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#1Jin Takayama † 

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Jin Takayama †
Jin’s time in Baska, and in West Fiore as a whole, was rapidly coming to an end. After dealing with Yamashiro and the information that he learned as a result of that, he felt it was time to go. He needed to get as far away from this place and the memories that it held as soon as possible. Jin had taken the time to get most of his affairs in order. Tie up some loose ends and pay his respects as needed. There were a scant few people he wanted to bid farewell to, however Jin felt as if they deserved to know. He had very few acquaintances and even less friends but he cherished those he had in his life, even if they didn’t outwardly show it. When he informed Herman, the man took it just as Jin expected he would. While he looked sad, there was not a trace of sadness in his voice. He offered his office if he ever made it back to Oak but both of them knew that it would be the last time they ever saw each other. As he made his way back to Baska, he received a letter from the blacksmith Godfrey. He had not known Godfrey for very long, meeting him by chance as he needed some quick repairs to his equipment. The two of them, however, got along very well as they both respected the other’s abilities and strengths. Given the respect they had for one another, Jin felt it best to see him then inform of his plans afterward.


#2Jin Takayama † 

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Jin Takayama †
As he enters Godfrey’s store, he sees the man moving back and forth between clients. A large smile was plastered across his face as he meticulously moved from person to person, answering any and all questions they had. However, when Jin approached, Godfrey’s expression darkened momentarily before reverting back to its cheerful state.

Good afternoon sir! I don’t think your item has come in today but I’ll head to the back in a bit and check.” he says before returning his gaze to a customer. Jin’s eyebrow raised at the man’s words as he didn’t have items scheduled to be made or delivered here. He knew that for Godfrey to act like that, something must have been up. Jin moved around the shop for a bit, carefully watching Godfrey, before he moved to an empty position in front of the counter. Godfrey, taking note of Jin’s position, discreetly makes his way towards him. He goes to the back of his store to retrieve an item for his most recent client. When he returns with the item in hand, he slides Jin a letter.

Your package is ready but would you mind picking it up from my other shop? Things are hectic here as you can see. The directions to the place are all located there! Thank you again for your patronage!” Before Jin has time to answer, Godfrey moves to his original client and begins explaining the piece in front of him with great detail. Seeing it as his time to go, Jin picks up the letter and quietly leaves the shop.

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#3Jin Takayama † 

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Jin Takayama †
As soon as the door closes, Jin opens up the letter and finds a picture inside. The picture was of an elderly man who looked to be in his seventies. His body was frail and his hair, what little he had remaining of it, was grayed. His eyes, however, looked experienced. Worldly even. Behind the picture was a letter in Godfrey’s small yet immaculate handwriting.

"Jin, I apologize for the secrecy but this is yet another situation I need handled that I, in no way, can have traced back to me. The man in the picture is Wayland Ferron. He’s a blacksmith like myself whose store is on the other side of town. For some unexplained reason, Ferron’s sales have spiked in the last couple of weeks. As it stands from a sales perspective, he is the best blacksmith in town. You and I both know that is a complete fabrication. I am the best blacksmith in all of Western Fiore. The people, whoever, seem to think that sales mean everything. I refuse to sit here and be regulated as the second best smith. As such, I need you to get rid of him for me. This must be done to look as if it were an accident as anything else could potentially be traced back to me. In the mornings and early afternoon, you’ll find him at his shop. He frequents the inn after work and is at home at night. Below, I’ve listed the addresses for each. I’ll leave where the job gets done to you but doing so at night might be best. I trust you can handle this discreetly. Return to me when the job is finished."

An incredulous chuckle escapes from Jin as he burns the letter’s contents to prevent anything being traced back to Godfrey. “One last job for him…” Jin says as he places his mask across his face. It didn’t take long before Jin made his way to Wayland’s house. It was a small and quaint little home tucked just a few miles away from the Baskan Outskirts. There were no other homes in sight which granted Wayland a fair amount of anonymity. As Jin approached, he saw that the back door was slightly ajar. He assumed that Wayland either forgot to close it all the way due to his age or simply just did not bother to do it. At any rate, it created an opportunity for Jin to exploit. He moves inside and prepares for Wayland’s arrival. The home was lightly decorated and was filled with specially crafted items. Swords, hammers, armor, you name it. Jin marveled at their craftsmanship, obviously seeing Godfrey’s fear. As much as he wanted to take a few of the items we saw, specifically the matching part of obsidian gauntlets, he knew that he had to make this seem like an accident. Stealing something would give a motive. As he contemplated on just how he would deal with Wayland, he could faintly hear footsteps approaching the door. “Guess I’ll just have to wing it...” He mutters as he gets into position.

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#4Jin Takayama † 

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Jin Takayama †
Wayland arrived home shortly after 10 PM as he did every evening. He spent a large portion of the day at his shop either taking new requests or diligently working on the requests he already had. He did this every day and rarely gave himself time to rest. His hands were calloused by the work but it was honest work that he greatly enjoyed. After closing up his shop, he went to the inn and enjoy dinner and conversation with friends of his. One of his friends was a physician who would constantly warn Wayland about taking it easy. He wasn’t exactly a spring chicken and his heart was getting worse. Wayland, while appreciative of the information, would always ignore it. He wanted to dedicate the rest of his life to what he did. If that meant that it would one day be his undoing then so be it.

The man let out a yawn as he entered his home and carefully placed his keys on the stand by the door. He removed his shoes and placed them to the side as he always did. Not feeling sleepy, Wayland decides to do some touch-up work on a client request. As he begins to move throughout the home, he feels a cold chill that sends shivers down his spine. Chalking it up to the ever changing weather, he moves to the fireplace and sets it alight. Immediately feeling the warmth the fire brought, he starts to turn around to head towards the workbench. As he does, Wayland comes face to chest with a behemoth of a man. The man glares at him with hazel eyes that could almost be considered piercing red as the flames illuminated them. Wayland’s heart begins to beat rapidly as he attempts to take a step back but finds his body unresponsive. Fear takes control of his body as his heart beats even faster. His chest feels as if it is compressing as it takes all of Wayland’s strength to clutch it. He breaks out in a cold sweat as his breathing becomes short. As his vision darkens, the last thing he sees is the man reaching towards him.

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#5Jin Takayama † 

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Jin Takayama †
Is he dead?” Jin mutters as he sees the man crumple to the ground. He grabs the man’s limp arm and places two fingers at the base of his palm. Jin lets off another incredulous chuckle as he lets Wayland’s arm drop, realizing that the man is dead. Of all the scenarios he ran through in his head, he never thought that his mere appearance would be the cause of Wayland’s death. Satisfied that the job was completed per Godfrey’s request, Jin quickly and quietly exits the home through the back door and heads back to Godfrey’s store.

About an hour later, Jin arrives at back at Godfrey’s. Noting that the front door is locked, Jin moves around to the back entrance he saw when he delivered the man who stole from him earlier. He knocks on the door and waits for a second before Godfrey greets him. The man quickly ushers Jin inside before closing the door. “Is it done?” he asks stone faced. “He had a heart attack. No one will be able to pin that back to you.” A wave of relief spreads across Godfrey’s face as he moves deeper into the store and returns with Jin’s payment. Handing the jewels to the man, Godfrey sits down and contemplates. “I hate that such a thing had to occur. It’s never easy when a man has to die. I am grateful to you for your assistance. Please come back when you have the time. I may have something for you.” “I’m leaving. I originally came to your store to let you know. You’ve helped me in the past and it was only right that I tell you.” “I had a feeling. A man such as yourself doesn’t seem to hunker down in one place for very long. I don’t where you are going but I wish you luck. The offer still stands should you ever make your way back to Baska.

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