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New Faces [Quest | Solo]

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When he woke up this morning, just as he was brewing his cup of Fiorean specialty coffee, Klaus had a feeling his day was going to be a good one. He became somewhat eager for the day ahead of him after reflecting on the previous one, when he had a run-in with Granny and accepted a modest task in exchange for some directions and possibly more. He was used to looking after his own men, he had done it previously when he had his own group of thugs to order around, but things were going to be a little different now.

This time, his motivations were not as malicious as they were when he led his men with the sole purpose of committing crimes, to put it frankly. This time, the exact opposite would happen. Granny entrusted Klaus with the training of good people b who are trying to make a living, and she wanted someone trustworthy to ensure that they do their jobs properly. Klaus seemed to be exactly that person.

His expectations were low, given that cleaning and maintaining facilities were not the most joyful activities in the world. In fact, they are the polar opposite. But that didn't stop Klaus from coming up with some clever ways to keep the trainees under control. Assuming they respect Granny enough not to upset her, they are unlikely to ignore Klaus's instructions or ignore his role as a supervisor, even if the role is just temporary. And even if they did, Klaus wasn't sure how far he'd go to punish them - or if punishing was the wisest course of action.

In any case, helping someone for the sake of helping, especially an elderly person like Granny, had the promise of being both refreshing and, more importantly, a significant step forward in his redemption journey.

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