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Questionable Recruitment Practices-Achlys [Solo]

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#1Achlys † 

Questionable Recruitment Practices-Achlys [Solo] Empty Thu Feb 03, 2022 10:17 pm

Achlys †
During her time in Baska, Achlys has been doing something that was not originally part of her plan. She goes here to go to the famously known flea market. The flea market is known very well for the amazing items that can be found here. There is a saying that people from around the world gather here for the annual flea market, there are even some people saying that you can literally find everything you are looking for here during the flea market, literally anything. Known as the small town of merchants, Baska is hosting an annual flea market event where people can sell everything, weapons, items, books, jewelry, junks, armor, and even some magical creatures can be found here in Baska. But it seems like luck is not really on Achlys side, during the first day in Baska, Achlys ends up helping a woman who seeks revenge for her kid.


#2Achlys † 

Questionable Recruitment Practices-Achlys [Solo] Empty Thu Feb 03, 2022 10:18 pm

Achlys †
And today, on her second day in Baksa, Achlys woke up with someone waiting for her infront of her inn and that someone was sent by a guy named Cain. Cain is a powerful necromancer with a horned skull in place of a face and with glowing red in the sockets of his eyes. He lost his human face due to a magical incident years ago. He is much taller than humans, with the average human reaching to his chest. Cain doesn't speak much and is reclusive because of his inability to relate to most people. The cause of the recent incidents involving the undead are clearly Cain's doing. The quest from Cain to stop a group of adventurers looking to form a raid to explore a newly discovered tomb have led the client to seek some 'assistance' in preventing this raid from being formed. “I can do this while going around the market” thinks Achlys, so she agrees to take that request.



#3Achlys † 

Questionable Recruitment Practices-Achlys [Solo] Empty Thu Feb 03, 2022 10:18 pm

Achlys †
After she agrees to take the request from Cain, she starts walking around town. From one merchant to another, looking for some items she desires. She found some interesting and unique items around, and she even found some stuff on her list, but the price of those stuff was surprisingly expensive. It’s not like what she expected, the price is quite high even though some of the stuff in her list are pretty hard to obtain, but still, she doesn't expect it to be priced that high. But she keeps walking around to look for more stuff, at least to get some accurate information about the price of those stuff. One by one, she found the stuff she needed in her list, asking for a price and notes that down, it took some decent time for her to finally gather some more detailed and accurate information about those stuff she needed.



#4Achlys † 

Questionable Recruitment Practices-Achlys [Solo] Empty Thu Feb 03, 2022 10:19 pm

Achlys †
Right when she got out from the last store, she saw on the other side of the street some people were gathering and shouting out loud. She faced a situation like this before, exactly yesterday and ended up taking a quest from a woman who sought revenge. But this time the people seem different and even sound different. Seems like they are inviting people to join them. “These must be the adventures that Cain talked about.” Think Achlys. So without much thinking, Achlys throws gloom orbs towards those people aiming exactly next to their head and feet while telling them to go away from there. Being scared of the situation, those people ran away. “You better stop recruiting or I’ll find you” Said Achlys, make those people run even faster. After that, Achlys gets back to her inn and informs Cain’s guy of the success of her quest, she then claims the reward and gets into her inn room.



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