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The Beginning [Green] [Ikazuchi]

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#1Jin Takayama † 

The Beginning [Green] [Ikazuchi] Empty Tue Sep 21, 2021 4:24 am

Jin Takayama †
Jin looks around and sees only Ikazuchi and his weapon before him. His muscles quiver as he tensely stands up from the bed, his eyes never removed from the man. “Wait…he didn’t restrain me?” Jin suddenly thinks to himself. In this short time, it merely slipped his mind. “Did he even consider me a threat?” The sight of the man, the sarcasm literally dripping from his words, all of it irritated Jin to no end. Although he had nothing but sincere hatred for the man, he come to a begrudging form of respect. No one had ever pushed Jin like that before. No one ever defeated him so soundly. It took everything he had just to cause a small drop of blood while he was effortlessly reduced to a near death state in no less than five blows. His casual demeanor, along with Jin realizing that he was in no way restrained, spoke volumes. The man before him was so confident in his strength, so arrogant in his assured victory if Jin tried anything, that he simply didn’t see the need for restraints. “Even now he mocks me…” Jin thinks bitterly. He gauges the man’s actions, seeing him make no movements towards him. The man seemed to be in a talkative mood so Jin sought it best to talk. Perhaps he’d be able to get the information he needed. Jin had nothing else to lose and if it all went to hell, Ikazuchi would be able to grant him a warrior’s death. “Fuck your damn feelings. What have you and your boss Tsukishima done to Izumi? Where is she?

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The Beginning [Green] [Ikazuchi] Empty Wed Sep 22, 2021 3:42 pm

Ikazuchi didn’t flinch as he saw the now fully awake Jin remove himself from the bed. He was able to put the man in that bed, so he didn’t fear what the injured man was capable of currently. Ikazuchi’s contempt only grew as he listened to Jin. He felt as though the frustration of the defeated man was apparent at this moment. It wasn’t due to the loss though, it seemed to be related to Izumi that was mentioned once again.

I don’t know an Izumi, and I sure as hell don’t know a Tsukishima.” Ikazuchi’s response could only be cold as he understood the implications of Jin’s question. If the young man wasn’t being accused of doing something to this Izumi for someone he didn’t know, he would feel pity for Jin’s situation. At this point, Ikazuchi drew both of his swords and stabbed them directly into the ground in front of his chair. He leaned back into the chair after doing so. As for the damage to the Inn, he already expected damage from the moment he brought Jin here so he didn’t care.

I’m the one looking for answers here! You know my name, but I’ve never seen you before in my life. You ask me about someone that I’ve never met. You associate me with someone that I don’t know. My question is, who the fuck are you?!” Ikazuchi couldn’t prevent himself from raising his voice as he asked that question.

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#3Jin Takayama † 

The Beginning [Green] [Ikazuchi] Empty Wed Sep 22, 2021 4:34 pm

Jin Takayama †
Again, the man spoke with a cold and uncaring tone. Once again he continued with the façade of not knowing either Izumi or Tsukishima. A rage bubbled deep within Jin as he felt as if the man looked down on him, regarding him as weak. Jin was anything but weak however he had to respect the large gap between them. It would not last, he would make sure of it.

A dark chuckles escapes his lips as he sees Ikazuchi stabbing his weapons into the ground in front of him. It was both an arrogant show of confidence and a dare. A challenge to see if Jin would attempt to fight him in his weakened condition. His muscles tinged in anger as he could unconsciously feel his magical energy building. It wanted to be let out, it screamed to him test his strength once more but Jin did his best to calm himself. Until he got some form of an answer, a fight or another defeat would serve him no good.

Do you still wish to mock me? Further damage my pride as a warrior by not acknowledging what you have done?! I am Jin Takayama, the man you attacked. You were the one attacked Izumi and I from behind with dual wielding swords. That puppet Yamashiro told me all about you.” There was fire behind his eyes he spit out those words. He was tired of being mocked, tired of being led astray. He wanted…no...needed answers. “I will ask you again. Where. Is. She?

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The Beginning [Green] [Ikazuchi] Empty Wed Sep 22, 2021 5:13 pm

I will say it again; I. Don’t. Know.” Ikazuchi felt exasperated after answering this question once again. His tone contained his cold anger after seeing the man insist that he was involved. Ikazuchi wasn’t someone who would cowardly deny any of his actions, but Jin couldn’t know this about him. The demi-human’s misunderstandings were deeply rooted, and it was clear that the situation could fall apart if Ikazuchi’s response rubbed him the wrong way. Unfortunately, the young man wasn’t one to back down when facing false accusations.

Look here, Jin!” Ikazuchi made a sweeping gesture towards his swords with his left hand and continued. “Do you see these swords? They’re both one of a kind, and you won’t see them anywhere else. Were these the weapons that were used to attack you?!” Ikazuchi was raging as he responded, but this was only the beginning. “Use your fucking head for a minute! Do I seem so weak that I would have to attack you from behind?! If I could beat you so easily, what makes you think I would have to rely on some petty trick to steal your woman?!” After saying all of this, Ikazuchi couldn’t restrain a sigh of frustration.

He was able to calm himself after venting and speak evenly. “As for Yamashiro and Tsukishima; I don’t know who they are, but I will kill them myself.” By this point, Ikazuchi hoped that Jin had been able to realize that the situation wasn't as he believed. When he recalled that Jin knew his name, it was clear that he was being targeted by those bastards. It was just a matter of proving his innocence to Jin at this point.

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#5Jin Takayama † 

The Beginning [Green] [Ikazuchi] Empty Wed Sep 22, 2021 6:25 pm

Jin Takayama †
Liar! Your ranking committee buddy in Baska told me everything.” Jin yelled as he slammed his fist through the wall beside him. A reverberating thud echoed out as he removed his now blooded hair from the newly created hole. His body was shaking as he seethed in anger. His eyes never wavered from Ikazuchi, despite the impending showdown he could feel that they were coming to. Diplomacy was slowly being thrown from the window and the man’s arrogant nature was the driving force behind it.

It was from behind, of course I didn’t see the weapons dumbass. Use your fucking head! Dual wielding swords such as yours are a rarity among swordsmen. You expect me to believe that by chance I happened to be attacked by someone else who attacked and moved like you? I know the arrogant operate. That attack wasn’t meant for underhanded tactics, it was to prove a point. A point you’ve constantly reminded me about through both your actions and your words since I regained consciousness. That no matter what I do, I am no match for you as I am currently.” He says the last part bitterly. His eyes, for a moment, dart towards the ground in shame before the hatred returns in full force. “Izumi is not my woman. She is…..” his voice trails off, suddenly not being able to form the words needed. His gaze returns to the ground as he fights back the emotions that threaten to rise upon hearing about her.

She’s all I have left.” He mutters barely above a whisper. The rage returns once more as he glares at Ikazuchi. “If it is on my dying breath, I will take you all out in order to find her.

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The Beginning [Green] [Ikazuchi] Empty Wed Sep 22, 2021 7:28 pm

Seeing that the misunderstanding had only worsened, Ikazuchi understood that this issue wouldn’t be resolved by venting his frustrations at Jin. Without any other option, he had to re-evaluate the situation quickly after hearing Jin’s vow. If the person who took Izumi was capable of doing so without Jin seeing his weapons, it was clear that this situation was more complicated than it seemed.

His brows furrowed as he contemplated everything rapidly. His silence right now would only increase the tension between the two, so he couldn’t waste too much time. That was when it clicked. Ikazuchi’s expression was serious and his tone genuine as he broke that short silence. “Did you say ‘Ranking Committee’?” As he asked this question, he became more sure that this was indeed what Jin had said previously. He subconsciously clenched his fists as he turned his gaze to the side as he smiled, unsure what to do with the rage he felt.

Ikazuchi sighed as he did his best to contain his anger a moment later and looked back at Jin. “Jin, it’s starting to sound like we’ve been played.” As Ikazuchi spoke, most of his enmity towards Jin disappeared. He didn’t know all of the details, but it was clear that Jin was being manipulated. He shook his head with a bit of disappointment and continued to speak. “Let me tell you something interesting about myself. You may have realized, but I can’t wield magic.” Ikazuchi paused and studied Jin’s face for a moment at this point, unsure if the demi-human was aware of this fact. “It used to bother me that I couldn’t, but I have long since found an answer to those frustrations.” Ikazuchi’s gaze lowered to his swords as he continued to speak. “You’re probably wondering why I told you this, right? Let me ask you this, how do you think the mages who are a part of that ranking committee see a young man who is stronger than the average mage despite not having magic?” Ikazuchi directed his gaze directly at Jin’s as he spoke with sincerity.

Even if he couldn’t dispel all of Jin’s doubts with this, he hoped that the man could infer the motives of Yamashiro with that information. As long as Ikazuchi could at least make Jin question the situation, it would be considered a success.

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#7Jin Takayama † 

The Beginning [Green] [Ikazuchi] Empty Thu Sep 23, 2021 12:29 am

Jin Takayama †
Jin sat and contemplated Ikazuchi’s words, becoming increasingly agitated on the prospect of what the man actually said could be true. Was this all just some sort of deception to throw him off from the truth? The way Ikazuchi’s demeanor changed, his anger shifting from Jin to something else entirely seemed real. He pondered the man’s question at large, remembering back to that fateful day.

The beach was just as beautiful at sunset as it was at sunrise. Although the creeping purple night came in over the water, the hills behind were touched with flame as the cloud-swept sky ignited with shades of orange and gold and vermilion and purple. Jin had begrudgingly agreed to Izumi’s idea of a small detour despite his wanting to complete a job in the area. Although it was his first time in Oak Town, he knew about the abundance of jobs in the area. This was the place they needed to be to make some serious money. As he watched her blissfully play at the beach’s edge, the area around them quickly turned to pitch darkness. Jin perks up at the sight of it, immediately recognizing it to be some form of magic. “Izumi…” Jin calls out to her as she looks towards him, immediately aware that something bad was going to happen. “Jin, watch out!” She yells as pain courses through Jin’s body. His knees hit the sand as he remains kneeling, paralyzed from the pain. His vision began to fade as he sees a man walk beside him, a blade in each hand dripping in blood. Willing himself up, he charges towards the man and attempts to punch him. As his fist surges towards its target, he notices that the man is no longer there. Another jolt of pain, even more intense than the last, spreads throughout body as he sees the man appear in front of him once more. Jin tries to speak but finds himself unable to speak. The last thing he hears is Izumi calling out his name before darkness envelops him.

His eyes narrow as he snaps back to reality, once again pondering the question Ikazuchi posed to him. If he was right, Jin was going to pay a very bloody visit to Yamashiro. Remembering something that Mattoro had given him and silently thanking the man for it, Jin looks around the room and spots his bag near his broken weapons and armor. He made a mental note to get those repaired if he got out of this. He moves towards it, never taking his eyes off of Ikazuchi just in case he attempted something, and digs inside. Upon grabbing what he needs, he drops the bag and holds the item in his hand. “I’m unfamiliar with the ranking committee. I never cared for that political bullshit. She…she usually handled that. However, the man that attacked us was definitely a magic user. This lacrima can determine if someone can utilize magic or not. If it activates, it was you and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you tell me where she is. If it doesn’t, I’m going to paint Baska in Yamashiro’s blood.” Sighing deeply and somewhat nervous of the answer, Jin tosses the lacrima to Ikazuchi and awaits the results.

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The Beginning [Green] [Ikazuchi] Empty Thu Sep 23, 2021 1:23 am

Ikazuchi was slightly relieved to see Jin contemplate and reminisce rather than immediately. The young man was confident that he could defeat the man again, but he didn’t have a reason to do so. He would rather use his swords to cut down those who orchestrated the encounter. ‘I’m glad I didn’t kill him…’ This was Ikazuchi’s last thought as Jin’s focus seemed to return.

The injured man didn’t immediately speak to him. Instead, he located his belongings that Ikazuchi casually brought along. Had it been before this, he may have felt cautious about what Jin may do. Ikazuchi hadn’t checked the bag, so it could contain anything. Seeing that Jin was calm, he chose to not act in a way that may agitate him. ‘Someone who speaks of his Pride as a Warrior wouldn’t do anything sneaky, right?’

The location of Jin’s belongings were to the side, so Ikazuchi clearly saw what was removed from the bag. ‘That fucking thing?’ Ikazuchi recognized the device that Jin withdrew from his bag due to having been tested by one during his childhood. It was a lacrima device that read the flow of mana within a person in order to determine whether they had the capability to be a mage. As Ikazuchi listened to Jin speak, he was clearly aware of what the man had in mind. That was why it came as no surprise when Jin tossed the item in question to him in order for him to use it.

Ikazuchi casually caught the device with his left hand and proceeded to operate it without a word. It was an extremely simple device that showed signs of activity by glowing to a varying degree based on the amount of mana flowing from the individual being tested. The average person with a low mana capacity may only produce a dim light, but someone like Ikazuchi could produce a rather bright light by simply operating the device.

This was considered the first test that the lacrima device was capable of, and the one that Ikazuchi produced respectable results during. It was the second part that Ikazuchi would never succeed at due to his innate qualities. There was a unique enchantment on the device that would attempt to simulate the unique flow of a fundamental magic within the body. What determined success or failure was whether the light produced by the item were guided into the form of a basic magic seal above the device.

It was something so simple that even a child with a meager amount of mana would be able to pass the test, but the sole condition was that the body of the individual being tested had to be compatible with magic. If after several seconds this hadn’t happened, it meant that the individual was like a majority of the population and incapable of casting magic.

This was precisely the category that Ikazuchi belonged to, so the expensive item could only serve as an overpriced lightsource in his hands. Shortly after initiating the test, Ikazuchi would fix his gaze on Jin and allow the lacrima device to attempt to test him until Jin seemed satisfied. Only after some indication that Jin would acknowledge that the dual swordsman in question was not him would Ikazuchi cease the test and speak. “So, do you believe me now?

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#9Jin Takayama † 

The Beginning [Green] [Ikazuchi] Empty Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:14 pm

Jin Takayama †
It was him...” Jin sneers as he shoots a disgusted look towards Ikazuchi and the lacrima within his hand. All this time he spent dealing with Ikazuchi, the unknown amount of time he spent unconscious from their battle, all of this could have been avoided. To have been so close to the truth to only have it slip through his fingertips…

I should have snapped his little fucking neck.” Jin mumbles. In anger, he creates yet another sizable hole in the wall before spouting off a litany of explicit remarks towards Yamashiro. When he found the man, he would make him beg for death to come. Jin moves around the room with tunnel vision, completely ignoring Ikazuchi’s presence. He grabs the remaining pieces of his gauntlets and armor and inspects them closely. They were in bad shape but not in a state where they could not be repaired. Thankfully, he knew of a repairman in Baska that owed Izumi and him a favor. A less than favorable job that they completed that would cause quite the stir if anyone knew that he was behind it. Jin would use that leverage to get his belongings fixed and after that, Jin would go hunting. Picking up the last of his things, Jin heads to the door and stops before he reaches the threshold. He glances towards Ikazuchi and shoots him a glare.

Although you are not the one I sought, your power is commendable. One day, we will fight again. Perhaps you can give me the fight I’m looking for. I’m going to the committee and I’m going to kill that piece of shit Yamashiro. If you want a piece of him, you can have whatever’s left after I’m done.” Without a second glance, Jin exits the room and makes his way towards the repair shop. Someone was about to have a bad fucking day.

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The Beginning [Green] [Ikazuchi] Empty Fri Sep 24, 2021 12:10 am

Jin didn’t directly respond to Ikazuchi’s question, but the anger directed elsewhere was a clear indicator that he believed him. ‘That’s good enough.’ The young man didn’t have anything to add as he served as a spectator to Jin’s frustrations. The demi-human was more resilient than Ikazuchi had given him credit for. This was displayed as Jin moved in an almost frantic manner in order to prepare to leave.

Ikazuchi didn’t say a word during the process, and Jin didn’t even glance in his direction. It was only when Jin was ready to leave that he finally bothered to look Ikazuchi’s way. The glare combined with his parting words allowed Ikazuchi to understand Jin a bit better.

‘Seems like a fun guy to mess with…’ This was his thought as he smiled silently and waved to Jin who departed without caring for his response. The door was left ajar allowing a curious neighbor to peak into the room. This didn’t last long as the man caught a glimpse of emotionless Ikazuchi sheathing his swords causing him to rapidly return to his own room. There wasn’t any reason to do so, yet Ikazuchi seemed to be radiating a dangerous aura.

With his gear equipped properly, he had no reason to delay any longer. It was no more than a minute after Jin left that Ikazuchi exited the room with a destination in mind. He coldly smiled as he recalled Jin’s parting words. “The one who will kill that trash hasn’t been decided yet, Jin…” With that said, Ikazuchi rushed directly to the Ranking Office.

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