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Poropo Guarding Tourists Peering [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Guarding Tourists Peering [Quest] Empty Mon Nov 01, 2021 9:34 am

Poropo Poproporp
"Hello, I am here to guard a tour," exclaimed the monk as he waddled up to the owner of the hotels in the Sultry heights, the old woman. The monk had done work for the old woman before and was treated well, but anyone else she hired, but more permanently, seemed to get the brunt of the old woman's wrath if something bad happened. One example seemed to be a tour guide which the monk was to protect as nobles were coming in to have a tour of the Sultry Heights. As the tour guide introduced himself, the old woman made him bow in front of Poropo which caused some tension the monk did not ask for, "no no, it is alright - I am just a humble monk, hah hah...hah..."

Poropo was nervous about this tour considering how many nobles would be a part of the small trip - delinquents might try to do something which would either ruin the tour, get someone hurt, or both! Delinquents understandably wanted to harass the money and power hungry nobles, but the old woman needed the nobles' patronage as well. There was a conflict of interest for the monk, but he needed more money in order to help more people rather than not taking the job at all. And besides, if Poropo did not take the job then someone else certainly would. "So, where are the nobles I am to help escort and keep safe during the tour?" The monk looked around for nobles.

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Poropo Guarding Tourists Peering [Quest] Empty Mon Nov 01, 2021 9:35 am

Poropo Poproporp
The nobles were waiting patiently as the tour guide finished introducing himself and showing the monk where he would be standing and following throughout the tour - Poropo was to be in the very back at all times to ensure no sneak attacks from rebellious youths or otherwise violent criminals. Poropo was more than happy laying low in the back, taking up the rear for the sake of some jewels at the end. Not many jewels, but enough to get a little more good food for the day. The monk waited patiently for the nobles to get ready. The monk was sure this tour would go well with his presence around, but he also decided the best thing to do, other than his job, was to pray to the Iron Deity by clasping his hands and saying, "Oh Iron Deity, allow this tour to be free of violence and other pestering...let these nobles feel the need to spend lots of money here, too...please..."

The monk finished his prayer and followed closely, keeping an eye out for possible trouble. Some youths skulked around, waiting for an opportunity which the monk did not give them - his name and appearance was well known at this point. At the end of the tour, the monk was given his reward and a thank you from the tour guide and the old woman.

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