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Poropo Gang Pretender [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Gang Pretender [Quest] Empty Thu Sep 23, 2021 5:58 pm

Poropo Poproporp
Poropo has successfully beaten up other Black Dragon goons in order to become what is known as a "prospect" which puts the monk one step closer to being a Black Dragon gang member and getting a tattoo. However, the monk had reservations about getting the full gang tattoo which would forever mark him as a Black Dragon gang member despite not actually being a gang member - Weirdlock assured the monk the case would be solved before the monk would be fully initiated, but the monk still had his reservations.

"Are you absolutely sure I will not have to get the full tattoo? A gang tattoo feels impure..." sulked the monk while talking to Weirdlock Jones in his office. Weirdlock looked to this partner, Poropo, earnestly and attempted to ease his friend's concerns.

"I can't make any concrete promises, but I can tell you we will solve this case thanks to your help...can you stick with it for the sake of this case?" Weirdlock put a hand on the monk's shoulder, having to crouch down to properly reach as if addressing a child - the size difference would be amusing if not for the fire situation the duo found themselves investigating. The murders may have been Yakuza members, but murder is a crime nonetheless.

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#2Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Gang Pretender [Quest] Empty Thu Sep 23, 2021 6:13 pm

Poropo Poproporp
"Ok, I believe in you, Weirdlock. What is the next step?" The monk was determined to end the senseless violence coming from the Black Dragon gang, even if Poropo had to get a tattoo which was a symbol of Black Dragon impurity. Weirdlock seemed pleased with the monk's choice and decided to give him the rest of the plan.

"I need you to do as Yomu says - Yomu is a big dude with yellow head-hair and black facial hair. He's like you, but gigantic and harrier." The monk did not know how to feel about the comparison to a Black Dragon gang member, but continued to listen with open ears. Weirdlock continued while showing a picture of Yomu, "this is him - I should have shown this sooner so you know what I meant, heh heh...anyway, he is the underboss - that means he talks to the Black Dragon gang boss and relays orders."

The monk saw the image of Yomu and could see some resemblance to himself - both are rotund in their own way while also lacking hair in their own way. Yomu certainly had more hair than the hairless Poropo, but Poropo was old and Yomu looked young - age would let Yomu know he will lose all his hair soon.

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#3Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Gang Pretender [Quest] Empty Thu Sep 23, 2021 6:19 pm

Poropo Poproporp
"I need to take orders from him, right? Do I need to do something else while I am taking orders from Yomu? I do not understand," responded the monk in confusion - Weirdlock understood the monk's confusion and fished out a familiar device. The device Weirdlock gave Poropo was the magic tool used to identify blood and fingerprints to which Poropo exclaimed, "Oh, I need to figure out who among the Black Gang members was at the scene of the crime!"

Weirdlock looked proud to have hired the monk as he responded, "exactly - I knew hiring you would be a good idea! Alright, you gotta go back to the den and do as Yomu says with raising suspicion. If Yomu tells you to kill someone, then...I don't know, make something up." The monk's confidence faded as he thought about what Weirdlock just said - if Yomu orders Poropo to kill someone, Weirdlock suggests improvising rather than suggesting anything concrete.

With a skeptical look, the monk tucked away the magical device for identifying fingerprints and said, "um...ok. I will be on my way - wish me luck, Weirdlock Jones." Poropo clasped his hands and bowed to the detective, leaving immediately thereafter. The monk also secretly prayed to the Iron Deity in hopes of a blessed spying mission.

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#4Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
"Oh Iron Deity, please bless my spy mission with success and bless Weirdlock with supreme detective skills - I do not want to sully my smooth skin with an impure tattoo," mumbled the monk on his way to the Black Dragon den. When the monk finally arrived, Yomu was quick to give the monk his orders without hesitation - the large gang leader seemed to be a no-nonsense type of person who wanted to get things done quickly and efficiently.

"Alright, monk - I need you to go to this hotspring and collect protection money. You'll go to the hostess, tell her I need a bath, take a bath yourself, and then get the money. Go and don't fail," demanded Yomu. The monk was blindsided by the efficiency of Yomu and simply headed out without a word. When Yomu referred to "this hotspring" the gang leader pointed his finger in a clear direction - Yomu knew exactly what he was talking about and expected the monk to know.

Thankfully, the monk did find the hotspring - a place known as the Sultry Heights which seemed to be more than just a hotspring. The monk entered and looked around the beautiful area, smelling the herbs put within the baths to sooth aching bones and heal aging skin.

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#5Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
The monk approached the hostess at the front desk and said what he believed needed to be said to complete this job for Yomu, "Yomu needs a bath." The hostess seemed to shiver a little and nodded nervously - the Black Dragon gang seemed to have hold here in a bad way, but the monk could not fix this problem just yet. Instead, the monk needed to follow orders and try to collect evidence.

The hostess ducked behind the counter and pulled out a large towel, handing the fresh towel to Poropo while replying, "Yes, right this way." The monk waddled behind the hostess, eventually entering a changing room where the monk striped his robe and undergarments, replacing them with the fresh towel which barely fit the rotund monk. Before the monk began changing, the hostess began leaving while saying, "I will be back shortly."

The monk was pleased with the hospitality, but the kindness displayed was likely out of fear - the Black Dragon gang must be extorting this place while pretending to protect. Whether the Black Dragon gang actually protected this place or not was not something the monk knew of - perhaps the idea of a gang protecting a location kept worse people off the property, but the monk was not sure what to think of such an exchange of services.

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#6Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
The monk decided to actually relax while dipping his body within the hot water of the hotspring - the chance to bath in a place like this did not come often for the busy Poropo. The water was warm but not scalding, so the monk could properly feel his fat and muscles relax, drowning his frail bones in a warm pleasure the likes the monk had only experienced a couple times in his life so far. The country of Sin, Poropo's original home, was home to many hotsprings but they were considered sacred - the monk only used them as a youth, before he believed in the purity of things.

Unfortunately, the monk began hearing a strange sound - the sound of struggling and gasping! Without his towel, the monk flopped out of the hot bath and attempted to stumble his way towards the sound! The monk's vision was obscured by a thick veil of steam from the hotspring which was trapped inside the building so he could barely see anything. However, what the monk could see struck fear within the devote Poropo - the body of a dead man with a freshly slit mouth! The other thing which struck the monk with paralyzing fear was the silhouette of a figure within the thickest part of the steam!

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#7Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Gang Pretender [Quest] Empty Thu Sep 23, 2021 7:00 pm

Poropo Poproporp
The monk tried to push through his paralyzing fear and chase the figure within the steam, but the figure disappeared quickly so as not to be identified. Instead of chasing with his frail body, the monk attempted to identify the murdered man on the floor of the bath - upon closer inspection, the monk saw a tattoo which belonged to the White Star gang. These gang killings seemed to be escalating recently, but the monk did not know what to make of this just yet.

The monk mumbled to himself while returning to his area of the bath, leaving the body to be inspected by the proper authorities, "could the ouroboros be referring to a person rather than a while gang? That was a White Star gang member within a Black Dragon protected hotspring...I must tell Weirdlock as soon as possible."

Upon returning to his area of the bath, the hostess also returned with the protection money. The monk hastily put on his towel and took the money from the hostess - Poropo decided to tell the woman about the murder, "do not be alarmed, but I discovered a body in the bath nextdoor - please alert the Hosenka authorities...and thank you for the money." The woman was stunned to inaction, just handing the money over and scared to encounter whatever was on the other side of the bathing area.

The monk put on his robes and left for the Black Dragon gang den to give the money to Yomu - Yomu was pleased and sent the monk off for the rest of the day, "Good job...you can go." The monk then went to inform Weirdlock of the murder within the hotspring - the monk mentioned the figure in the steam and Weirdlock came to the same conclusion as the monk. The ouroborus might be referring to an individual rather than the Black Dragon gang!

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