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Choppin some beans [Sho|Quest]

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Choppin some beans [Sho|Quest] Empty Sun Sep 05, 2021 11:01 pm

Seika had decided to take it easier today with his Page. As such, he had decided to take on a much simpler quest than the nonsense that Dex had dragged them through.

Waking up fairly early, he'd go throughout his normal morning routine with his normally impassive look on his face. He had gotten much better at navigating the world without the explicit use of his eyes and memorizing the room that he resided in wasn't too hard to do after the first few days. Of course having Hitomi help him out ever so often with his struggles definitely did do wonders for his progress.

Thoughts sliding away from the supple woman who had wormed her way into his life recently, he finished throwing on his new outfit, the Priest uniform he wore had hints of armor here and there but for the most part he had kept it light. He made sure to strap his ever present staff to his back before leaving the room and heading towards the Rune Knight barracks in Orchidia where his Page would be staying until the young man had the clearance to get his own lodgings. He chuckled briefly to himself as he was reminded of his own time in those barracks and the terrible sights and smells that accompanied them. That was probably the reason he rushed to promote out of the lower ranks so quickly in the first place. Regardless it wouldn't take him long to arrive and wait for his Page to be ready so that they could go accomplish todays mission.



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Today was the day for yet another mission. This time it was an easier one than the nonsense with Dex. Things were going to be a bit more easygoing today hopefully. At least that’s what Sho hoped for today. He woke up earlier than he did the day before where he was late. He completed his morning routine and slipped on his clothes including his usual eye veil. This time he had been staying in the Rune Knight barracks at the designated location in Orchidia. He had to move from the local inn into the barracks under orders. Of course, Sho had no objections, it was nice having a place to stay for free. He did not have to come out of pocket anymore but he did have to share the living space with other Page’s which he didn’t mind. Well he minded a little bit he liked his privacy but he couldn’t complain it was free. Thing was this was completely temporary until he reached a higher rank and received higher pay. So in this case it was just serving as a means to an end.

Sho was ready to go in no time he exited the barracks and saw that Seika was standing outside waiting on Sho’s appearance. This time he was ahead of time versus being thirty minutes late. Granted Seika didn’t notice anyways but Sho was aware that he was late. “Morning Boss, ready to go?”



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The young man's exit from the barracks spelled the official beginning of the day as well as the mission for Seika. Turning around to greet the younger Page, he'd grin and nod to the young man as well, "Good morning, as you know our job today is pretty simple, so lets hop to it and we can probably knock out a few more before lunch." With that said, he departed towards the town square, the large structure of the beanstalk already visible just from the road itself. It was rather impressive just how massive such a plant could grow out in such a densely populated area, but Seika could only guess that the culprit was some sort of magical water of some kind. The two would arrive at the base of the large plant and would be greeted by a man who wished to study the tree plant, but also wished to have it removed from it's current position in the middle of the town. Understanding exactly what the man needed, Seika would turn to Sho and nod, "Alright then, this should be a piece of cake. I'll chop it up, and you'll blow it down, and then we can go off to the next mission.

With that stated, Seika would walk over to the rather large stalk of the bean tree, his right arm held out to the side limply just before it suddenly went rigid like it was a weapon itself. A magic seal suddenly appeared on his arm, encompassing it just before a spiral of fire magic wisped itself to life around the limb, engulfing it in flames. The crowd surrounding them oohed in excitement as Seika condensed the magical flames heavily, taking control over his immensely powerful magical aura, he willed it into a fine cutting point, focusing all of the magical energy into a single point that existed at the tip of his middle finger. There at the tip sat a simple pilot flame, much quieter and calmer than the rest of the limb, the pilot flame burned with little fanfare as Seika swung his arm out to the side generating a small gust of wind before simply slashing straight through the trunk of the bean stalk. At first there was no tell tale sign that anything had happened as Seika released the hold over his magic, but as the Captain walked away, a crisp black line would suddenly appear all around the trunk where the superheated blade of plasma had passed through.

Tagging in his Page, Seika would take his spot in the back and await for Sho to finish so they could both leave.


WC Met.


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“Aye let's get to it.” Sho followed Seika to the town square. From a distance, one could see the beanstalk from the road itself. The plant was massive in size, one could only wonder how exactly it got to be that big. It had to be a natural magical occurrence for something like that to happen. Or someone planted the beanstalk there. Regardless it just looked like an overgrown weed too Sho, to say the least. They arrived at the base of the large plant, Sho looked up and made a whistle to signify how amazed he was at the sheer size of it. “I wonder how high these things reach up too.” The client who asked for them specifically approached the two Rune Knights hoping to get this job underway. Seika spoke up first. They were to chop it down with haste, which meant this was a pretty easy job. Seika approached the beanstalk first, he held up his right arm to the side causing it to go rigid like it was a weapon. A magic seal appeared on his arm, covering it just before a spiral of fire magic spun to life around the limb causing it to be engulfed in flames.

The crowd watched in awe of the Captain’s magical ability. Sho took a step back, which in return caused the crowd to also take a step back from Seika. The flames condensed suddenly and Seika focused in his energy to a fine point. This energy condensed down to a flame at the tip of his middle finger before he swung his arm out the side generating a small gust of wind before slashing through the trunk. There was no sign of the cut at first but shortly after Seika walked away there was a thin black line across where he had swung his arm at. “My turn.”

Sho figured it was his time to shine, he got into a fighting stance. His legs were shoulder-width apart with his left hand forward with an open palm while his right arm tucked back near his chest with a closed fist. He took a deep breath before causing the wind to swirl around him suddenly. The wind danced all around his body before it swirled around his fist. Sho took careful aim, making sure to hit the beanstalk at just the right angle to make it fall harmlessly into the street away from the crowd. He punched forward, there was no sound at first, just a ball of air flew outward at the beanstalk before slamming into it and swelling up to its full size. Then a snapping noise could be heard following this as the beanstalk fell backward into the vacant street in front of them.

Sho stood up from his fighting stance and dusted himself off. He grabbed one of the sampling devices from the silent inspector. Sho grabbed a sample of the sap from one of the vines and proceeded back towards the inspector and Seika. He handed the device over and placed his hands in his pocket. “Job done, let's move onto the next one.”


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