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Golden Scissors [Quest: Lee]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Golden Scissors [Quest: Lee] Empty Sun Sep 12, 2021 10:10 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn had taken yet another job. Lately, she had been traveling to many different places just to do the jobs. Traveling to Oak then Baska then Astera as the finaly resting point. LeeAnn had grown tired of everything and wanted to find that book for Alex. Though, it was a rare one. She had the money, but not the book. A small, familiar boutique laid on a street corner. Pushing the door open, she noticed Fernando working on a client's dress. The bell rung getting his attention to her within seconds. He grew excited and held his arms out towards her. "LeeAnn! So glad you can come to take this job. I really need you expertise" he spoke.

She raised an eyebrow. "Expertise, in what exactly? Fighting? Setting things on fire? Gathering information" she spoke. Fernando laughed a little, but waved his hand to dismiss her. "No, no. Nothing of that sort. I am talking about persuading someone" he spoke. Her facial expression grew to a surprise. The guild master had never been known for a skill along those lines. She scratched her head a little in response. "I mean...not something I would think about when people know me. I could pursaude someone by scaring them, but I don't know what good that would do" she spoke. Fernando didn't hesitate to agree with her. The dragon slayer had been put on the spot. He further explained he needed something called "golden scissors". It was a rare item that many people wanted. He gave her the money and told her to go find the merchant in town that carried such an item.

LeeAnn left without a word. How would she be able to pursaude. "So...kid, question." Ragtime stirred a little in her thoughts. "What?"

"About this arranged marriage that your parents are doing with Alex, are you sure its a good idea" he spoke. LeeAnn scoffed at him for even thinking of such as thing. Out of everyone who knew her and her family, he should of known better. "Yes, it is. Alex is a kind and gentle soul that has been treated like shit by life, much like me. My parents are very careful of who gets my hand in marriage" she replied. They had gotten to the merchant with people surrounding him. She saw the poor guy was overwhelmed a little. LeeAnn used her brute strength and fire to make a statement. Ragtime only loved this idea even more, but she didn't give him wiggle room to do anything. The dragon slayer made herself known as whispers were around her. "That's the Fire-Breathing Dragon" spoke one. LeeAnn marched right up to the merchant. "I would like the golden scissors please" she spoke. The merchant went to go object, but was quickly shunned by her glare at the merchant. He nodded his head. "Sure, just please dont set me on fire" she spoke. He handed her the golden scissors. She then paused and stared at him again. "Also, do you happen to have the book Fire beyond Midnight" she asked. The merchant nodde. "Why yes, I do" he spoke. She handed him a thick wade of cash from her own savings. "Thank you" she spoke, getting the book. This book was something on her fiance's list. She went back to the shop and gave it Fernando who was happy. In return, she gotten a nice reward.



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