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Central Fiore to East Fiore [Travel]

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#1Poropo Poproporp 

Central Fiore to East Fiore [Travel] Empty Sun Sep 12, 2021 8:20 am

Poropo Poproporp
Having dropped off Joanne with the Grand Cathedral of Crocus, the aching monk could sooth his sore heart as he made his three day journey back to Magnolia. The monk's heart was aching due to the kind, bowing gesture from Joanne - Poropo had never been bowed back to in such a genuine manner, "Oh Iron Deity, please sooth my soft heart - it cannot handle such kindness all at once...ah! I have an idea! Thank you, Iron Deity."

Poropo had gotten an idea to help him sooth his aching heart - to summon the First Immortal as a steed! "First Immortal, I need your help to travel swiftly to Magnolia while I sooth my aching heart!" The First Immortal looked at Poropo with a vacant stare - the metallic being was not in disbelief anymore, simply unable to care after having been used as a steed so many times. The First Immortal simply turned around and let Poropo take a free ride back to Magnolia.

"Thank you very much, First Immortal...I apologize for not thank you enough," said the lazy monk as he rubbed his chest - the First Immortal still did not care. The pair just went back to Magnolia without a fuss in order for Poropo to meet with Father Jared once again.

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