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Crash King (D rank-1)- Guarding, Touring, Peering

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Crash King (D rank-1)- Guarding, Touring, Peering Empty Wed Oct 13, 2021 11:27 pm



Yikes... Is all he could think about at this very moment. He was standing still while the world was moving. He was trying his best not to yawn and yet he was yawning. This was because he had no business being here. Well he in fact did, but he rather not be here. As he is still a unknown wizard. He tries his best to get clout best he could. But alas he is stuck picking up odd jobs. Although he is fine with this for the moment. He this has a even bigger issue on his hands and that was he was without magic. This was his small secret to say the least. So he was not too mad he could not do stronger jobs. But the fact that such a secret remains has left him looking for answers. But just what this wizard was too do? Because his shift was almost over.

He would get paid and be on his way. But still as he looked around he could not help but smile. After all he was in a happy place. But happy for who as to him these rich folk knows nothing of having a hard days of work. So it would be useless to ask them for anything in regards to such a thing. Sure the jobs they do have pay him well. But in the end all they could do is close to nothingness in terms of power. But what could he do because as of right now. He was a weakling but not after today. Not after this moment. Because as he looked on he would indeed see some action and it was about time. As a strange looking man was walking around the pool. People would start to take notice of him and so did Ghost himself.

However Ghost would soon come to realize it was a false alarm. As this guy was not a man ready to strike at a noble. But instead was a noble a very ugly one. But he had the coin to make up for the looks. That was all that was for that story. But still Ghost would yawn yet again. As he would walk around the area. It seems his job was nearly done as the sun was setting. He would start to stare up at the clouds as he put his hands to the sky. Soon enough he would have a small flash back.

Ghost Meeting with Granny and Kaito

As he looked on the old bag of bones would be reading his to due list. Ghost would be sure to take in mental notes. As now was the time to do so. She would alert him not to mess up or it was his head and since he needs his head. He would be sure to be on his A game. Soon about a hour later the tour have started. Ghost would be in the back of the tour line in his best act as of yet. But the sun was beaming down and the nobles have gotten hot. With a few words of mouth they were off to the pool and thus this is how he ended up here watching nobles play in water. How such fun this lad was having.

As he zoomed back to reality he would be getting yelled at. As the pool was now closed and the staff was cleaning up. With all well and done Ghost would return to Granny for his pay. His first job was done and it ended with a small Crash of sort to say the least.

Wc 693/500

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