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Poropo Trainee Pesterer [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Trainee Pesterer [Quest] Empty Fri Oct 29, 2021 4:33 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo met with an old woman who seemed even older than the already old monk - she sent out a job request to all the local legal guilds to help find a temporary manager to help her watch over new trainees for the Sultry Heights while she was off doing something else for the Sultry Heights. The monk was more than willing to do a peaceful job which did not require any sort of effort beyond speaking sternly and truthfully. With a nod, the monk met every single one of the trainees, one by one, in order to get a feel for their essence. Poropo felt ready to manage their efforts for the day and report to the old woman in charge of the Sultry Heights. "Have a nice day while I take care of this for you," said the monk confidently.

"I expect great things, Kind Monk," said the old woman sweetly. She then turned her gaze towards the trainees waiting for instructions from Poropo, "and I expect the utmost care and respect from you!" The old woman seemed more stern with the trainees, probably because they were going the important tasks for the day! Poropo did not want to stop them from doing a good job, but he had to make sure they would do everything in their power to do their best job, too! The monk bowed to the old woman as she left and turned to the trainees. A quick motivational speech ought to get them going.

250 words

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Poropo Poproporp
"We must work hard today to please her and the guests who come here! Get to work and make not only me proud but yourselves, too!" shouted the monk at the trainees who seemed to scramble to get the work done effectively with as much time to fix mistakes as possible! The monk watched them with eagle eyes, making sure they did not make a mistake as the day progressed. Towels were folded neatly, beds were prepared elegantly, plants were watered well, and all sorts of other things were secured securely! The monk made sure no stone was left unturned!

After the day was finished, the old woman came back from her business and inspected the work done by the trainees and the manager who managed them, Poropo. The monk gulped anxiously, hoping the trainees the monk did not watch were doing the best they could without supervision. Thankfully, the trainees all seemed to have done exactly as they were told and done so perfectly as well! The monk sighed in relief as he was paid for the oddly stressful work of the day as manager of many trainees within the Sultry Heights. Future jobs with this old woman might require more compensation due to stress levels.

450 words (Guild Level 2 [-10% WC])

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