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Pirates! The First Encounter [NQ/Solo]

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#1Kailani Fleurn † 

Pirates! The First Encounter [NQ/Solo] Empty Thu Dec 02, 2021 11:44 pm

Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani sighed heavily. Since moving to Hargeon and becoming a member of Blue Pegasus she had been busy trying to just settle in and had had little time to herself to simply wander the streets of the port town. The stark differences of this place to her forest home were blaringly obvious, the sights, the sounds, the smells; everything was a stark contrast. However, what the wood elf struggled to comprehend the most was how unique and interesting every single human was. Most seemed perfectly kindhearted, while others were their complete opposites.

While stalking around the large port city, the purple-haired mage had discovered that in this area in particular there were issues with what they called ‘pirates’; People that were known for stealing from others, including raiding entire ships. After further inquiries, she had learnt that they had become far more rampant than in the past as well, a disturbing thought. Her natural protective instincts kicking in she had decided to do something about this. She knew her capabilities and she wouldn’t be able to take down an entire fleet of pirates, even the single ship she was planning to deal with would be no laughing matter, not at her current level of magical power. However, she could at least try to do her best.

Kailani was not without a solid plan, she’d heard of a small band of pirates that had recently raided one of the incoming supply ships, managing to steal quite a lot of their cargo in the process. From the information she had managed to gather, they were now hiding out on a small island not far offshore, but no one had yet offered to take up the job. The only problem she had encountered was finding a way to get there and retrieve the goods, she herself did not own a vessel. As such, she had asked around and managed to get ahold of someone with a small boat, barely large enough to carry all the stolen cargo back at once, but it was better than nothing she supposed and the captain was willing to sail her to and from the island as long as she ensured they wouldn’t be caught in any crossfire.


#2Kailani Fleurn † 

Pirates! The First Encounter [NQ/Solo] Empty Thu Dec 02, 2021 11:47 pm

Kailani Fleurn †
The wind mage spent the rest of the day discussing the plan with the captain, including when they should head forth, how they should go about it, and what they should do to ensure the capture of the pirates by law enforcement afterward. Thankfully, the captain was incredibly knowledgeable and gave Kailani great insight into how ships worked, something she personally knew little to nothing about. There was even a way to slowly sink a ship purposely without too much noise. Perfect.

Ultimately they came to the conclusion that they should travel out at night under the cover of darkness. From there, she would handle the rest, climbing aboard the pirate ship, her almost silent steps thanks to being born an elf coming in handy as she snuck around, avoiding detection before using her wind magic to help her lift some of the heavier boxes.

Quietly she returned, placing each of them carefully onto the other boat. There were a couple of instances where she was nearly caught by one of the enemy crew members, but fortunately, she had been quick on her feet and avoided detection completely.

Wiping the sweat off her brow as she brought back the last of the stolen cargo and placed it onto the borrowed boat, she’d give a silent nod to the captain to give the all-clear. There was just one thing left to do. Ensure these particular pirates would not be able to strike again anytime soon. There were a couple of ways she could go about this, but she didn’t really have the ability to fight multiple enemy crew members on her own at once. Meaning fighting them directly was probably not the best course of action. Instead, she planned to sink their ship, leaving them completely stranded on the island until they managed to repair it. By which time she would have already called the authorities to come and deal with them as they wouldn’t be able to easily escape capture.


#3Kailani Fleurn † 

Pirates! The First Encounter [NQ/Solo] Empty Thu Dec 02, 2021 11:49 pm

Kailani Fleurn †
This was where things got a little more tricky, in order to do so they had to crack the ship’s hull, not an easy feat, at least not without a cannon, something they were severely lacking in. Instead, Kailani found herself once more boarding the enemy ship, silently stalking her way down into the hull, careful not to wake those sleeping below or alert those still awake on watch. Eventually, she managed to find herself what he had been searching for, the engine cooling system and the seacock that allowed the seawater to flow through to cool it off. With a bit of tampering, Kailani managed to keep it forcibly open, while finding the draining system and ensuring it was busted up enough to the point the ship would slowly fill up with water over the remainder of the night, by the time anyone realized it would be far too late for them to save their ship from scuttling.

Once the job was done, the wind mage swiftly returned back to their borrowed boat, giving the captain the okay to take off back to Hargeon Port, handing in all the stolen goods, and reporting the location of the sinking ship to the authorities so they may be able to deal with the criminals in a lawful manner.



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