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South to West [Travel]

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South to West [Travel] Empty Sun Sep 26, 2021 2:30 pm

"What in the absolute hell is that thing?" Beelzebub asked, the demon finally laying his (completely figurative) eyes on the strange dragon-like creature Zane met near a tree outside the city. Zane's hand brushed up on the creature's mane, a purr of sorts coming from its mouth as he did so. "Ah, were you not around when I bought him?" Zane asked out loud, not bothering to talk with Beelzebub in his thoughts as he usually did - the two were outside of town right now anyways. "Musta been while you were resting your mind. This right here is my mount, Beelzebub. Every dashing hero needs a valiant steed, right?"

Beelzebub paused for a moment, thinking to himself. Just how did Zane manage to befriend such a strange creature? Did Zane actually have a heart that was bef- wait, no. "So this is where all those jewels went, huh?" Beelzebub asked, Zane cringing a little in shame. "Err... look, we can all make it back. Besides, the speed this bad boy will give us is more than worth the money spent." Zane hopped onto the mount's back, getting comfortable with where he sat. He had already tried riding it a few times before - the first few attempts were horrible blunders, but he had a hang of it now. It was crazy that Beelzebub hadn't seen the thing before, but the demon lord had seemed to be spacing out more often than not recently.

The draqilin went forwards at a blazing fast pace, Zane having to grab onto it rather tightly as it brought them across Fiore. Though obviously the voyage to Oak (where the Eternal Nightmare guild hall would await them) wasn't exactly quick, the multi-day voyage soon turned into a single day of blazing fast travel. Zane was almost a little dizzy getting off the thing's back as him and Beelzebub stood at the edge of the city of Oak. Zane resisted the urge to barf as he waddled forward.

"Worth it?"


333/300 (50% Reduction thanks to Mount)

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