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Joining the Rune Knights [Private Topic With Rune Knights]

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Zexion was awoken from his slumber, he had finally reached the city of Orchidia. He was on his Tempest Wolf and yawned real loudly. He loved how taming such a majestic beast would help him quickly but surely reach the destinations he wanted to be at in no time at all. Zexion quickly grabbed all his bags and jumped off Timber, Timber the Tempest Wolf looked at Zexion and licked his face. Zexion let out a big laugh and pet his wolf many times over until telling the wolf he could go. After parting ways, Zexion went through the front of Orchidia and made his way to the closest candy store. He quickly went inside and bought his favorite kind of candy, Salt water toffee. This pleased Zexion like no other, He was here on business.

Zexion had just spent a lot of time in prison for his misdeeds and he was quite intrigued about joining the Rune Knights. Of course, He was told by a Rune KNight that all the high ranking officers were located in North Fiore. Of course, he had no choice but to come and so he did. He began searching through the streets for anybody that looked like they could help him.


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The light of Sol washed over him as he once again sat on one of the many benches that were spread out throughout the city. He preferred the ones in the many open area parks that were filled with sounds of joy and laughter however because it always reminded him of the core tenants of his patron saint and spiritual father. He truly enjoyed the life that those who lived in the light of the Sun lived. It were these things that made Seika wake up every morning and praise the Sun he served under.

In his hands rested his ever present staff, the Fires of Prometheus, his ever watchful companion in such a dark and malignant world. It was the true light that he had been granted by Sol that allowed him to illuminate the world for those around himself, and as long as he wielded it none were ever to worry of being harmed. As such, this would be the scene that any who approached Seika would walk upon, a simple giant of a man sitting on a bench with a flaming torch atop a staff in his hand who enjoyed the sounds of children playing and life being lived all around him.


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Zexion noticed from the corner of his eye a man with the demeanor of a Rune Knight, Zexion quickly bolted towards the man and stopped a few meters before where he sat. Zexion was at awe , this man was exactly whom he needed to speak with. "Excuse me, Sir!", Zexion hesitated to say before growing the courage. "I SEE THAT YOU'RE A RUNE KNIGHT, PLEASE LET ME JOIN!" Zexion bellowed in a loud voice, he was quite sure this was the path he now wanted to take. He wanted to take the path of justice. Never again would Zexion ever lay himself with the forces of darkness.

"I had just got myself out of prison by doing the time I needed to do, I willingly gave myself up... I wish to join the good guys. I want to be a good guy" , Zexion had completely told the man everything he had on his heart. Ever since he had gotten out of prison all on his mind was him being able to become a Rune Knight. He was obsessed with doing the right thing, and he knew the man could feel the sterness in his very voice as well. Zexion then took another bite from his candy before waiting for a response from the man.

"The name's Zexion Daygo by the way!"


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The sounds of laughter were pierced and distorted as a loud series of footsteps approached Seika from the front garnering his attention. Turning his head in the direction of the sound, his eyebrow raised as he listened to the young man begin to essentially scream his attentions out to anyone in the vicinity who would hear him. Thankfully, Seika had patience to withstand such a tirade from such an excited youth. Pleasant and peaceful smile ever present on his face, he finally turned away from the boy when he finished all that he had to say, even the introduction. Finally silence fell between them and the ambient sounds of the crowds of children and life once again filled in the gaps.

Sighing softly to himself, Seika would nod towards the children playing not too far away from where he sat and the young man stood, "What does this sight before you bring to mind? Is it the serenity of life? Or the carelessness of those who do not have to deal with all of the evils that the world around them has to offer? There is much more to being a Rune Knight that upholding the laws of Fiore, laws are made and broken every day, alliances change, and interpretations are recalled. But a Rune Knight must always place the safety and sanctity of the people of Fiore first and foremost."

He'd pause for just a moment just to let his words sink in before gesturing to the bench beside himself, "Sit down with me for just a second if you will." It was an offer that the young man could refuse, but Seika only wanted just a bit more of his time before he sent the young man on his way.


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Zexion was puzzled at what the man was asking, But he began to think very carefully about what he was saying. He then realized that the man was saying, that the people and the peace that was being flaunted around was one of the aspects needed to become a Rune Knight. Zexion had always been a one-man army, where he never really thought about anyone except himself and his friends. "Well, to be honest, The scene that comes to mind in front of me is the scene of peace. We all have a way to become more and more when it comes to helping out in society. I want to see the smiling faces of all the men, women, and children when they come outside of their homes without a care in the world."

Zexion then had a flashback to when his parents were brutally killed by a cult of fire mages and it shook him to the core. Zexion then looked at the man, with even more fire in his eyes than before. Even the man could not reject this boy's fierce confirmation of his whole being.

"I wish to make a difference, so never again will someone lose their whole family to evil like I once had."


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Nodding his head to the boys answer, he could hear the fierce rage in the boys voice and soul as he spoke his words with such conviction. His head would turn back towards the young man and even though he could see the pain and fire in his eyes, he could tell, he could tell that this boy would be one of the few who could get it. "Vengeance is good. A life of vengeance can be fulfilling. Just be sure that your vengeance doesn't give into self righteous justice. As a Rune Knight we uphold the law, and maintain the peace. Of course how you interpret those things is up to each Knight under our banners, but should you lose your way..."

A tap, such a light and innocent sound was heard, but it was followed by a sensation of heat and devastation. As if the Sun itself had been brought down from the heavens above and had graced that plaza with its presence. Of course Seika's presence and prominence were only to be felt by the boy before him. There was no indication that he had even done anything for those who weren't privy to the conversation. Seika was merely laying down the ground rules. The Rune Knights were for the people, and as long as the young man before him never forgot that, well there wouldn't be a need to explain that part.

And so just as soon as the sensation would have appeared, it would have dissipated all the same. Another tap following just moments after the first, erasing the presence that had threatened to burn all that rested in that that plaza to less than ash. It was as if he hadn't threatened the young man at all. "If you follow down the road behind me, it'll lead you to the headquarters. Tell them that Captain Seika sent you and they'll have you go through basic training. From there your journey is yours. Though, I think I'll keep an eye on you. You seem to be fairly interesting. At least more so than most of those who come through our doors."

With that he lapsed back into silence as he let the boy continue on with his day, his attention already returning to the many citizens enjoying their days before himself.



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Zexion was quite pleased with the answer he was given by the strange but peace loving man. Zexion etched his soul with nothing but wanting Justice in the entire world. He looked around at all the peace loving people and knew that this was his calling, he was going to make sure that the world knew the name Zexion Daygo. Zexion began walking towards the destination the man had told him to take until he had reached the headquarters of the Rune Knights. He was ecstatic, he was hyped , and he was also ready to get this done. Zexion walked up to the first guard and let him know that the man of Seikas description had allowed him to join. The excitement built up, every little bit counted towards his goals. He had finally became a man worth knowing and living for. A flashback of the night his parents were murdered by those mages kept going back to the back of his mind. Zexion had nothing but anger dwell his soul, he wanted to stop all the madness, he wanted to become more than he ever could. Now began his journey of enlightenment. He now had a family he could have.



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