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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest: Amir]

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#1Amir † 

Fantastic Fabrics [Quest: Amir] Empty Sun Feb 06, 2022 11:57 am

Amir †
Amir came down to the request board to see what jobs were available. One thing that Amir started to notice when it came to getting strong was the importance of gear. The stronger mages that he took note of had stellar gear that helped boost their power. Gear cost jewels which was a resource he needed the most. The best he could do was work his way up. Earning jewels as well as reputation. Telling himself this was the only way he could get through the menial labor tasks.

Looking over the post of menial tasks drew some disdain from him. A lot of the jobs looked dirty and not up to his standards. He doubted he could boost his reputation by doing them. The only job that caught his eye was a pink flier. It was to assist a fashion designer. The job looked interesting and easy enough. Amir took down the flier and started to head over to the designated area.

WC: 163

#2Amir † 

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Amir †
Amir made his way over to the workshop that was listed. It was more of an outpost than the main working station. The place was actually hard to miss. It was brightly colored and stood out among the standard buildings along the street. Amir walked inside with the paper in his hand. The receptionist took him to the man in question. The man was dressed just as nicely as his shop. He was immaculate as he cut into some fabric with a pair of scissors. The makings of a frown displaying on his face.

The receptionist cleared his throat. Amir took the opportunity to introduce himself. If he made a great first impression the chances of him getting future work increased. “Pleasure to meet you. I am Amir Nuit. I picked up the job and decided to do it.” The man gave him a smile after a once over. Pleased with what he saw. “I am Fernando. Let us tour so you can get a feel of what you need to do.”

The layout of the shop was simple enough. It was by material, then color of material, finished by quality of material. The pieces present in the store were impressive to say the least. Judging by the system Amir was 82% sure about what he may need. Fernando went over the needed materials proving Amir’s guess. Fernando gave Amir enough jewels that he had to hold back drool. Amir left the shop to get the needed supplies.

WC: 248/411

#3Amir † 

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Amir †
The jewels felt great in his pocket. Amir felt confident in getting all that he needed at reasonable prices. If he saved Fernando’s money, who knows what kind of bonus would be available. The man was the type of at least loaded that Amir aspired to be. He focused his mind on the task at hand. He went to a shop that specializes in silk. Fernando required a sky blue silk that could only be brought here.

Amir perused the available wares till one caught his eye. It was the exact shade of blue that was needed. When he felt it Amir was able to determine the quality was top notch. It was a bit of a job but Amir had his own love of clothes. He could feel that this was the one he had to buy. Imagine his surprise when the seller tried to jack up the price by a forty percent profit margin. The only reason Amir did not slice his throat was because he did not want blood on the garments. Bargaining it down Amir touched the man's bottom line and walked away satisfied.

The next two materials were brought in the same place. It was funny. While Amir was walking to a more renowned shop he noticed them in the window at the marketplace. The quality and pricing was just what Amir needed. He did not have to think twice about making the purchases. Amir had a decent amount of jewels left over. He could return to the shop with his head held high.

The walk back did not have anything worth note. Amir brought a few other things he recalled being on the low side. He did not have to but the money was right. It would also keep Fernando from having to grab it. When Amir turned in the fabric Fernando was impressed. He gave Amir a bonus and told him to come back again. Amir went home with a smile on his face. Happy to have been able to make a difference.

WC: 340/751

+1 Intelligence
100 Fame/Infamy
30,000 Jewels (+20 Human)
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