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Joining Eternal Love (Privatey)

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#1Raeburn Gamebell 

Joining Eternal Love (Privatey) Empty Mon Sep 20, 2021 3:27 pm

Raeburn Gamebell
Aya, some people are so hateful and possessive, treating any site as theirs. What about the more inspired and talented folk that travel through over years? Wasting the time of innocent people is so HORRIBLE! Re-entering this little fair site for a holiday, Raeburn looks around satisfied. A festival rages on, and Raeburn simply peacefully watches. Preparing and peppy, Raeburn takes on the normal appearance of the festival. Simple ritualistic garb on his figurine, Raeburn looks to blend in. Unfortunately, Raeburn looks around again, and boredom creeps in. Maybe he's a little or the biggest part of this festival, but is the festival itself interesting, or the people? Looking around, Raeburn sees fellow worker ants, ignorantly in bliss. This will take too much time.

The time for gambling is over, Raeburn packs up the munchies still in his mouth. Having had a small meal at the boisterous buffet, Raeburn doesn't mind being on his lonesome. Aren't the best heroes the ones that suffer in silence? It'll be nice to watch the assumptions be made, the hardwork put in for the organization and hierarchy. But in the end, the top looks down at the waste, and waits for more dogs.

Talking seriously to a Rune Knight, Raeburn's briefed on the requirements to join, and is then accepted with a group of a dozen more recruits. Ah, doesn't Raeburn meet all requirements, to this person's eye? If he opened himself up, would he not have joined far earlier? As long as the needs are satisfied, people's intents and trusts are simply mockeries though. People get mad so easily when their fakeness is exposed at the slightest, as if it's difficult for others. It's time for Raeburn to turn over a new leaf! He won't get into the habit of cancelling, but it feels quite complete if someone feels like doing it. No more guilds! Raeburn's going to stay in the Rune Knights, it's truly the most beneficial place to be. Exiting the area with a crowd, it's been a productive day of knighty resolve for Raeburn.


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Joining Eternal Love (Privatey) 2iKq472

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