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Scam gone gone (Solo Quest C-rank)

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Scam gone gone (Solo Quest C-rank) Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 10:12 am

Vex gets a notice to return the shop she had seen the smith torture someone in and she wonders what he needs this time not that she is against nabbing another thief to be tortured but she feels that will not be the case tonight, her right hands following behind her watching her back in case this is a trap they are walking into. Vex walks like she doesn't really have a care in the world her heels clack as she walks on the cobble path, as she doubts the man would try to double cross her cause she figures he has more need for her, in the future. she walks up to the shop and knocks the door opens and the man tells her what he needs from her and he laughs as she looked at him puzzled, she accepts and she signals her right hands to hide themselves along with her and they wait to watch and see from a spot higher and out of slight of the man that was coming to try and sell a gem to the owner of this shop.


Scam gone gone (Solo Quest C-rank) Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 10:12 am

The man gets himself ready for when this guy comes and he hopes where ever they hide they can see well the magical gem so they can tell him is he is being scammed or if it is a good price, Vex being from a rich family knows what they look like as she saw them everywhere on people of status, it was hard to miss them or tell a fake if you knew what to look for one them. They hear the man getting close outside from the sound of nice shoes on the cobble of the street. A knock rings out and the owner of the shop opens the door and welcomes the man on the shops door step in and he pulls out the gem and vex looks at it and she can tell its worth from the cut and the size and the faint glow, she listens to the man that is talking it up and saying its base value is higher then it really is and the risk he had to go through it make it more than that first price he had quoted. He has a smug grin on his face as he sees the shop owner look a bit flustered at this turn of event cause he needs it but that price seems far to high for him to get it for then attempt to sell it if he makes something of it, but it is the key piece to his latest master piece.


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Vex listens to the bullshit the seller is saying and she almost laughs out loud at him, because over half of the stuff he was saying was fake or made up and that a child could see through. The owner looks over the gem and he doesn't see anything wrong with, then calls Vex out who walks out and starts calling out the sellers bullshit one by one, the seller seems to sink in his seat a little bit at the sight of this woman berating him and calling out his lies and fabrications to his face. He hates more that it is a wood elf that is doing it, cause she is a shrimp compared to him, if he stood he could probably step on her like a child. He stands and the owner jumps on him deciding he didn't like the fact this man just tried to scam him out of jewels or that he had taken a step toward Vex like that, the big guy fights back and vex ends up getting hit but she blocks the punch with her arms crossed but slides backwards looking like it still hurt her pretty badly, he arms fall to her sides and she leans against the wall clearly winded from that blow.


Scam gone gone (Solo Quest C-rank) Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 10:13 am

Her right hand cultists start glowing with anger. "Don't kill him!" She gasped out that command and the two drop down and they help the owner fight the man, and they knock him to the ground and Vex kicks him in the face. The owner helps the man back to his seat who starts expelling words of wishes to be spared and that he will sell the gem for less then the asking price, just not to give him anymore trouble from him or the cultists that beat his ass for him. He hands over the gem for far lower price than he had been trying to get it from them. The owner smiles and wonders why those two acted like that when they saw Vex get hit like that.


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The owner chimes in with a comment on how well she has her body guards trained that they gave up their anger so fast to listen to her command almost like she had them under a spell or mind control, Vex giggles and they start tending to her arms which are slightly fractured from absorbing the punch that the man threw in his desperation to get away from his just desserts for trying to scam someone just trying to make a living and is taking something that he woulda probably payed a little more for but pushed his luck and ended up getting a beat down and they look at the man that is slowly crawling toward the door to run away into the night and disappear, Vex sighs not expecting to take so much damage from such a stupid punch from such a stupid uncouth man. He better count his prayers to what ever god he believes in that she didn't just have the man torn to pieces by her cultists but she can't show that side of her to this man even though she saw him torture someone the other day she knows blood is hard to clean up after as it stains everything it touches and she wasn't in the mood to have to clean it up, she takes her reward and leaves with her cultists.

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