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Poropo Practicing Children [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Practicing Children [Quest] Empty Tue Oct 26, 2021 4:21 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Manager Yua had not requested help from Poropo in a long time, so whenever she did need help the monk was more than willing to help! Manager Yua paid well for the work being done while also respecting the monk's time. There was a time when Poropo was sent to do an errand which was more dangerous than advertised, but he was able to take care of the situation peacefully. If there was ever any violence involved with a job, Manager Yua would let the monk know or the situation was out of Manager Yua's control.

"So you need me to watch there children? I can...yes, I can do that," responded the monk to Manager Yua's request to babysit three year olds for an entire day! This task was actually not as easy as one might believe - the younger the child, the more curious they are. They have not been hurt by the world yet, so they seek out danger left and right! Poropo was tasked with making sure the children were safe the whole day while they did their routine of practicing acting and other theater jobs.

"How much am I being paid for this?" ask Poropo upon second guessing his decision to babysit these brats - the one thing Manager Yua did not always make clear was the pay the monk would get for doing a certain job. However, more often than not, the monk would be compensated greatly - in this case, Manager Yua was honest and said the monk would not be paid much this time around. Poropo had already accepted the job and therefore said, "no problem, I will do it..."

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Poropo Poproporp
Poropo was tasked with watching toddlers for a whole day! These children were mostly well behaved and did what the monk asked, but the few who did not listen and nearly got themselves hurt at every turn were the real problem! Poropo had to keep and eye on all the children at once using his keep perception gifted to him by his hard work as a member of Fairy Tail - the Iron Deity did not bless the monk with anything physical, only magical. However, the monk decided he would pray nonetheless, "Oh Iron Deity, please keep these children safe while I care for them...and thereafter, too...please."

Poropo made double sure to say 'please' this time, just in case the Iron Deity was not listening the whole time. The more blessing, the better, believed Poropo. As the day went on, blessed miracles occurred to stop the children from getting hurt when doing curious things - one child played with a bee hive and came out without a scratch! Poropo was covered with bee stings for saving the child, but at least the child was safe. Another example of a blessed miracle was all the parents arriving to pick up their children without being late! Manager Yua did pay the monk a decent amount for watching children all day, another blessed miracle.

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