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Jaden Looks down at the poster made sure that he has the right place. "Well, I guess this is the place? I was expected it to look a bit grander but I guess I can't really complain about the jobs I get." Jaden Walked inside and upon entering was greeted by a kindly old man. The man looked Jaaden up and down for a moment. Senior trying to get an idea of what he could be in the market for. "Oh, don't tell me you're here for a potion of vitality in my right?" Jaden laughed idea that he would need a Potion of any sort to himself before he held up the flyer. Upon seeing the flyer in the young man's hands all man's eyes lit up. "Oh oh oh oh, very good I've been waiting for someone to come in the with that flyer." View man races from behind the counter To the front door and quickly flips the open sign to closed on the front door. "Come along come along to the back my young friend" the old man's sudden burst of energy did put Jaden off a bit but from what he can remember mages who Usually open shops are more on the weird side so Jaden tried to ignore these feelings for now. The old man leads Jaden to a storeroom in the back of the shop. " Wait here for a moment"  The old man race is off to a far corner of the storeroom

" Oh yes how rude of me my name is Khalash" Jaden still not 100% sure what the old man was doing he would sheepishly tell the old man his name "I'm Jaden nice to meet you" The old man will turn around with a huge smile on his face " Yes it is very nice to meet you Jaden I have been waiting weeks for someone to answer that flyer you have there." Jaden would look down at the flyer he has in his hand "That reminds me this flyer doesn't say what I need for only that i be a mage. so could you tell me what the job is?"  the old man turns back around to continue his search. "Oh it's not much my boy it will only take a few minutes of your time" Jaden still feeling a bit uneasy gave a nervous smile and waited for the old man to find what where he was looking for. "Aha here it is!" as the old man pulls a Silver shield out from behind some boxes. "

You see my boy this is a magical shield that I developed to be impenetrable by magic. Follow me my boy" the old man quickly leads Jeden out of another door to a somewhat empty room. he would then turn to Jaden and hand him the Shield. "All I need you to do is use the is to block one of my attacks." Jaden's uneasy feeling began to pour over his whole body "So you want me to be a test dummy for a magical shield?" The old man laughs "More or less but dont worry I swear that you will be harmed" Jaden let out a big sigh even if the shield didn't work Jaden doubted the old man could hurt him but he felt that this job could have been done by a straw scarecrow. why he didn't a real person let alone a mage seems kinda convoluted. Jaden reluctantly took the shield and held it up in front of him "like this?" the old man raced off to the other end of the room "Yes just like that!" the old man holds out his hand " its been a little while since i used a fireball so bare with me a little my boy." An orange light began to softly glow old man's hands After a few seconds orange light became a tiny flame that slowly started to grow until it was the size of the old man's palm "Get ready my boy!" The old man lunches the fireball towards Jaden. Jaden braces himself for impact expecting the shield to do very little to stop the fireball. There was a loud crash as a fireball collided with the shield. Jaden expected impacts to be much worse when it actually was. To Jaden's surprise, the attack was already over It didn't even so much as push him back. Jaden stood there a little dumbfounded as the old man celebrated "Did you see that my boy?! The shield took most of the impact i bet you didn't even feel a thing!" Jaden turns the shield around to inspect it and there wasn't so much as a scratch on the shield's mirrored surface.  "Wow, i guess it worked." Jaden mumbled to himself the Giddy old man runs up to Jaden and takes the shield "

Now it's my turn." and he holds up the shield "You don't mean for me to...... " Jaden asked with a surprised look on his face. "I sure do my boy...... don't hold back either i need to put this through its paces if I'm going to perfect it." Jaden still not sure about this gave in to the old man's request he wasn't going to use his full power but a somewhat Serious attack should be enough to satisfy him. Jaden lowered his body pulling his arm back as he began to pour his magical power into his right hand once it began to glow a bit Jaden was sure the Old man would be happy with that amount of effort. Jaden thrust his arm forward crashing it into the shield. Upon making contact with the shield something Jaden did not expect to happen happened it seemed as if the shield was absorbing the magic and the kinetic force from his punch. The old man peaks from behind the shield with a huge smile on his face  "IT WORKS EVEN BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE DREAMED IT WOULD!"

The old man quickly turns the shield over to see that Jadens attack didn't even so much as smudge the mirror finish "Very good my boy Very very good." The old man reaches into his robe and pulls out a small brown sack. "Your payment my boy, you earned it." he would hand Jaden the sack and hurry him out of the backroom "I would love to run some more tests but this successful test run has me thinking of many ways i can improve upon it so i must say good day to you, my boy!" and with that being said the old man Nearly pushes Jaden open out the door. Jaden is still in a state of bewilderment begins to shake his head as to not fully understanding what just happened but it didn't take more than a few minutes and he got paid so there is nothing for him to really complain about as he walks off hoping the next job he finds is a bit less hectic.

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