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Golden Scissors [Quest: Nathaniel]

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#1Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Golden Scissors [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Sat Jan 01, 2022 7:13 pm

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Back in Baska again, Nathaniel found himself seated in front of the request board once again, noticing that of all the people, Fernando had another task up for grabs. Snatching the poster, Nathaniel spun and returned to the store of the tan muscular gentleman. He was greeted with a warm and firm handshake. The man's control was excellent, though he was physically imposing he actually held his hand quite gently, but I guess that's to be expected of someone who deals with the wealthy. Passion sparked into his eyes as he began to spin Nathaniel a tale of these magical golden scissors. How important they were to his future, his legacy and how he had located the merchant in town that carried them.

He was told the man would be dressed in teal and gold, a hooded figure who would stand out despite the hustle and bustle of the small town. With a shrug, another pouch full of money and a relaxed smile, Nathaniel was on his way.

[WC: 170]

#2Nathaniel Hikyuu 

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
He didn't take much time to find the merchant, he was literally here not too long ago and recalled the extravagantly dressed man and his wares not to far from the center of the herd. He was surrounded by men, offering a number of gold coins, horses and other extravagant objects, none of which seemed to move the man at all as he brushed aside offer after offer.

Nathaniel didn't realize how stiff the competition would be. He didn't have much to offer besides the coins and those didn't seem to work very well at all for everyone else. Instead Nathaniel approached, the man waving him over to offer his bid on his wares when Nat offered him information on the land of Enca. He could explain much about the culture, the people and offered to share it all over a cup of tea. The man raised a brow and reached forward, information seemed to be a valued form of currency here.

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#3Nathaniel Hikyuu 

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel spent the night introducing the man to Encan culture, they shared laughs, tales and kinship over the cultural differences they shared. The man went from cold and aloof to a warm nurturing soul. Nathaniel learned of his wife, his kids and his goals and ideals. He learned to respect the shop keep so much the two of them agreed to meet up for tea and stories whenever they encountered each other. The evening had long since faded into night and the day had been reborn again before the two had gone their separate ways.

Nathaniel followed a small road back to the boutique Fernando owned, the golden scissors inside of a small bag he swung merrily on his way to the shop. Another request complete by the Infinity Wolves rising star he thought to himself. He was overwhelmed by the man as he picked him up, swung him around and hugged him. Tears ran down the man's face as he squished Nat hard enough to force the air from his lungs. Nathaniel fanned away his affections, and turned around to get on his way, there were more things for him to take on beyond retrieving and handing over magical scissors.

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