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Travel To The West.(Foot Travel.)

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Travel To The West.(Foot Travel.) Empty Tue Oct 05, 2021 3:32 pm

So she had made that her for sure choice of travelling to the west, to seek out painting she might have be able to learn of come up with. It left her mind as always curious, So as her normal she kind of just up and left, She would return to other matters eventually, She was just more feeling and curious about the west and what she could learn from there.

Packing up with Alistair watching the cattian just listen to Miriko mention it could be interesting to learn what was going on around here, So for the moment unless she heard mentioned she needed to be back there, Miriko would head to the west, To learn and see what she would make. Their conversation was about how many of what things they should bring, Miriko would at least have four canvas' to paint on, The needed amount of paint, An fresh and blank drawing book, ten pencils and normal travelling food and water supplies.

Making sure Alistair had the things he needed, Ate and drank before they would go Miriko seemed content with always just casually leaving often as she was. Wondering if she remembered anything in the west, Miriko was done her check list.

Then before she would set herself upon the saddle of Alistair and open that large umbrella for shade, Miriko would make sure she had a good enough water in her system to not worry about overheating herself. They had their normal conversation of what they normally did risk travelling so far, How they might need to worry about staying in inns because Miriko risking wasting time with sleeping as much as she does, Nonetheless that seemed to sum up their worry.

With that Miriko, Had packed up and left for the west for many curiosity awaited her.

(Exit to West Fiore.)

WC:303 of 300 total reduced by 50% of 600 from Alistair's effect .

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