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Finding Models GQ [Amir]

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#1Amir † 

Finding Models GQ [Amir] Empty Wed Feb 23, 2022 6:57 am

Amir †
Amir was at a quaint cafe he found. Sipping on some tea to warm his body in the cold winter season. The atmosphere felt strange. Amir was enjoying a rare day off. He was gonna take the time to relax and wind down. The last meeting went well enough and left him pleased.

“Excuse me.” Amir turned towards the curious voice trying to get his attention. The little one smiled and gave Amir a pink letter. Amir started to sweat bullets. He did not know the kid and believed the little one to be giving him a love letter. He heard about the traditions in Minstrel but did not know they happened in Fiore. His facial expressions cleared up when he actually started reading it. It was his old pal Fernando asking to see him again, as well as providing the man with much needed assistance. It was not the day off Amir wanted but it was something to do.


#2Amir † 

Finding Models GQ [Amir] Empty Thu Feb 24, 2022 8:29 am

Amir †
The last two years were decent to the business as the place was bigger than ever. Amir was proud of the strides Fernando was making. The skills Fernando possessed made no space for doubt that it would grow. Amir just miscalculated the rate in which he thought it would. The current area was radiant.

“Over here!” Amir heard the voice of his old friend and business partner of sorts. “You make it take forever to track you down.” The designer launched into an update and exchanged notes about the past two years. Amir admired the man a lot. The same urge Amir kept for books, Fernando kept for clothes. It was a language exchange from two people who immersed themselves in their habits.

Amir brought the topic back to the subject at hand. He did not believe Fernando would contact him about nothing. Amir was proven correct when Fernando informed him of the situation. The man was in need of models who could bring out the best of his clothes. The rest of his assistants kept failing him and he needed someone critical. He believed Amir could handle it. Amir agreed to do it as a favor to his old friend.

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#3Amir † 

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Amir †
Amir set off to find the needed people. The theme of the show was the fall of sadness. It was an autumn theme that was about joy. Amir decided that it would be best to find a sample of beautiful people. It would work out better than just choosing young men or women.

The first place Amir chose to look at was a resident daycare. If Amir waited at a daycare in any other village he would have been arrested without fail. Amir avoided the police due to his willingness to get to know the people. Amir upheld the name of an Infinity Wolf guild member. It made him easy to trust. The influence was small and only held in West Fiore. The first person that came to his mind was actually a worker here. He had a broad smile and great features. Amir believed he cleaned up well. It was a bonus benefit that Amir would guess the man could use the extra pay. The daycare was more low income. Any easy jobs that could be taken could help out the future of the people living in Baska.

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Amir †
“Hello! Is Remus here?” Amir went and greeted the head lady of the daycare. Amir thought for a moment and decided she should come along as well. Her hair was on the grayer side, her face held laugh lines, and her eyes were sharp. Amir could see her in Fernando’s clothes. It showed that his clothes could be for everyone. It would increase his sales as well as the reputation of his line. “On second thought. I would like to speak to the both of you. There are a couple of things I want to go over with the both of you.” The head lady gave him an inquisitive look but still sent for Remus.

Amir did not have to wait long. The young man showed up with a bit of paint on his face. He looked tired but the joy in his eyes could not be hidden. Remus was the type that worked hard and loved his job. He was a critical part of the backbone for the daycare. Amir decided it was time to get into the details about the recruitment. The details that Amir had to go over included the amount of pay that each of them could receive as well as the scheduling. Amir wanted to make sure the both of them understood what they could gain as well as the benefits that could hit the nursery.

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Amir †
The details of the deal were easy to figure out after a few rounds of negotiations. Amir agreed to meet them at Fernando’s studio in about three hours. It lowered the amount of time he had to find the other three people. The last three people had to be great as well. If they fit the theme that Fernando was going for he could make a breakthrough in the fashion industry. As a helper it would mean Amir could get a pretty penny. It would also mean Amir could expand his influence in the fashion sector.

This time Amir just started to look around. He wanted to find something organic. People showed their true selves unaware. If he could find a true person they would model perfectly well within his requirements. Amir was feeling discouraged as the day went on. As he stopped for a snack. An interesting sight caught his attention. It was a family of three.

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Amir †
Amir had a chance to get into contact with the family. He wanted to recruit them as models due to their harmony. Amir had no doubt that the clothes Fernando made would be highlighted. Instead of hashing out the details like he did previously. Amir had them meet up with him at Fernando”s Studio.

Upon arrival Amir met with Remus and the Head Lady. It made it easier for Amir to walk in with all five of the people in question. Fernando loved his suggestion and was ready to start the fitting. Fernando’s agreement to use the models highlighted the end of his help for the day. Fernando gave him some money to cover the expenses for the day. He asked Amir to come back tomorrow to help out as well. Seeing as Amir did have some time till he needed to leave West Fiore. He agreed to do it.

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