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New Faces [MISSION] [YUGO]

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Quest: New Faces

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Granny Meirin: She goes by simply "Granny" around Hosenka and dislikes being called anything else. Granny is an old woman around her 60s who works in Hosenka City as the lead cleaner of the resorts. Although she may be old and slow, she is different when it comes to cleaning: immediately getting the job done as if she wasn't old at all!

Summary: They have hired young staffs for the resorts and hotels, but it was expected to have all of them inexperienced for quick-paced tasks, especially now that Hosenka City had started grabbing the attention of foreign visitors and travelers. Believing that she may not successfully facilitate over all the trainees because of her old age, Granny has sent a simple request to have someone watch over the trainees to avoid them from the backlash of doing anything stupid.

Enemies: None

Objective: Watch over and facilitate the new trainees.


  • Create a topic in Sultry Heights.
  • Granny will meet you at the entrance then guide you to the Lobby area to meet the trainees.
  • Introduce yourself as a temporary manager then the trainees will introduce themselves one by one.
  • The trainees will split up and start doing their independent, respective tasks. Most of them seem to know exactly what they are doing, and only very few were having problems. They won't go too far from the Lobby area.
  • Come back to the Lobby by evening after gathering the trainees, then Granny will interview everybody about the tasks they have completed for today.
  • Collect your reward and leave.

The Sultry heights were as true to their name as everything else in the city of Hosenka. He remembered fondly the nights he would run rampant through the city of Hosenka before settling down in one of the seedier hotspring hotels in the area. He enjoyed them a great deal for the cheap liquor and the cheaper women, but as of late he couldn’t bring himself to spend time in the area beyond things for work. Though he couldn’t help but wonder what he could have made of his possible Criminal empire had he never been caught by his Mentor Alexander Clearwater. As he entered the Hotel he would be helping manage today, he couldn’t help but chuckle as he saw the newest faces he had ever seen. Each one appeared to be as fresh as they could be and he understood just how much work he would have to do today. He spoke with granny for a moment before allowing her to head off to what she had to do today herself and he made his way to the area infront of the group of newbies and regarded the entire group with his one visible eye. His other eye wasn’t damaged or hurt, it was simply easier to remove the eye patch for dark areas so he could see without too much readjustment time.

Each figure who met his gaze he did not orry about, they would be able to follow their orders without fail. It was the ones who lowered their gaze to him as if he was some monster. It would be a lie to say he didn’t feel a twing of his old monsterous personality swirl to the surface and for a split second he played with the idea in his head of showing them a monster worth fearing. But instead he simply smiled and instructed the ones that had not failed his test to get to the tasks they knew. The others that were left were few, but enough that he could not afford to be in multiple places at once. He needed to squash any chance of fearful failure and mistake here while he still had a chance. He walked to the oldest of the group left and put a hand on their shoulder like a father or general would before he spoke.

“In this Hotel, You all will serve one of the most important tasks a person can in this profession. It is the job of the masters to draw customers in, it is the job of the attendents to keep those customers happy. It is your jobs to maintain the image of this Hotel. The image you allow to be seen by those that come through this Hotel will reflect on not only its own existance, but yours as well. Look upon your seniors as they move with ease and grace from room to room.” His tail unwrapped from around his waist and flicked softly around. He was not ashamed of his Demi Human leniage and knew many of the newbies in the group were Demi Humans of various species. “Stop trying to be what they want, and be what you need to be. This hotel has no need for lapdogs. It has need for those who reach deep down into the muck and filth and reemerge as clean as if they had just showered. Your skills are not wasted here, if you are here then it means you have a purpose within these walls. Do not fail yourself. Those hotel will exist without you or me, But you must never give up on yourself even if the world does” He would lift his hands and show the still angry scars upon his wrists from the slavery chains he once wore. He pulled the collar of his uniform to show the marking of the collar he once wore. “You are more then what you are at this moment. Never forget that. Now go and prove to yourself why you are here! Let the customers know you are trying your best even if you make a mistake. Never forget that we are fallable creatures. It is what we learn wehn we fail that is most important.” The workers seemed rather happy and energetic after his little speech and as they ran off to do their tasks, he wwould spend the majority of the rest of the day making sure they and the others were doing their jobs as best as possible. He helped where he could and let them learn where they should. But the end of the day, the Granny had given to him his payment and with a friendly bow and handshake he would leave for his rest before begining his next day of work.


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