he merely pointed a finger directly in front of him and waited while the feeling from the wind informed him the man was coming around his left hand side. He waited, 5 meters was a decent distance for him to react, sword fights for him were very close range encounters, he didn't enjoy backing up, he preferred the infight. The man was taking forever to come closer, he was clearly very wary of Nathaniel, and he should be.

#7Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Tournament Arc II [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Fri Mar 04, 2022 5:51 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nat looked around confused, he seemed wary. Stress evident on his face as he peered around in search of his opponent, well pretended to anyway, he was hoping to bait the man in for a strike to finish the fight. With a lunge the man crossed the boundary between himself and Nathaniel, his arms tucked in to protect himself as he prepared to rain hands onto the blinded boy only to swing and hit the air with the most inaccurate punch he had thrown so far. Ducking underneath the oncoming punch Nathaniel as his left hand latched onto the man's collar bone, and unleashing a right hook directly onto the man's jaw.

The crowd had been quiet since Nathaniel had become blinded, but the display of right hands from the wolf only pushed the audience into the depth of silence. Nathaniel couldn't tell, but he could feel the man becoming softer, limp under every hand, letting go and while not seeing it, feeling the liquid that ran down his hand. He was mad, not evil or malicious, but he did not or could not condone the way the man approached what was meant to be an honest fight. Nathaniel was sat down by the announcer, his eyes still shut as they tried to splash water into them and help him reclaim his lost sense.

#8Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Tournament Arc II [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Fri Mar 04, 2022 6:07 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Placing the sword on his lap, he had medical staff approaching to ensure he was okay, all eyes were on the young man and the entire tournament continued dragging along in silence. The feeling of victory, or alleged victory did not feel good to him, he didn't feel like he won but like he tarnished himself in the face of his adversary and he had to admit it made him feel mildly sick to his stomach. The sounds of medics overcame the sound of the boxer moving through the arena towards Nathaniel, however his vibration sense did pick up the odd pacing and he paused for a moment to figure out who it could be. No one else noticed, no one even moved, but as the pacing picked up, he could hear the sound of rushing feet, the intent felt murderous against his skin and Nathaniel didn't even think twice as he turned and stabbed his blade forward, impaling the once massive boxer and turning him into a mere mass of flesh and bone.

Nathaniel still could not see him, the man had added a set of brace knuckles to his hands and the metallic objects cut through the skin just under Nat's eye like butter. The crimson fluid rolled in droplets down his cheek, as if he was crying crimson tears as he felt the man fall lifelessly off his sword. Kicking his foot forward a bit, he felt around for snow, resting his blade in the white mixture and allowing his actions to dye it red, cleaning his sword before leaving it in the snow as physicians ran about, picking up both the man's body and patching up Nathaniel, silence still sitting heavily upon the tournament grounds.

Quest complete!

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