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Guiding, Touring, Peering [MISSION] [YUGO]

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Quest: Guarding, Touring, Peering

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Granny Meirin: She goes by simply "Granny" around Hosenka and dislikes being called anything else. Granny is an old woman around her 60s who works in Hosenka City as the lead cleaner of the resorts. Although she may be old and slow, she is different when it comes to cleaning: immediately getting the job done as if she wasn't old at all!

Kaito: A direct and concise old man who mainly does his job as a tour guide in Hosenka City for his knowledge about the background and facilities of the city. He dislikes having someone else helping him or getting in the way of his jobs, so he is often forced by someone to work alongside a partner when it is truly needed.

Summary: Because of the city's popularity boost, even foreign nobles had taken their time to travel to Hosenka City to see if it truly is like what they say in the magazines. Although the nobles have mentioned that they are in no need of any sort of guardians, the resort's staff have insisted on doubting the safety of the city, and that certain people might come to mess with the tour and the foreigners. Thus, they asked for someone capable to guard the tour.

Enemies: None

Objective: Guard the nobles throughout the whole tour.


  • Create a topic in Hosenka City.
  • Meet with Granny at the entrance of the hotels, then she will introduce today's tour guide.
  • After a few moments, the nobles will arrive and the tour will immediately occur.
  • Stay at the back of the tour, make sure that no delinquent comes by with an attempt to ruin the tour.
  • The tour ends by the afternoon and you may return to the entrance of the hotels, once again meeting with Granny.
  • Collect your reward and leave.

The air in Hosenka was clean and tasted like that of Memories, Yugo had not been in Hosenka in quiet some time and as such he had been looking forward to seeing the town once more. He now wore the Weight and Honor of a Rune Knight Proper and not some street thug like he had once been. It was strange now,  to return to the town he once terrorized as a man hell bent on protecting them was such a strange feeling that Yugo almost had to chuckle to himself knowing that just two years ago when he first arrived in the region he would have sought to fight him in bloody combat. He made his way toward the hotel with his hands behind his back. His steel sword and Rune Knight pendent were proudly displayed upon his body in their respectful places. The pendent was pinned to his lapel and his steel sword was on his hip. His Rune Knights Uniform was a sky blue color that helped him stand out in a way that he found protected the area around him. To be seen by those who might wish to cause issues meant he could keep them from acting rashly just by being there, though it also made him a target of their violence if they were brave, or stupid, enough to assault him.

He would stop in front of the Hotel and greet the owner, an old grandmotherly woman who barely came up to his knee in her old age. The tour guide was waiting as well, and Yugo introduced himself to him and explained where he would be standing during the tour. It didn’t take much time for the Nobles who they were to be leading and protecting would arrive. Each one seemed to be dressed fancily and without concern for their safety on the streets of Hosenka, but that was perhaps why he had been taken into the mission in the first place. He made sure to bow respectfully to the Nobles as they passed and to not look them in the eyes unless being directly spoken too. The manners his former mentor had given to him were instilled in his soul after the months his mentor had drilled them into him with an iron Fist. The Nobles would make their tour guide begin and he would follow behind them with his uncovered eye keeping a look out on the area around them. He kept his other eye covered in case he needed to operate in a dark area.

As they made their way through the streets of Hosenkas pleasure and business areas, Yugo made sure that any fools who made their way to close to the Nobles with any intent besides moving past them respectfully would see his massive six foot seven inch frame, and the Pendent of the Rune Knights upon his Chests lapel. The tour was uneventful and with little issue as he alone was more then enough to keep any random thugs or problem causers from even attempting their actions that may have lead to harm to the Nobles. Each figure thanked him for his protection as they finished the tour back at the hotel they had started at, and he spent a little time speaking to the old woman and tour guide after, informing them of what he had seen and how best to avoid those dangers next time they had to do tours in that area. With a gentle bow and an acceptance of Payment from the tour guide and hotel mistress, Yugo made his way onto the next Job.


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