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Investigate the Weed [Sho|Seika] Quest

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It wasn’t long before Sho and Seika were tasked with another investigation. The day was still young and there was much work to be done. In this case, they would have to investigate more of the beanstalk incident. Apparently, that was not a one-and-done situation. There was more to the story and they were tasked with getting to the bottom of it. They were to meet Inspector Nilan at the edge of the forest. The travel time from their last location to the edge of the forest would be roughly a twenty-minute walk which wasn’t much. Sho walked carefree with his hands tucked behind his head, “What you suppose it’s this time Boss chopping down more beanstalks? If that’s the case this will be another cake walk.” Sho did not know that this was only a prelude to a more dastardly plot. Arriving on the scene the Inspector was present with several other scientists and a makeshift basecamp. They were testing the sample from earlier apparently they were quite aware that something was amiss.

“Inspector Nilan pleasure once again.”

The inspector nodded before responding, “Ah you two again just who I was hoping too see.” He moved out of the way to show off his crackpot team of scientists who were busy arguing with each other over various hypotheses and theories on what was going on. “As you can see here there is more to the story apparently. That beanstalk was more than just some accident. Magic caused that incident and it doesn’t stop there. I need you two to bring me more samples. It originates within the forest shouldn’t be too hard for you two.” The inspector handed over some sampling devices before turning to the forest. “Please be careful in retrieving the additional samples no telling what could be waiting for you two in there.” Sho nodded and looked over at the captain, “Shall we?”



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Seika strode calmly beside his rather lax Page, the younger man could've easily handled the last mission by himself but it was good to get some more experience on the job as it were. They were now on their way to yet another quest after leaving the previous one. Apparently Inspector Nilan had went ahead of them to get set up with his group out their in the forests. Whatever the young inspector had in store for them was bound to be relatively considering the last job he had them do. Said question was posited to him by his Page as the two exited the cities gates. Turning his head slightly in the direction of Sho, he'd grace the boy a small smile before turning back forward, "More than likely, it seemed to me that that beanstalk was far too magical in nature, which means its all of our jobs as Rune Knights to determine exactly where it came from and who conjured it in the middle of the city. Such a blatant and irresponsible use of magic should be punished should it not?"

His tone was light and jovial as they approached Inspector Nilan along with a group of scientists. He allowed Sho to once again take the lead as it meant they could get on with the more important information for the mission. They were apparently tasked with once again acquiring material to study from the remnants of the magical beanstalk. It seemed to the scientists that the origin point was somewhere out here in the woods but due to the nature of the magic it wasn't safe for non mages to go out that far. Nodding at this, he'd agree with Sho entirely, "I believe we shall. Be careful out here, whatever magic that is at play is likely a bit more sinister than it seems at first glance."

With that, he'd head off deeper into the forestry.



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With a nod to the Captain, Sho lead the way into the deeper reaches of the forest. One could see the overgrowth from a distance but now they were getting closer to what could very well be the source, more vines grow rampant. Even with the beanstalk cut down these things were growing wildly. Approaching the woods Sho could see various brightly colored flowers laying in wait.He approached the flowers, kneeled down and grabbed some samples for the Inspector. He looked up to see some mushrooms had grown to a rather large size, much larger than intended. Sho decided to grab a bit of a mushroom and place it in the sampler as well. Things were going smoothly for a second until Sho felt a twinge of light headed. Little did he know exposure to the plants were causing his life force and mana to be drained away little by little.

Considering his magic abilities were still budding it the feeling of being drained would hit him faster than the Captain no doubt. Sho clutched the samples tightly and looked over to Captain Seika. “I think something is wrong with this forest, I don’t feel so good captain. Feels like my very life force is being drained out of me. Let’s hurry and get out of here before we become permanent guests.” Sho explained before heading back towards Inspector Nilan with the devices in tow. Sho would be the first to emerge from the forest and arrive at the makeshift base camp. “Well how’d it go?” The inspector would ask.

Something is very wrong, it felt like my life energy and mana was being drained from my body. Something sinister is at work here.” Sho handed over the devices to the inspector which in return he gave them to the scientist. He pulled out a bag of jewels and handed it to Sho. Sho would grab the bag and wait for the Captain to give him his share. After giving him his share he would continue back towards the city for the next mission.


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Following behind Sho, Seika kept his eyes open for any strange magical entities that could be the cause of the rather out of control magical beanstalk that had appeared in the middle of Orchidia. At first glance the forest seemed rather normal, a little more vibrant that he was used too, but that wasn't inherently bad. It could've rained recently or any other number of reasons for the surrounding landscape to be filled with life. It was as they approached the area to actually collect the samples that he finally felt it. It was slow at first, merely a trickle of his magical energy, but the closer they got to some undetermined area, the stronger the pull became. Frowning at this, he'd move to start collecting samples as well alongside Sho, hearing the young man bring up that he was feeling something pull on his very essence. Agreeing with the boy's assessment, he ordered for him to finish gathering so that they could leave.

Arriving back to the inspector, he'd let Sho give his report before suggesting to the Inspector that he get the scientists out of here before something happened to them all. He really didn't like the feel of whatever was going on here.


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