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The Cat Cried Wolf [Solo] [D-Rank]

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#1Akira Kisaragi † 

The Cat Cried Wolf [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 7:54 pm

Akira Kisaragi †
Shortly before Akira left the Guild house to start his trip towards the Seighart Mountains, he noticed a board filled with fliers. Based on his prior knowledge of how guilds operated, he deduced that this board was for job requests. Realizing that the possibility of him becoming broke was rapidly approaching as he only had so much on him before he was sealed, Akira took a couple of jobs fliers and placed them with his pouch. “The first one seems to be in Worth Woodsea so I suppose I’ll start there.” He said aloud as he continued his stroll deeper into Worth Woodsea.

The flyer he chose was a request from an individual from the Neko tribe named Zimnur. The details, unfortunately, were unclear. They only specified that whoever accepted the quest head to the tribe’s location and ask for Zimnur. As he travelled, Akira spotted a lone, large tree within a clearing. As he moves closer towards the tree, he sees three very large and deep scratches within it. Akira inspected the tree curiously as he gently trails his hand along the scratch. “Whatever did this must have been big.” He mentions.

Before long, Akira finds the Neko settlement. Neko of all sizes and shapes lived harmoniously within the area. Children giggled and played as they ran around the settlement under the watchful eye of the elder Neko. When Akira entered, all eyes fell on him. Murmurs and whispers spread throughout the now quiet area as Akira moved slowly. He wanted to place his hand on his sword, just in case, but realized that no longer had a working weapon and that it would likely be considered an act of aggression. For now, he’d play it cool and see what would happen. A group of five Neko approached him, all of them armed and eyes narrowed on Akira. As they all stop just in front of Akira, one of them begins to speak. “Outsider! Stand your reason for entering our settlement without permission.” “My apologies. I’m here to meet with Zimnur. I saw that he had offered a job.

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#2Akira Kisaragi † 

The Cat Cried Wolf [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 7:58 pm

Akira Kisaragi †
Ah, so you’re here for me then?” a voice from behind shot up. Akira turned around to see a Neko with golden eyes standing just off in the distance. His face was sharp and his eyes told a story that likely would betray anything the man said. Akira instantly had a weird vibe about him but decided to let it go for the moment. Zimnur quickly walked up towards the group and stood beside Akira.

Sorry about that. Last time I went into town for supplies, I got accosted by some of the people there. Although I could handle them, I didn’t want my actions to jeopardize the safety of the tribe in case someone attempted to retaliate. That’s why I hired this man to be a deflector of sorts.” The Neko in the area all breathed a collective sigh of relief as those with weapons lowered them and returned to their normal activities. The armed men in front of Akira kept their weapons on hand but relaxed their stance. “You’ll have to excuse us outsider. We are still relatively new to the area. Many would want us out and we’ve wolves that threaten us. We’ve been on guard more than we’d like.” Akira nods as the group departs, leaving Akira and Zimnur alone.

As soon as the group is out of earshot, Zimnur’s demeanor changes. “Meet me by the outskirts of the settlement by the large tree with three scratches.” Before Akira has a chance to speak, the Neko quickly runs off. “Well…that was odd.” He says as he makes his way to the tree he saw before.

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#3Akira Kisaragi † 

The Cat Cried Wolf [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 8:02 pm

Akira Kisaragi †
Four hours pass and Akira still had not seen nor heard from Zimnur. Just as he considered going back into the settlement, he sees Zimnur arriving with a sack of items. As soon as he gets close to Akira, he tosses the sack on the ground. “Thanks for keeping quiet earlier. Had you would have said anything, that would have ruined the plan.

I had a feeling that whole ‘deflector’ thing was made up. You didn’t strike me as the type that would bring too much attention to themselves if they were in town.” “Astute…” Zimnur says dryly as he moves closer towards Akira. “You’ve seen how my tribe is. Timid and directionless. They need a leader, someone who can command respect. When I’m the leader, they’ll have it.” “If you believe you are worthy enough, then why haven’t you become the tribe leader?

A scowl appears across Zimnur’s face at Akira’s words as he turns and heads back towards the tossed sack. “Are you mad? I’m not going to risk my life while there are others who are perfectly capable of doing so.” Akira could only chuckle darkly at Zimnur’s words. He already figured out who he was dealing with. “So you’re a coward then?” “It’s not cowardice. It is survival. And you are going to help me survive.

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#4Akira Kisaragi † 

The Cat Cried Wolf [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 8:04 pm

Akira Kisaragi †
There is a cave a short trip to the west. Within the cave are the pack of wolves you heard mentioned when you arrived at the settlement. Kill them and bring the head of the Alpha to me here.” “You want me to behead the Alpha with what? My hands?” Sighing, Zimnur opened up the sack and dug inside. He quickly removes a small, sheathed dagger and tosses it towards Akira.

I noticed that your sword was broken so I came prepared. I know of a very good craftsman who could potentially fix that for you. Do this for me and I’ll see if I can get you in touch with him. Plus, the jewels you’ll get from this will help in the cost.” Catching the dagger in his right hand, Akira quickly moves towards the location Zimnur pointed out. To his credit, Zimnur might actually know of someone who could repair Benimaru. It was obvious that Zimnur was a snake but sometimes snakes could have reliable information.

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#5Akira Kisaragi † 

The Cat Cried Wolf [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 8:06 pm

Akira Kisaragi †
Before long, Akira found himself at the entrance of the cave Zimnur spoke of. The cave was dimly lit thanks to the brightly shining sun outside. Akira could faintly make out four figures laying on the cave ground, one of which was many times larger than the other three. “That must be the Alpha.” Akira notes as he slowly itches his way closer to the entrance.

As he got within arm’s length of the entrance, low growl stopped his forward movement. Two yellow piercing eyes slowly opened from within the cave which were quickly followed by six more. “And for a fleeting moment, I thought I’d get out of this without too much hassle.” The growls rapidly turn into frenzied barks as one set of eyes recklessly charges towards Akira. The wolf leaps up and lunges towards Akira who easily avoids it. Thinking quickly, the man grabs the tail of the still airborne wolf and slams its body hard onto the ground, killing it instantly.

Two of the wolves fully emerge from the cave and trot over to their now deceased companion. They attempt to nudge the wolf but quickly come to realize that it is dead. Enraged, the two wolves dart towards Akira who quickly and efficiently deal with them in a similar fashion. He tosses the final wolf in the cave instead of on the ground in an attempt to bring out his real target. The Alpha steps forward, brutally placing its paw onto the neck of its deceased comrade. It lets out a deep howl as it glares its teeth towards Akira. Akira, in return, draws the dagger given to him by Zimnur and readies himself to face the Alpha. “Perhaps you’ll give me a challenge. It’s been far too long since I’ve gotten my hands dirty.” Both the wolf and Akira charge one another as blood spatters on the ground.

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#6Akira Kisaragi † 

The Cat Cried Wolf [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 8:08 pm

Akira Kisaragi †
Zimnur waits at the scratched tree, frantically moving around in anticipation. His clothing was scratched and muddied, the sack and its contents were destroyed and their remains strewn on the ground.  As he rounded the line he had walked into the dirt, he saw Akira walking towards him with severed wolf head in hand.

Perfect!” Zimnur said as he quickly ran up to Akira and snatched the head from his hands. “Are you alright?” Akira said in a panicked tone, noting how beaten up Zimnur looked. “I’m fine, this is for show. If I’m to take credit for the deaths of the wolf pack, I need to look like I’ve survived a fight.” He says as he pats some of the blood from the severed wolf head on his body. In all honesty, Akira was not surprised that Zimnur would be taking credit for the deaths of the wolves. It was like he said, Akira’s job was to help him survive.

After making himself look the part, Zimnur hurriedly tosses a sack of jewels towards Akira. “Here’s your pay. I need you to get out of here. By now, the tribe should be trying to find me as I’m usually not gone this long. Come back after a bit, I may have more work for you.

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