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The Plague [Sho|Quest]

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It had been a few days since working with Nilan out in that infernal forest and since then Seika had given Sho some time off, if only to recover what little energy had been sapped away by the infernal forest that they had been working in. This left Seika with a bit of time to actually handle some personal business with Hitomi as well as get caught up on all of his left over paperwork. It had been rather difficult considering he had to learn how to not only read braille but also learn how to type while blind. He was slowly learning to not take his eyesight for granted any more considering how much he actually needed it for.

Returning to the present, he approached the barracks with the intent to collect Sho. It seemed Inspector Nilan had once again needed their assistance with a problem, and this time it was apparently fairly urgent that they handle it quickly. As such he hoped Sho wasn't busy with anything major as they would have to head out as soon as he collected the young man.

Staff tapping in the breeze, he greeted the Knight standing outside the door of the barracks before proceeding into the building with a purpose, it had actually been quite some time since he himself had stepped inside of the Rune Knight barracks so he actually was a bit lost on where to go to find Sho.



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It had been a few days since the incident in the forest. Where the Captain and Sho had their very life force drained from the forest. Only confirming that there was something much sinister afoot when it came to dealing with the forest. Sho was curious as to what the scientists were finding in the samples. Granted that was a bit above his pay grade when it came to dealing with missions in that capacity. He was still rather curious as to what was found though. He spent the past couple of days in the barracks with the other Rune Knights not doing much because there wasn’t much for him to do in the city. Sure he could go hunt something, train or something of that nature. But because of his life energies being drained he did not feel like doing much until the Captain called for his services. Once more. Thankfully on the third day Sho’s prayers would be answered. A new mission came down the pipeline from the Inspector once more. So it was time to get going.

Returning to the present it would be the next day and Seika would be outside ready to collect his page. Sho did not waste any time getting ready as a matter of fact he was already out of bed before Seika even arrived. In the bathroom doing his usual morning routine before getting ready. Sho stepped out into the barracks too see Seika had actually entered the barracks looking for him. With his bathroom goods in a sack Sho approached Captain Seika. “Mornin Captain I am just finishing up getting ready so we can head out.” Sho lead the captain back to his bed where he quickly made it up and placed his bathroom goods back into his trunk he was ready to go. “Lets get on with the show!”



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Turning his head in the direction of Sho's voice, a grin crossed his face as his Page greeted him from his shared room. While he couldn't exactly see the young mans face, he knew that the Page was eager to get back to work after all the downtime that they had recently. Nodding towards him, he'd return the greeting heartily, "Good to see you too Sho! I'm glad you're ready to head out on this fine day." Turning his body in the direction his head was turned, he followed the sounds of his Page moving back into his room before quietly entering the room himself, he'd let the boy finish gathering his things while he stood at the doorway of the group dorm room before speaking up again, "It seems the troubles we've been dealing with for the past few days are starting to come to a head Sho. Inspector Nilan seemed extra perturbed today so be on high alert for the duration of this mission. Whatever we're dealing with here is likely an even greater threat than what we were dealing with back in the forest."

He'd finish his small warning just as Sho approached him and exclaimed that he was ready to go, once again putting a smile on his face before he too turned about and exited the barracks, his staff tapping all along to give him some semblance of direction and balance. It wouldn't be a long trek out to the farms, but it would be one filled with preparation as Seika began to channel his latent pyrokinetic abilities to be ready for any situation that they may come across upon arriving at the scene of the crime.

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Seika seemed a bit more cheerful in his return of Sho’s greeting. This was a good sign that the time off worked well for both of them. “Indeed I am in need of some work,” Sho replied while chuckling. He would then proceed towards his bunk where he would store his things away. Seika stood in the doorway while Sho placed things neatly back into his trunk. Sho stood back up and ran his hand through his hair to make sure the gel was settling in. He didn’t get his spiky hair naturally that comes from a special gel he orders directly from the manufacturer. “Damn seems like we can’t seem to catch a break, best to go ahead and wrap things up am I right?” He said while laughing. Even though the situation seemed dire, Sho managed to make light of the situation. There was no telling what they were going to encounter out in the field today. “But I understand, keep my head on a swivel, no slackin.”

Seika smiled and exited the barracks with haste. Sho noticed the tapping of Seika’s staff, not aware if the knight had his sight or not. It seemed he was well aware of his surroundings, due to various signs that Seika was very aware of his surroundings. Sho wasn’t one to question it however, he did wear a veil over his eyes hiding his eyes from the world. They were heading out to the farms for the next part of the mission. It wasn’t long before they arrived on the scene, the calm before the storm. Things seemed too quiet for Sho’s taste, this made him go on high alert as his eyes scanned the area quickly looking for any threats.



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Arriving at the location that the inspector had informed him of, Seika could sort of feel the foulness of the magic at work in the area. Scrunching up his face at this, his head turned from left to right to try and magically pinpoint the source, but as Nilan had reported the source seemed to be spreading out in all directions from under their feet. Vines could be seen reaching out of the ground at various points, crisscrossing the entire field, pumping vile energy from a centralized location into the soil and the air, corrupting the farm animals with its presence.

Grasping his staff tightly with one hand, Seika would bow his head in prayer before raising his left free hand up to chest level before turning it so that the palm faced his other arm yet the rest of the hand stayed straight upwards like a knife. The act began to conjure up a series of red heavily intricate magic circles all around Seika as he deemed this location to be suffering from a critical infestation and figured the only way to remove it would be to burn out the corruption. Turning his head in Sho's direction, the older male with bark out his orders, "Collect samples and destroy the rest, don't let these things take over too many more farm animals, we don't know what the side effect of their presence in the animals systems will be."



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Scanning the area for any threats, Sho could feel the foulness of the magic in the area as well. The vines managed to reach all the way out here to the farmlands. So much to the point the animals were getting infected as well. This was a turnout that was less than desirable. Seika didn’t look too happy because he no doubts picked up on the foulness of the magic in the area as well. His face definitely said that he was hip to the situation. Vines were everywhere, pumping sinister energies into the soil and air. The corruption was spreading fast and they needed to respond fast before this got too out of hand. Sho wouldn’t know it but Seika was already preparing himself to act. A series of red, intricate magic circles appeared around him. He was definitely about to do something big to deal with the corruption of the vines. With his fire magic, he could easily burn away the vines in the area.

He barked out orders to which Sho would respond in kind, “Aye Captain.” Sho sprang into action with the sampling device, leaving Seika to do whatever he was going to do. Sho approached some vines located by a nearby vine, with a sampling device and some gloves he collected a sample. As he finished a bull came through the back wall of the barn. Pale, covered in algae with the life gone from its eyes. “Oh shit.” The bull charged forward with the intent to kill. With no hesitation, Sho dodge rolled out of the way before scrambling to his feet. The bull slammed into the wall where Sho previously was and was now preparing to charge again. This time Sho was ready. He put the sampling device away in his pocket and got into a battle stance.

The bull let out a heavy grunt before charging once again this time Sho went up. He leaped into the air over the bull. While in the air Sho maneuvered his body so he was aiming downward for a second. With a flick of his index finger on his right hand, he sent a bullet of condensed air directly down into the skull of the beast. The bull collapsed mid-charge and slid harmlessly into a nearby barn pillar. Sho landed on the ground gracefully after flipping through the air. “Need to get back to the captain.”


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As his Junior went off to accomplish his portion of the mission, Seika continued to gather his magical energy and focus upon the land around him. He could hear the cries of the land, being slowly driven mad by the curse that was laid upon it. He couldn't fathom the pain and suffering that it was currently going through, being driven insane by a force that it did not know or understand. The ever reaching vines never drew in enough sustenance, no matter how much the land provided it was never enough for the ever thirsting plants. Seika couldn't tell if this was the work of the Deep. The curse just felt far too roundabout for what the Deep had planned for Earthland. No, it definitely wasn't that foul force, possibly something adjacent but far down the totem pole. The feeling wasn't nearly as oppressive, at least for him.

Casting these thoughts from his mind, he would stab his staff into the ground before slapping his palms together, Forming several other gestures with his hands, the magic seals around him changed not only their shape but configuration as the light around him began to increase in intensity from the magical energy filling them. Heat surrounded him as his surroundings began to glow like the daytime sun. And then as if struck down by Sol itself, a clap of sound and a flash of light and heat, and the world around Seika was lit ablaze. Vines withered and burned, portions of the grounds literally caught fire, and the animals that were around him and infested were turned to ash, but through it all Seika remained standing and resolute, like a bastion in the dark. He would await Sho's return amongst the flames as his body bathed in the light. This foul curse would need to come to an end soon.


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Sho stepped out of the barn only to see him in action. Nothing was said as Sho watched the Captain purge the surrounding area. Sho was several meters away as the captain was in a field surrounded by vines. He stabbed his staff into the ground and slapped his hands together. Several other gestures would follow with his hand that would cause the magical circles from earlier to change shape and configuration. Then a light emerged, hard to really see anything going on but Sho could feel the heat coming off the area itself. Then a glow followed that resembled the sun at its brightest during the day. A blast of sound and a flash of light erupted, bathing the area in heat and fire. The vines withered and burned, the surrounding ground lit up like it was Christmas. There were several animals in the area making their way to attack Seika only to be swallowed up by the flame. They were reduced to ash in an instant. The light faded and the fires slowly began to subside. Sho made his way over to the Captain in awe of his power.

“Holy shit Captain that was awesome!” Sho caught himself geeking out a little bit. He gathered himself quickly before speaking again. He cleared his throat, “I mean that was a pretty extraordinary captain well done. I got the samples and downed a bull but nothing else out of the ordinary.” Seika would say nothing and leave the area signifying the mission was over. Sho nodded and followed the Captain to the next mission.


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