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Poropo Port Work [Quest]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Port Work [Quest] Empty Sun Sep 19, 2021 7:28 pm

Poropo Poproporp
"Are you sure you do not want any magic to be used other than to augment my strength? This is a massive task you are asking of me - do you even know how to make a ship?" mumbled the monk to himself as he was leading an oxen wagon to a warehouse near the docks of Hargeon. The monk had decided to questionably accept a job which he thought was about throwing a party - the actual job turned out to be the construction of the partying vessel! A monumental task for someone like Poropo, but at least he was allowed to get help from actual shipbuilders.

Why the monk was hired was strange - Poropo's employer, Mywand Olden, said to the monk he could not use magic to help in the construction of the commemorative ship. The monk continued to mumble to himself about the absurdity of this absurd job, "perhaps he wants to hire one magic and a dozen other workers only to prove a mage is no different than a normal person - I do not like Mywand Olden one bit. I am sorry Iron Diety, but I will only be taking this job unhappily."

The monk had accepted before knowing the full details - being a person known for not going back on his word was biting the monk on his backside. If the monk had decided to listen to the full explanation the perhaps he could have properly decided not to take this insane job, "building a ship takes more effort than someone like me could ever put in! What do you think ox? Do you think this task is not good?"

The ox just stared at the monk like any ox would - the monk needed the oxen wagon to carry supplies from the warehouse to the docks of Hargeon. Thankfully the oxen wagon was paid for by Mywand Olden, but the task seemed strange for the mage to be doing along with building an entire ship.

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#2Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Having arrived at the warehouse to pick of the heap of supplies to build the ship, the monk continued to question why this task was not already completed - Mywand Olden did not know anything about building a ship, believed Kind Monk Poropo. The epithet of the monk was starting to bite the monk in the rear - perhaps this collection of tasks was prepared for the monk to test his resolve and kindness. Mywans Olden was either ignorant and wealthy or villainous and wealthy - the monk would only truly know if Mywand was wealthy if the slip of signed paper would mean anything to the warehouse owner.

The monk leashed the oxen wagon to a nearby post and waddled inside with a signed slip of paper - Mywand told Poropo to use this paper to pay for the supplies to build the ship. The monk was skeptical of this signed paper, but the monk had heard of paper currency in other countries, "I should visit those countries in order to understand the need for paper currency."

Waddling up to the owner of the warehouse, the monk waved the Mywand-signed paper in hopes of getting a transaction started, "hello, may the Iron Deity bless you - is this paper enough in exchange for all these supplies? I am building a ship for Mywand Olden."

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#3Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
The warehouse owner gently took the signed piece of paper and carefully inspected the signature left by Mywand Olden, Poropo's employer - many grunts were heard by the skeptical monk who could hardly believe a piece of signed paper would be enough to purchase an entire ship's worth of supplies. However, a few happy grunts from the warehouse owner and the paper was stuffed away - the warehouse owner pointed to the supplies and told the monk to take all of them immediately.

"Ah...alright, so the paper worked..." sighed the monk in disbelief - the monk did not want the paper to work so he had a good excuse as to why he could no longer complete this job. Building a ship was hard work which the monk was not prepared for, but having accepted the job meant following through, even though the monk's decision was made prematurely. Someone like Mywand Olden would probably spread rumors about the monk to ruin Poropo's hard earned reputation, or so the frustrated monk believed.

"Right, I better get started - this will take several trips with a single oxen wagon," said the monk as he waddled back and forth, bringing supplies to the oxen wagon. The warehouse owner seemed so satisfied with the signed paper he began helping out Kind Monk Poropo.

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#4Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
The part of the job requiring the monk to transport supplies from the warehouse to the Hargeon docks was a long, tedious task which would likely not even compare to the monumental task of building a ship to house a party - the monk felt out of his element entirely despite doing a helpful job. To be fair, a helpful job was any job the monk could do which technically included shipbuilding, thanks to help from actual shipbuilders, but the job was just nonsensical for the monk to do despite the high pay! "I could be babysitting or performing in a play - instead I am here due to greed and diligence. Oh Iron Deity, bless the ship I am about I have forced myself to construct."

The vague prayer was mumbled by Poropo as he was waddling to the Hargeon docks for the last time - the monk had collected all the supplies he needed and gathered them where they would be needed for the construction of a ship. The idea continued to sound nonsensical the more the monk repeated Mywands works, "build a ship in one day using the supplies in a warehouse by paying for them with this paper Mywand signed...I am starting to feel bad for making fun of this job."

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#5Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
Having gotten all the supplies where they were needed, Poropo waddled over to the crew in charge of helping the monk build the ship - Poropo gave them a blueprint given to him by Mywand. Whether the blueprints were good enough to build a real ship were to be seen by the skeptical monk - if the blueprints were accurate then the monk felt bamboozled into a job by a villainous man. By Poropo's slippery slop of logic, if Mywand knew how a ship was made then he would also know how long and difficult such a process normally is - to specifically hire a person with magic capabilities to build a ship without using magic would be the biggest slap in the face Poropo could imagine!

"Yeah, these are good blueprints. A little simple, as if copied from a book, but definitely possible. Alright guys, let's get to work! You, too, monk," shouted the head of the shipbuilding crew hired by Mywand to assist Poropo - the monk felt a pit land in his stomach upon hearing the blueprints were "good" and "definitely possible". This made the monk believe Mywand was conspiring against the magical monk - Mywand seemed like the kind of person would would give a person a difficult task and pay them handsomely, just so Mywand could get some entertainment for the day.

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#6Poropo Poproporp 

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Poropo Poproporp
The monk and the rest of the crew began building an entire ship, but the problem for Poropo was the size of the ship - the ship Mywand wanted sounded much larger when described, but the actual product was coming out very small by comparison. The monk did not know what to think of all this, but the amount of supplies was dwindling faster than anticipated for the size, "is this really the full ship?"

"Yeah, this is all the guy wants...at least according to the blueprints. Hey, can you hand me that plank?" responded the head crewman - Poropo handed over the plank with all the strength Rhadrian's Shelter could give the monk. The strength required to complete this ship was no joke, but the monk felt skeptical of his earlier skepticism towards Mywand - perhaps Mywand wishes to allow a mage to finally build a ship and know the feeling without magic, thought Poropo.

However, this still felt fishy to the diligent monk - Poropo mumbled a prayer to himself while continuing to work on the ship with all the strength he could squeeze out of his magical, plate armor, "Oh Iron Deity, bless me with the mental fortitude to withstand the intentions of Mywand Olden - I do not know his intentions after all.

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#7Poropo Poproporp 

Poropo Port Work [Quest] Empty Sun Sep 19, 2021 8:18 pm

Poropo Poproporp
The ship was finally done and the monk felt like confronting Mywand who had appeared to watch as the ship was being tethered to a much larger ship - the kind of ship which the monk believed he would be building before actually seeing the size of the built ship. However, the monk kept his mouth shut as Mywand looked around the new ship and seemed to be enjoying himself - the wealthy man did not even ask the monk or crewman whether magic was used, which slightly irked the monk nonetheless. If the job was to not use magic to build a ship and Mywand does not even care anymore, then perhaps the monk could have summoned the First Immortal to help a little.

Regardless, the day-long task to haul supplies from a warehouse and build a ship was complete! The monk was rewarded and was allowed to participate in the launching of the new ship - the monk accepted the monetary reward but turned down the offer to party at sea. The monk was not comfortable near large bodies of water since he could not swim, but he was happy to have been invited by Mywand despite all of Poropo's internalized skepticism and confusion. The shipbuilding task was complete and the monk would now wait for a quest to be explained before accepting, is what the monk hopes.

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